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[Review] The Hunter's Gambit by Nicholas McIntire (SPFBO)

2020.11.06 15:57 jenile [Review] The Hunter's Gambit by Nicholas McIntire (SPFBO)

Last one. This catches me up for the first round reviews. This was one of our SPFBO semi-finalist in our group. My review only. Links for team reviews and about the contest at the bottom.
I really enjoyed The Hunter’s Gambit, it was like a blend of angel and demon lore, mashed into farm boy coming of age classic fantasy feeling story…honestly, I don’t even know how to describe it, so much happened. It was super creative and cool, while still feeling a bit familiar.
This story needed some wrangling in though. I don’t think that prologue served the story well. It left me slightly confused for awhile (and I am patient when it comes to that sort of thing) there was a lot to take in at once, and the two characters were not even our main ones. I felt like a lot of it wasn’t needed. As nice as it was to learn about Cassius’s and Ritcher’s relationship, there just wasn’t much of their history that couldn’t have been slid in the main body of the story.
We did have a nice showcase for the magic and that was petty cool but, there again, there were plenty of opportunities throughout the story for that as well.
Editing and especially, unnecessary and repetitive stuff, is my favourite thing to complain about and was my biggest and only real issue with this book.
What I did like and what kept me reading The Hunter’s Gambit once it got going, was the story and the characters – I adored Aleksei and Jonas (my favourite of the two). Aleksei was kind of this over-powered hunter knight, and his partner Jonas, a prince and untrained mage. I loved the whole partneknight thing, the connection to each other, the friendship, and love between them. This was totally my jam.
I also loved the forest MotheHunter connection to Aleksei, it had such a mystical feel – especially with the travelling quickly through the forest (reminded me of Nancy Springer’s Book of Isle series for some reason).
I took enough notes to write my own book – the plot was pretty involved with lots of power plays and behind the scenes backstabbing; which I loved! Side cast was awesome – some were a bit underdeveloped but I can see where they might come into play next book and get filled out more. Bael started off with me feeling sorry for him and by the end, I just wanted him to die…lol.
There is an incredible battle scene towards the end that I’d have liked to have seen in movie form- very cool, and just fun as hell.
I would have loved to rate The Hunter’s Gambit higher just because I enjoyed this so much…I think this is a debut too, so, I am looking forward to seeing what this author does in a few books, once he wrangles in the words a bit.

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2020.08.29 18:04 firstname_shadesof Until I had to name a baby I never realized that I dislike almost all boy names! Help!

I’m having a baby boy in December and I’m stumped on names! I’m suddenly realizing that I dislike a LOT of boy names.
His last name will be Gray, and we currently live in the southern USA. I really like traditional names with one widely accepted pronunciation and spelling. I also like longer names that have short nicknames, where both names are pretty widely accepted/known. Both I and my partner are white, and while my family is of Italian origin, I’m not sure it’s a big enough part of our identity as a new family to justify using an Italian name.
If you want to help out, I’d mostly love to discuss the names we have on our “like” list but I’m also open to more suggestions! Tell me which ones don’t go with Gray, which ones do, which are too trendy, etc.
At the risk of looking totally insane, I’ll include all the names people have suggested that we don’t like in case it helps.
His middle name will be one of a few possible family names, we’ll choose it based on how well it flows with the first name.
We sort of like these: Adam Andrew Cameron Christopher Daniel Elijah Emmett Ethan Evan Everett Isaac Jonathan Jordan Joseph Levi Michael Noel Samuel
Like these but can’t/don’t want to use these: Adam Alexander Anthony Benjamin Bennet Conrad David Derek George Henry Jacob Joel John Julian Lee Leo Matthew Michael Nicholas Owen Thomas Victor
Don’t love: Aaron Abraham Aiden/Brayden/Jaden Alan Anton Arthur Ashton Barrett Bradley Beckham Brendan Caleb Calvin Carter Charles Charlie Clarence Colby/Cole Colin Cooper Curtis Dean Dexter Donovan Douglas Dylan Elliot Emerson Eric Flynn Francis Franklin Fredrick Geoffrey Harry Harrison Hudson Hugo Hunter Hyrum Isaiah Jackson Jason Jeremiah Johnson Jonas Judson Justin Kelvin Landon Liam Lincoln Logan Louis Lucas/Luke Mark Martin Mason Maxwell Max Mitchell Nash Nathan Noah Nolan Oliver Orion Patrick Paul Peter Phillip Richard Robert Ryan Sawyer Scott Seth Sebastian Stephen/Steven Sutton Thaddeus Theodore Timothy Todd Trevor Tyler Vincent Warner Warren Wesley Wesson William Wyatt Zachary
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2020.06.13 04:52 OwnPlant The following 741 individuals all actively and knowingly conspire in well-planned efforts and constructions to consolidate power and resources. Round-op Alpha

The following 741 individuals all actively and knowingly conspire in well-planned efforts and constructions to consolidate power and resources. Round-op Alpha
  1. Chan, Margaret /CHINA/ PDF
  2. Halton, Jane /AUSTRALIA/PDF
  3. Grimes, David /CANADA/ PDF
  4. Moura, Antonio Divino /BRAZIL/ PDF
  5. Ostojski, Mieczyslaw S. /POLAND/ PDF
  6. Mokssit, Abdalah /MOROCCO/ PDF
  7. Zerbo, Lassina /BURKINA FASO/ PDF
  8. Dubourg, Thierry /FRANCE/ PDF
  9. Li, Genxin /CHINA/ PDF
  10. Bell, W. Randy /USA/ PDF
  11. Maryssael, Vorian /MEXICO/ PDF
  12. Rozhkov, Oleg /RUSSIA/ PDF
  13. Ozawa, Toshiro /JAPAN/ PDF
  14. Azeez, Aliyar Lebbe Abdul /SRI LANKA/ PDF
  15. Haak, Hein [1, 2] /THE NETHERLANDS/ PDF
  16. Weston, Michael [1, 2] /UK/ PDF
  17. Amano, Yukiya /JAPAN/ PDF
  18. Dunn Lee, Janice /USA/ PDF
  19. Mohamad, Daud /MALAYSIA/ PDF
  20. Aning, Kwaku /GHANA – USA/ PDF
  21. Varjoranta, Tero /FINLAND/ PDF
  22. Bychkov, Alexander /RUSSIA/ PDF
  23. Flory, Denis /FRANCE/ PDF
  24. Horin, Olexandr [1, 2] /UKRAINE/ PDF
  25. Azevêdo, Roberto /BRAZIL/ PDF
  26. Agah, Yonov Frederick [1, 2] /NIGERIA/ PDF
  27. Brauner, Karl [1, 2] /GERMANY/ PDF
  28. Shark, David [1, 2] /USA/ PDF
  29. Xiaozhun, Yi [1, 2] /CHINA/ PDF
  30. Gore, Al /USA/ PDF
  31. Buffett, Warren [2] /USA/ PDF
  1. Kim, Jim Yong [1, 2] /USA – SOUTH KOREA/ PDF
  2. Indrawati, Sri Mulyani /INDONESIA – USA/ PDF
  3. Badré, Bertrand /FRANCE/ PDF
  4. Mohieldin, Mahmoud /EGYPT/ PDF
  5. Basu, Kaushik [1, 2] /INDIA/ PDF
  6. Leroy, Anne-Marie /FRANCE/ PDF
  7. Kyte, Rachel /USA/ PDF
  8. De Villeroche, Hervé /FRANCE/ PDF
  9. Hines, Gwen /UK/ PDF
  10. Hoven, Ingrid G. /GERMANY/ PDF
  11. Aviel, Sara Margalit [1, 2] /USA/ PDF
  12. Suzuki, Hideaki /JAPAN/ PDF
  13. Chen, Shixin /CHINA/ PDF
  1. Rothensteiner, Walter /AUSTRIA/ PDF
  2. Treichl, Andreas /AUSTRIA/ PDF
  3. Sigurgestsson, Hörður /ICELAND/ PDF
  4. Lundestad, Geir /NORWAY/ PDF
  5. de Oliveira, Manuel Ferreira /PORTUGAL/ PDF
  6. Salgado, Ricardo /PORTUGAL/ PDF
  7. Silva, Artur Santos /PORTUGAL/ PDF
  8. Mazzie, Mark G. /USA/ PDF
  9. McKinnon, Neil /CANADA/ (status unknown) PDF
  10. Sikora, Sławomir /POLAND/ PDF
  11. Bon, Michel /FRANCE/ PDF
  12. Lévy-Lang, André /FRANCE/ PDF
  13. Schrempp, Jürgen Erich /GERMANY/ PDF
  14. Szwajcowski, Jacek /POLAND/ PDF
  15. Barnevik, Percy Nils /SWEDEN/ PDF
  16. Stråberg, Hans /SWEDEN/ PDF
  17. Uǧur, Agah [2] /TURKEY/ PDF
  18. Browne, Edmund John Philip /UK/ PDF
  19. Gerstner, Louis Vincent /USA/ PDF
  20. Bergsten, C. Fred /FRANCE/ PDF
  21. Pipes, Richard Edgar [2] /USA/ PDF
  22. Black, Conrad Moffat /CANADA/ PDF
  23. Frum, David J. /CANADA/ PDF
  24. Beytout, Nicolas /FRANCE/ PDF
  25. Rossella, Carlo /ITALY/ PDF
  26. Ringier, Michael /SWITZERLAND/ PDF
  27. Kohen, Sami [2] /TURKEY/ PDF
  28. Hutton, William Nicolas /UK/ PDF
  29. Knight, Andrew Stephen Bower /UK/ PDF
  30. Stephanopoulos, George Robert /USA/ PDF
  31. Scheel, Walter /GERMANY/ PDF
  32. Eliot, Theodore L. /USA/ PDF
  33. Yost, Casimir A. /USA/ PDF
  34. Allaire, Paul Arthur /USA/ PDF
  35. Rockefeller, Sharon Percy /USA/ PDF
BILDERBERG [2010, 2011, 2012, 2013]
  1. Davignon, Etienne /BELGIUM/ Vice Chairman, Suez-Tractebel PDF
  2. Achleitner, Paul M. /GERMANY/ Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Deutsche Bank AG PDF
  3. Ackermann, Josef /GERMANY/ Chairman of the Management Board and the Group Executive Committee, Deutsche Bank AG PDF
  4. Agius, Marcus /UK/ Former Chairman, Barclays Bank PLC PDF
  5. Ajami, Fouad /USA/ Senior Fellow, The Hoover Institution, Stanford University PDF
  6. Alexander, Helen /UK/ Chairman, UBM plc PDF
  7. Alexander, Keith B. /USA/ Commander, USCYBERCOM; Director, National Security Agency PDF
  8. Alierta, César /SPAIN/ Chairman and CEO, Telefónica PDF
  9. Almunia, Joaquín /SPAIN/ Commissioner, European Commission PDF
  10. Altman, Roger C. /USA/ Chairman, Evercore Partners Inc. PDF
  11. Amado, Luís /PORTUGAL/ Chairman, Banco Internacional do Funchal (BANIF) PDF
  12. Andresen, Johan H. /NORWAY/ Owner and CEO, FERD PDF
  13. Apunen, Matti /FINLAND/ Director, Finnish Business and Policy Forum EVA PDF
  14. Arrison, Sonia /USA/ Author and policy analyst PDF
  15. Athey, Susan /USA/ Professor of Economics, Stanford Graduate School of Business PDF
  16. Aydıntaşbaş, Aslı /TURKEY/ Columnist, Milliyet Newspaper PDF
  17. Babacan, Ali /TURKEY/ Deputy Prime Minister for Economic and Financial Affairs PDF
  18. Bäckström, Urban /SWEDEN/ Director General, Confederation of Swedish Enterprise PDF
  19. Balls, Edward M. /UK/ Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer PDF
  20. Balsemão, Francisco Pinto /PORTUGAL/ Chairman and CEO, IMPRESA, S.G.P.S.; Former Prime Minister PDF
  21. Barré, Nicolas /FRANCE/ Managing Editor, Les Echos PDF
  22. Barroso, José M. Durão /PORTUGAL/ President, European Commission PDF
  23. Baverez, Nicolas /FRANCE/ Partner, Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP PDF
  24. Bavinchove, Olivier de /FRANCE/ Commander, Eurocorps PDF
  25. Bazire, Nicolas /FRANCE/ Managing Director, Groupe Arnault /LVMH PDF
  26. Béchu, Christophe /FRANCE/ Senator, and Chairman, General Council of Maine-et-Loire PDF
  27. Bell, John /UK/ Regius Professor of Medicine, University of Oxford PDF
  28. Berberoğlu, Enis /TURKEY/ Editor-in-Chief, Hürriyet Newspaper PDF
  29. Bernabè, Franco /ITALY/ CEO, Telecom Italia S.p.A. PDF
  30. Bezos, Jeff /USA/ Founder and CEO, PDF
  31. Bildt, Carl /SWEDEN/ Minister of Foreign Affairs PDF
  32. Björling, Ewa /SWEDEN/ Minister for Trade PDF
  33. Blåfield, Antti /FINLAND/ Senior Editorial Writer, Helsingin Sanomat PDF
  34. Boles, Nick /UK/ Member of Parliament PDF
  35. Bolland, Marc J. /THE NETHERLANDS/ Chief Executive, Marks and Spencer Group plc PDF
  36. Bonnier, Jonas /SWEDEN/ President and CEO, Bonnier AB PDF
  37. Borg, Anders /SWEDEN/ Minister for Finance PDF
  38. Botín, Ana P. /SPAIN/ Executive Chairman, Banesto PDF
  39. Boxmeer, Jean François van /THE NETHERLANDS/ Chairman of the Executive Board and CEO, Heineken N.V. PDF
  40. Christiansen, Jeppe /DENMARK/ CEO, Maj Invest PDF
  41. Chubais, Anatoly B. /RUSSIA/ CEO, OJSC RUSNANO PDF
  42. Ciliv, Süreyya /TURKEY/ CEO, Turkcell Iletisim Hizmetleri A.S. PDF
  43. Cisneros, Gustavo A. /SPAIN/ Chairman and CEO, Cisneros Group of Companies PDF
  44. Clark, W. Edmund /CANADA/ President and CEO, TD Bank Financial Group PDF
  45. Clarke, Kenneth /UK/ Member of Parliament, Lord Chancellor and Secretary of Justice PDF
  46. Coene, Luc /BELGIUM/ Governor, National Bank of Belgium PDF
  47. Collins, Timothy C. /USA/ Senior Managing Director and CEO, Ripplewood Holdings, LLC PDF
  48. Conti, Fulvio /ITALY/ CEO and General Manager, Enel SpA PDF
  49. Corydon, Bjarne /DENMARK/ Minister of Finance PDF
  50. Cospedal, María Dolores de /SPAIN/Secretary General, Partido Popular PDF
  51. Cowper-Coles, Sherard /UK/ Business Development Director, International, BAE Systems plc PDF
  52. Cucchiani, Enrico Tommaso /ITALY/ CEO, Intesa Sanpaolo SpA PDF
  53. Daele, Frans van /BELGIUM/ Chief of Staff to the President of the European Council PDF
  54. Daniels, Jr., Mitchell E. /USA/ Governor of Indiana PDF
  55. David, George A. /GREECE/ Chairman, Coca-Cola H.B.C. S.A. PDF
  56. Davis, Ian /UK/ Chairman, Rolls-Royce plc PDF
  57. DeMuth, Christopher /USA/ Distinguished Fellow, Hudson Institute PDF
  58. Dijkgraaf, Robbert H. /THE NETHERLANDS/ Director and Leon Levy Professor, Institute for Advanced Study PDF
  59. Dinçer, Haluk /TURKEY/ President, Retail and Insurance Group, Sabancı Holding A.S. PDF
  60. Donilon, Thomas E. /USA/ National Security Advisor, The White House PDF
  61. Dudley, Robert /UK/ Group Chief Executive, BP plc PDF
  62. Eberstadt, Nicholas N. /USA/ Henry Wendt Chair in Political Economy, American Enterprise Institute PDF
  63. Eide, Espen Barth /NORWAY/ Minister of Foreign Affairs PDF
  64. Ekholm, Börje /SWEDEN/ President and CEO, Investor AB PDF
  65. Eldrup, Anders /DENMARK/ CEO, DONG Energy PDF
  66. Elkann, John /ITALY/ Chairman, Fiat S.p.A. PDF
  67. Enders, Thomas /GERMANY/ CEO, Airbus SAS PDF
  68. Entrecanales, José Manuel /SPAIN/ Chairman, Acciona PDF
  69. Evans, J. Michael /USA/ Vice Chairman, Global Head of Growth Markets, Goldman Sachs & Co. PDF
  70. Faymann, Werner /AUSTRIA/ Federal Chancellor PDF
  71. Federspiel, Ulrik /DENMARK/ Vice President Global Affairs, Haldor Topsøe A/S PDF
  72. Feldstein, Martin S. /USA/ George F. Baker Professor of Economics, Harvard University PDF
  73. Ferguson, Niall /USA/ Laurence A. Tisch Professor of History, Harvard University PDF
  74. Ferreira Alves, Clara /PORTUGAL/ CEO, Claref LDA; writer [1, 2, 3] PDF
  75. Fillon, François /FRANCE/ Former Prime Minister PDF
  76. Fischer, Heinz /AUSTRIA/ Federal President PDF
  77. Fishman, Mark C. /USA/ President, Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research PDF
  78. Flint, Douglas J. /UK/ Group Chairman, HSBC Holdings plc PDF
  79. Fu, Ying /CHINA/ Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs PDF
  80. Gallagher, Paul /IRELAND/ Attorney General PDF
  81. Gates, William H. /USA/ Co-chair, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Chairman, Microsoft Corporation PDF
  82. Gephardt, Richard A. /USA/ President and CEO, Gephardt Group PDF
  83. Gfoeller, Michael /USA/ Political Consultant PDF
  84. Giannitsis, Anastasios /GREECE/ Former Minister of Interior; Professor of Development and International Economics, University of Athens PDF
  85. Goolsbee, Austan D. /USA/ Professor of Economics, University of Chicago Booth School of Business PDF
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2019.09.17 04:24 Ainsoph777 Documenting U.S. President Donald Trump's appointments who are affiliated with Jesuit Georgetown University---part 2

continuing from, here is Part 1 this post :

"President Donald J. Trump Announces Intent to Nominate and Appoint Individuals to Key Administration Posts

Issued on: April 2, 2019
Richard B. Norland of Iowa, to be Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the United States of America to the State of Libya.
Richard B. Norland, a career member of the Senior Foreign Service, class of Minister-Counselor, has served as the Foreign Policy Advisor to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff since 2016. He served twice as U.S. Ambassador – first in Uzbekistan and then in Georgia. Ambassador Norland was the Deputy Commandant and International Affairs Advisor at the National War College, Fort McNair, Deputy Chief of Mission of the U.S. Embassies in Afghanistan and Latvia, and a Director on the NSC Staff. He earned a B.S. from Georgetown University, School of Foreign Service(Jesuit), a Masters of International Public Policy from Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, and a Masters of National Security Strategy degree from the National War College. Ambassador Norland is the recipient of a Presidential Distinguished Service Award. His foreign languages include French, Russian, and Norwegian."

"President Donald J. Trump Announces Intent to Nominate and Appoint Personnel to Key Administration Posts

Issued on: July 31, 2018
Joel Szabat of Maryland, to be an Assistant Secretary for Aviation and International Affairs at the Department of Transportation.
Mr. Szabat currently serves as the Deputy Assistant Secretary for the Office of Aviation and International Affairs in the Department of Transportation. Previously, he has served as Executive Director of the Maritime Administration and as Chief of Staff for the Small Business Administration He has also previously worked for the Environmental Protection Agency and California State Legislature. During the Cold War, Mr. Szabat commanded tank units along the East-West German border. He earned his B.A. from Georgetown University(Jesuit) and M.B.A from Harvard Business School."

"President Donald J. Trump Announces Sixteenth Wave of Judicial Nominees, Sixteenth Wave of United States Attorney Nominees, and Eleventh Wave of United States Marshal Nominees

Issued on: July 13, 2018
If confirmed, Kathleen M. O’Sullivan of Washington will serve as a District Judge on the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Washington.
Kathleen M. O’Sullivan is currently a partner and the firm-wide chair of the Commercial Litigation Practice Group at Perkins Coie, where she also serves on the firm’s executive committee. Ms. O’Sullivan joined the Seattle office of Perkins Coie as an associate in 1997 and became a partner in 2004. Upon graduation from law school, Ms. O’Sullivan served as a law clerk to Judge Harold H. Greene of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia and then as a law clerk to Judge M. Margaret McKeown of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. Ms. O’Sullivan earned her B.A., cum laude and with distinction in her major, from Yale University, and her J.D., cum laude, from the Georgetown University Law Center(Jesuit), where she served as an editor of the Georgetown Law Journal.
If confirmed, Nicholas A. Trutanich of Nevada will serve as the United States Attorney for the District of Nevada.
Mr. Trutanich is currently the Chief of Staff for the Nevada Attorney General’s Office. He previously served as an Assistant United States Attorney in the Central District of California, where he prosecuted a variety of Federal offenses with an emphasis on violent crime and national security. He was also detailed to Iraq as the Deputy Justice Attaché to assist with counterterrorism and rule of law matters. Prior to becoming a Federal prosecutor, Mr. Trutanich was a litigator in private practice and a Federal law clerk. He received his B.S. from the University of California, Davis and his J.D. from the Georgetown University Law Center(Jesuit)."

"President Donald J. Trump Announces Intent to Appoint Personnel to Key Administration Posts

Issued on: July 10, 2018
David Hale of New Jersey, to be an Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs.
Ambassador David Hale, a career member of the Senior Foreign Service, Class of Career-Minister, is the Ambassador to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, a position he has held since 2015. He previously served as the United States Ambassador to the Republic of Lebanon from 2013 to 2015 and as the United States Ambassador to Jordan from 2005 to 2008. In Washington, D.C., he has served as the Special Envoy and Deputy Special Envoy for Middle East Peace from 2009 to 2013 and as Deputy Assistant Secretary of State in the Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs from 2008 to 2009. From 2001 to 2003, Ambassador Hale was Director for Israel-Palestinian Affairs. He was Executive Assistant to the Secretary of State from 1997 and 1998. Mr. Hale received a B.S.F.S. from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service(Jesuit) and he is the recipient of numerous senior State Department awards, including the Distinguished Service Award and the Presidential Rank Award of Meritorious Service."

"President Donald J. Trump Announces Intent to Nominate Personnel to Key Administration Posts

Issued on: July 3, 2018
Kathleen Ann Kavalec of California, to be Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the United States of America to the Republic of Albania.
Ms. Kavalec currently serves as Deputy Assistant Secretary in the Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs at the Department of State with over three decades of experience as an American diplomat. Previously, she served as the Director of the Office of Russian Affairs, Deputy Chief of Mission of the U.S. Mission to UNESCO in Paris, France, Deputy Coordinator for Assistance in the European Bureau, and Director for Conflict Prevention in the Office of the Coordinator for Reconstruction and Stabilization. Ms. Kavalec earned her A.B. from the University of California at Berkeley and M.S. from Georgetown University(Jesuit). She speaks French, Romanian, Ukrainian, Russian, Spanish and Portuguese fluently."

"President Donald J. Trump Announces Fifteenth Wave of Judicial Nominees, Fourteenth Wave of United States Attorney Nominees, and Ninth Wave of United States Marshal Nominees

Issued on: June 7, 2018
If confirmed, Stephanie A. Gallagher of Maryland will serve as a District Judge on the U.S. District Court for the District of Maryland.
Judge Stephanie Gallagher serves as a United States Magistrate Judge on the District of Maryland. Prior to her appointment to the bench in 2011, Judge Gallagher was a partner and co-founder of Levin & Gallagher, LLC, where she practiced white-collar defense and civil and employment litigation. Before founding Levin & Gallagher, Judge Gallagher served for six years as an Assistant United States Attorney for the District of Maryland, where she prosecuted a wide range of violent and white-collar criminal cases. Before joining the U.S. Attorney’s Office, Judge Gallagher practiced for two years as a litigation associate in the Washington office of Akin, Gump, Strauss, Hauer & Feld, LLP. Upon graduation from law school, Judge Gallagher served as a law clerk to Judge J. Frederick Motz of the U.S. District Court for the District of Maryland. Judge Gallagher earned her B.S., magna cum laude, from Georgetown University(Jesuit), where she was inducted into Phi Beta Kappa, and her J.D., cum laude, from Harvard Law School."

"President Donald J. Trump Announces Intent to Nominate and Appoint Personnel to Key Administration Posts

Issued on: June 6, 2018
Michael Kubayanda of Ohio, to be a Commissioner of the Postal Regulatory Commission for the remainder of a six-year term expiring November 22, 2020.
Mr. Kubayanda serves as a board member and privacy officer for a digital health startup. Michael previously worked with the Office of Inspector General (OIG) of the U.S. Postal Service, ending as director of government relations, in which he worked with OIG officials to support the work of inspectors general in data analytics. In the OIG’s research group, he oversaw research on technical issues and wrote reports addressing postal economics and price regulation, intellectual property, and public-private partnerships, while serving as an advisor to colleagues on issues such as privacy, knowledge management, and innovation. Prior to the OIG, he served on the staff of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. Michael holds degrees from Georgetown University(Jesuit), Northwestern University, The Ohio State University, and studied at the Graduate Institute in Geneva, Switzerland."

"President Donald J. Trump Announces Key Additions to his Administration

Issued on: March 19, 2018
Sharon Fast Gustafson of Virginia, to be General Counsel of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission for a term of four years.
For twenty-six years, Ms. Gustafson has practiced before the EEOC and the federal courts, in a wide variety of employment-related disputes. After receiving her J.D. with honors from Georgetown University in 1991(Jesuit), she worked in the labor and employment law section of the law firm Jones Day. Since 1996 she has been engaged in the solo practice of law, advising and representing both employees and employers. In 2016 the Metropolitan Washington Employment Lawyers Association awarded her its Lawyer of the Year award “in recognition of outstanding dedication to Civil Rights, Equality, and Justice.” That award recognized Ms. Gustafson’s work–starting at the EEOC and culminating at the U.S. Supreme Court–as plaintiff’s counsel in Young v. UPS, in which Ms. Gustafson won legal protections for pregnant workers nationwide. Ms. Gustafson and her husband live in Virginia and have nine children and eleven grandchildren."

"President Donald J. Trump Announces Intent to Nominate Harry B. Harris Jr. of Florida, to be to be Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the United States of America to the Commonwealth of Australia

Issued on: February 9, 2018
Harry B. Harris Jr. of Florida, to be to be Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the United States of America to the Commonwealth of Australia.
Admiral Harris currently serves as the 24th commander of U.S. Pacific Command. A highly decorated, combat proven Naval officer with extensive knowledge, leadership and geo-political expertise in the Indo-Pacific region, he graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1978 and was designated a naval flight officer in 1979. He earned a M.P.A. from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, a M.A. from Georgetown’s School of Foreign Service(Jesuit), and attended Oxford University. During his 39-year career, he served in every geographic combatant command and has held seven command assignments, including the U.S. Pacific Fleet, the U.S. Sixth Fleet, and VP-46. He and his wife, Bruni, live in Hawaii."

"President Donald J. Trump Announces Key Additions to his Administration

Issued on: September 28, 2017
Dennis M. Devaney of Michigan to be a Commissioner of the United States International Trade Commission for the remainder of a nine-year term, expiring June 16, 2023.
Mr. Devaney is currently practice team leader and counsel with the Varnum law firm. Mr. Devaney earned his B.A. and M.A. from the University of Maryland in 1968 and 1970. He received his law degree from Georgetown University Law Center in 1975(Jesuit). From 1970-1972, he served on active duty with the U.S. Naval Security Group. Mr. Devaney’s daughters, Jeanne and Susan, live in Austin, Texas. He is married to Caryn Weingarden Devaney and they have three children, Matthew, Lauren, and David.
Nazakhtar Nikakhtar of Maryland to be an Assistant Secretary of Commerce, Industry and Analysis.
Ms. Nikakhtar is a partner at Cassidy Levy Kent (USA) LLP, a leading international trade law firm. For over a decade, Ms. Nikakhtar has successfully represented U.S. industries – industrial, agricultural, chemical, and steel sectors – in international trade law matters, including trade remedy matters, customs matters, and World Trade Organization dispute settlement. Ms. Nikakhtar also served as an adjunct law professor at Georgetown University Law Center(Jesuit). Prior to private practice, she served at the U.S. Department of Commerce advising on legal and regulatory matters related to the enforcement of U.S. trade laws and bilateral trade negotiations. Ms. Nikakhtar received several award medals from the Department of Commerce for her work on behalf of industries. She obtained her Juris Doctor and Master’s in economics from Syracuse University."

"President Donald J. Trump Announces Intent to Appoint Jeffrey Y. Grappone as Assistant Secretary of Labor for Public Affairs

Issued on: August 22, 2017
Jeffrey Y. Grappone of New Hampshire, to be Assistant Secretary of Labor for Public Affairs.
Mr. Grappone has worked in strategic communications with Members of Congress, political candidates, and corporate executives for 15 years. He currently serves as a senior communicator at Siemens USA’s corporate headquarters in Washington, D.C., where he advises the United States CEO on communications strategy related to the company’s workforce development and apprenticeship programs. Mr. Grappone also leads communications and media relations initiatives for Siemens’ United States-based energy businesses. Mr. Grappone served as Senator Kelly Ayotte (NH-R) communications director and chief spokesman for four years. Previously, Mr. Grappone served as Press Secretary to Senator John E. Sununu (NH-R) and on the legislative staff of Congressman Charles Bass (NH-R). Mr. Grappone is a native of Concord, New Hampshire, and earned a Bachelor of Arts in Government from Georgetown University(Jesuit) in Washington, D.C."

"President Donald J. Trump Announces Intent to Nominate, Designate, and Appoint Personnel to Key Administration Posts

Issued on: August 16, 2018
Michael J. Fitzpatrick of Virginia, to be Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the United States of America to the Republic of Ecuador.
Mr. Fitzpatrick, a career member of the Senior Foreign Service, class of Minister-Counselor, has served as an American diplomat since 1988. He is currently a Deputy Assistant Secretary for Western Hemisphere Affairs at the Department of State. Mr. Fitzpatrick has served seven tours at U.S. Missions overseas and in senior leadership positions at the Department of State, including as the interim U.S. Permanent Representative to the Organization of American States, Deputy Chief of Mission and Charge d’Affaires at the U.S. Embassy in Lima, Peru, Foreign Policy Advisor to a four-star member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Deputy Chief of Mission and Charge d’Affaires at the U.S. Embassy in Asuncion, Paraguay. Mr. Fitzpatrick earned a B.A. from Georgetown University(Jesuit) and an M.I.A. from Columbia University. He is the recipient of 17 notable State Department awards, including the Director General’s Award for Reporting and Analysis. He is also a recipient of the W. Averell Harriman Award from the American Foreign Service Association (AFSA). Mr. Fitzpatrick speaks Spanish and French."

"President Donald J. Trump Announces Intent to Nominate Jamie McCourt to be Ambassador to the French Republic and Ambassador to the Principality of Monaco

Issued on: August 3, 2017
If confirmed, Jamie McCourt of California will serve as Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the United States of America to the French Republic, and to serve concurrently and without additional compensation as Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the United States of America to the Principality of Monaco.
Ms. McCourt, a prominent entrepreneur and attorney, has founded and directed leading entrepreneurial enterprises in Los Angeles and Boston, most recently Jamie M, LLC. She was co-owner, and President and Chief Executive Officer, of the Los Angeles Dodgers. She also served as an adjunct professor at the UCLA Anderson School of Management. Ms. McCourt possesses a unique global perspective, having lived and worked both domestically and abroad in various industries – sports, law, finance, education and real estate. She earned a B.S. from Georgetown University(Jesuit), a J.D. from University of Maryland School of Law, and a M.S. from MIT/Sloan School of Management. She speaks French."

"President Donald J. Trump Announces Key Additions to his Administration

Issued on: July 20, 2017
Michael James Dodman of New York to be the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the United States of America to the Islamic Republic of Mauritania.
Mr. Dodman, a career member of the Senior Foreign Service, class of Minister-Counselor, is currently Executive Assistant in the Office of the Under Secretary for Economic Growth, Energy and the Environment at the Department of State. A career diplomat since 1987, Mr. Dodman’s previous assignments include Principal Officer at the U.S. Consulate General in Karachi, Pakistan; Economic Counselor at the U.S. Mission to the European Union; and Economic Counselor at the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad, Iraq. Mr. Dodman received a B.S. from Georgetown University(Jesuit), an M.A. from Boston University, and an M.P.P. from Princeton University. "

"President Donald J. Trump Announces Fifth Wave of Judicial Candidates

Issued on: July 13, 2017
If confirmed, Michael Lawrence Brown of Georgia will serve as a District Judge on the United States District Court for the Northern District of Georgia.
Mike Brown is an equity partner and co-chair of the White Collar and Government Investigations practice group in the Atlanta office of Alston & Bird LLP. Prior to joining Alston & Bird, Mr. Brown served for six years as an Assistant United States Attorney in the Northern District of Georgia and in the Southern District of Florida, where he tried more than twenty-five cases and argued criminal appeals. Before entering government service, Mr. Brown spent four years as a litigation associate in the Atlanta office of King & Spalding LLP. Mr. Brown clerked for Judge J.L. Edmondson of the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit in Atlanta. He received his B.A. from Georgetown University(Jesuit), and his J.D., magna cum laude, from the University of Georgia School of Law, where he was inducted into the Order of the Coif, and served on the editorial board and the managerial board of the Georgia Law Review.
If confirmed, Thomas Alvin Farr of North Carolina, will serve as a District Judge on the United States District Court for the Eastern District of North Carolina.
Tom Farr is currently a shareholder in the Raleigh office of Ogletree, Deakins, Nash, Smoak & Stewart, P.C., where his practice focuses on employment matters and constitutional law. Prior to entering private practice, Mr. Farr was an attorney with the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation and counsel to the U.S. Senate and Labor Human Resources Committee. Mr. Farr also served as a law clerk to Judge Frank W. Bullock, Jr., of the United States District Court for the Middle District of North Carolina. He received his B.L.S., summa cum laude, from Hillsdale College, where he was co-salutatorian. He received his J.D. from Emory University and an L.L.M. in labor law from Georgetown University(Jesuit)."

"President Donald J. Trump Announces Key Additions to his Administration

Issued on: July 13, 2017
Kevin J. McIntyre of Virginia to be a Member of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, for the term expiring June 30, 2018, and an additional term expiring June 30, 2023, and upon confirmation, shall be designated Chairman.
Mr. McIntyre is the co-leader of the global Energy Practice at the law firm Jones Day, where he has practiced law for most of his nearly 30-year legal career. A graduate of San Diego State University and Georgetown Law(Jesuit), Mr. McIntyre is a recognized leader in the United States energy regulatory arena, with an expansive Federal Energy Regulatory Commission practice representing clients in all industry sectors—natural gas, conventional electricity, oil, hydropower, wind power and other renewable resources, and energy marketing and trading. His work for energy clients spans administrative and appellate litigation, compliance and enforcement matters, and corporate transactions. Mr. McIntyre is active in energy industry, legal, and educational organizations, as well as in his local community. He lives in Arlington, Virginia, with his wife Jennifer and their three young children."

"President Donald J. Trump Announces Judicial Candidate Nominations

Issued on: June 7, 2017
If confirmed, Timothy J. Kelly of Washington, D.C., will serve as a District Judge on the United States District Court for the District of Columbia.
Timothy Kelly is currently chief counsel for national security and senior crime counsel to Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Charles Grassley. He also serves as the Republican staff director for the Senate’s Caucus on International Narcotics Control. Earlier in his career, Mr. Kelly spent a decade as a Federal prosecutor, serving first as an Assistant United States Attorney in the District of Columbia and then as a trial attorney in the Public Integrity Section of the Department of Justice’s Criminal Division. Mr. Kelly also spent several years as a civil litigator at Arnold & Porter. Mr. Kelly clerked for Judge Ronald L. Buckwalter on the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. He received his A.B., cum laude, from Duke University, and his J.D. from the Georgetown University Law Center(Jesuit), where he was a senior associate editor of the American Criminal Law Review."

"President Donald J. Trump Announces Intent to Nominate Personnel to Key Administration Posts

Issued on: May 23, 2017
David S. Jonas of Pennsylvania to be General Counsel at the Department of Energy.
David S. Jonas is a partner at Fluet, Huber & Hoang. He served as General Counsel of both the National Nuclear Security Administration and the Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board. Prior to that, he served over 20 years in the U.S. Marine Corps. He is an adjunct professor at Georgetown and George Washington University Law Schools. He serves on the Board of Directors of the Naval War College Foundation, the Young Marines, and the Marine Executive Association. He is also on the American Bar Association Advisory Committee on Law and National Security and the Advisory Committee of the University of Pennsylvania Law School’s Center for Ethics and the Rule of Law. Mr. Jonas holds a B.A. from Denison University, a J.D. from Wake Forest University, an LL.M. from the U.S. Army Judge Advocate General’s School, an LL.M. from Georgetown University(Jesuit) and an M.A. from the U.S. Naval War College."

"President Donald J. Trump Announces Key Additions to his Administration

Issued on: May 12, 2017
Brian D. Quintenz of Ohio to be a Commissioner of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission for the remainder of a five-year term expiring April 13, 2020.
Mr. Quintenz was the Founder, Managing Principal, and Chief Investment Officer of Saeculum Capital Management LLC from November 2013 to November 2016. Before holding that position, Mr. Quintenz was a consultant with Rose International from June 2013 until November 2013. Prior to this, he worked at Hill-Townsend Capital LLC from 2009 to 2012, first as an Analyst and then as the Senior Associate. Mr. Quintenz served in the office of U.S. Representative Deborah Pryce from 2001 to 2007, first as a Staff Assistant, then a Legislative Assistant, and finally Senior Policy Advisor. Mr. Quintenz received a B.S. from Duke University and an M.B.A. from Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business(Jesuit).
James J. Sullivan, Jr. of Pennsylvania to be a Member of the Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission.
Mr. Sullivan has 37 years of experience representing employers throughout the United States in matters involving labor, employment, and occupational safety and health law. He has been a partner at Pepper, Klett Rooney and, most recently, Buchanan Ingersoll and Rooney. From 2014 to 2017, Mr. Sullivan served as the management co-chair of the Occupational Safety and Health Law Committee of the American Bar Association’s Labor Law Section. He received a BA from The Pennsylvania State University and a JD from The Georgetown University Law Center(Jesuit)."

"President Donald J. Trump Announces Key Additions to his Administration

Issued on: May 10, 2017
Mark Andrew Green of Wisconsin to be Administrator of the United States Agency for International Development.
Ambassador Mark Green is currently serving as President of the International Republican Institute (IRI), a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing citizen-responsive, citizen-centered governance around the world. In addition to his leadership of IRI, during 2011-16, he served on the Board of Directors of the Millennium Challenge Corporation. In 2007-09, he served as the U.S. Ambassador to Tanzania, and oversaw major programs in the areas of global health and economic development. Prior to his role as ambassador, Mr. Green represented Wisconsin’s 8th District in the U.S. House of Representatives and served on the House Judiciary and International Relations Committees. He helped craft key policy initiatives like the Millennium Challenge Act and President George W. Bush’s international AIDS program. He holds a law degree from the University of Wisconsin, a bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin–Eau Claire, and an honorary Doctor of Science from Georgetown University(Jesuit).
David J. Kautter of Virginia to be an Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, Tax Policy.
If confirmed, Mr. Kautter will serve as Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Tax Policy. Mr. Kautter currently serves as Partner-in-Charge of the Washington National Tax practice for RSM, an audit, tax, and consulting services firm. He was also previously the Managing Director of the Kogod Tax Center and Executive-in-Residence at the Kogod School of Business at American University (AU). Prior to his work at AU, Mr. Kautter spent over 30 years at Ernst and Young, including serving as Director of National Tax for over 13 years. Mr. Kautter also worked on Capitol Hill as Tax Legislative Counsel for former Senator John C. Danforth of Missouri. He is a high honors graduate of the University of Notre Dame(Catholic) and received his J.D. from Georgetown Law Center(Jesuit)."

"President Donald J. Trump Announces Key Administration Posts

Issued on: March 30, 2017
If confirmed, Mira Radielovic Ricardel will serve as Under Secretary of Commerce for Export Administration.
Ms. Ricardel currently serves as Special Assistant to the President and Associate Director for Presidential Personnel. She has had an extensive career in the national security arena in both the public and private sectors. Within the Department of Defense, Ms. Ricardel held the positions of Acting Assistant Secretary of Defense and Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security policy and Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Eurasia, and was awarded the Department of Defense Medal for Distinguished Public Service. Ms. Ricardel also served as Legislative Assistant for Arms Control and Foreign Policy to Republican Leader Bob Dole. From 2006–2015, Ms. Ricardel held senior leadership positions within Boeing Defense Space and Security, most recently Vice President, International Business Development, Network & Space Systems, where she led the business unit’s marketing and growth strategies for international markets. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Foreign Service from Georgetown University(Jesuit) and completed doctoral course work at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy."

"President Donald J. Trump Nominates Philip Bilden as Secretary of the Navy

Issued on: January 25, 2017
(Washington, DC) – President Donald J. Trump today announced his intention to nominate Philip Bilden as the 76th Secretary of the Navy.
Mr. Bilden, a highly successful business leader, former Military Intelligence officer, and Naval War College cybersecurity leader will bring strategic leadership, investment discipline, and Asia Pacific regional and cyber expertise to the Department of the Navy.
Bilden has longstanding trusted relationships with senior military leaders, particularly in the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps, through his years of national security engagement, including service on the Board of Directors of the United States Naval Academy Foundation and the Board of Trustees of the Naval War College Foundation. Mr. Bilden understands the strategic, operational, and readiness challenges our Navy and Marine Corps leaders confront in maintaining our naval maritime presence around the globe.
Bilden is deeply committed to military service members and their families, coming from a military family with four consecutive generations of seven Bilden Navy and Army officers, including his two sons who presently serve in the US Navy. He greatly respects the sacrifices that Navy and Marine Corps families make to serve their country.
Mr. Bilden served ten years in the U.S. Army Reserve as a Military Intelligence officer from 1986-1996. He was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant and served through the rank of Captain at Strategic Military Intelligence Detachments supporting the Defense Intelligence Agency. He resigned his commission in 1996 upon relocating to Hong Kong.
“As Secretary of the Navy, Philip Bilden will apply his terrific judgement and top-notch management skills to the task of rebuilding our unparalleled Navy,” said President Trump. “Our number of ships is at the lowest point that it has been in decades. Philip Bilden is the right choice to help us expand and modernize our fleet, including surface ships, submarines and aircraft, and ensure America’s naval supremacy for decades to come. I am proud of the men and women of our armed forces. The people who serve in our military are our American heroes, and we honor their service every day.”
“I am deeply humbled and honored to serve as Secretary of the Navy,” said Philip Bilden. “Maintaining the strength, readiness, and capabilities of our maritime force is critical to our national security. If confirmed, I will ensure that our Sailors and Marines have the resources they need to defend our interests around the globe and support our allies with commitment and capability.”
Mr. Bilden has three decades of international management, leadership, and investment experience building an investment management business across global markets with diverse international partners. After 25 years, Mr. Bilden recently retired as a co-founding member and Senior Advisor of HarbourVest Partners, LLC, a leading global private equity investment management firm with institutional assets under management currently in excess of $42 billion. He became a founding member of the firm following the management buyout of HarbourVest’s predecessor company in 1997. Mr. Bilden joined the firm in Boston in 1991 and relocated to Hong Kong in 1996 to establish the firm’s Asian presence as a pioneering investor in the region. Throughout his 25 year tenure at HarbourVest Partners, Mr. Bilden served in senior leadership roles in the firm’s global management, including the firm’s four person Executive Committee responsible for governance.
Mr. Bilden serves on numerous philanthropic boards of non-profit organizations supporting military veterans, national and regional security, and cybersecurity missions. He serves on the Board of Visitors of Georgetown University School of Foreign Service(Jesuit); the Asia Pacific Advisory Board and Dean’s Board of Advisors of Harvard Business School; the Board of Directors of the United States Naval Academy Foundation; and the Board of Trustees of the Naval War College Foundation, where he serves as the inaugural Chairman of the Center for Cyber Conflict Studies.
Mr. Bilden graduated as Distinguished Military Graduate, U.S. Army ROTC, from Georgetown University(Jesuit), earning the President’s Cup as the top graduate in the corps. He received a B.S. (magna cum laude) in Foreign Service from Georgetown University in 1986, with a concentration in International Politics and Soviet bloc studies. Mr. Bilden earned an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School in 1991."

to be continued

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2017.06.17 09:34 tombstoneshadows28 All of the MPAA/CARA-rated films of 2009 (out of the 7,004 films released worldwide that year.)

  1. Aussie + Ted’s Great Adventure (Director: Shuki Levy)
  2. Bomb! (Director: Antonio de Santos)
  3. Curious George II: Follow That Monkey! (Director: Norton Virgien)
  4. Hachi: A Dog’s Tale (Director: Lasse Hallström)
  5. Hannah Montana: The Movie (Director: Peter Chelsom)
  6. Jack And The Beanstalk (Director: Gary J. Tunnicliffe)
  7. Kikkerdril (Director: Simone van Dusseldorp)
  8. Mandie + The Secret Tunnel (Directors: Joy Chapman + Owen Smith)
  9. Opposite Day (Director: R. Michael Givens)
  10. Pelle Politibil går i vannet (Rasmus A. Sivertsen)
  11. Sam Steele and the Junior Detective Agency (Director: Tom Whitus)
  12. The Legacy (Director: Bernard Émond)
  13. The Mighty Macs (Director: Tim Chambers)
  14. The Princess And The Frog (Directors: Ron Clements + John Musker)
  15. The Strawberry Shortcake Movie: Sky's the Limit (Directors: David Mucci Fassett + Michael Hack)
  16. The True Story Of Puss ‘N Boots (Directors: Jérôme Deschamps, Pascal Hérold + Macha Makeïeff)
  17. The Velveteen Rabbit (Director: Michael Landon, Jr.)
  18. The Wild Stallion (Director: Craig Clyde)
  19. Tinker Bell And The Lost Treasure (Director: Klay Hall)
  20. Trail Of The Panda (Director: Zhong Yu)
  1. A Christmas Carol (Director: Robert Zemeckis)
  2. A Little Bit Of Faith (Director: Tiana Hailey)
  3. A Shine Of Rainbows (Director: Vic Sarin)
  4. Adam (Director: Joseph Minasi)
  5. Alabama Moon (Director: Tim McCanlies)
  6. Alien Trespass (Director: R.W. Goodwin)
  7. Aliens In The Attic (Director: John Schultz)
  8. Alvin + The Chipmunks: The Squeakquel (Director: Betty Thomas)
  9. Amargura (Director: Antonio de Santos)
  10. Amelia (Director: Mira Nair)
  11. Arthur and the Revenge of Maltazard (Director: Luc Besson)
  12. Astro Boy (Director: David Bowers)
  13. Babysitters Beware (Director: Douglas Horn)
  14. Bandslam (Director: Todd Graff)
  15. Bigfoot (Director: Kevin Tenney)
  16. Bride Wars (Director: Gary Winick)
  17. Bright Star (Director: Jane Campion)
  18. Broken Hill (Director: Dagen Merrill)
  19. C Me Dance (Director: Greg Robbins)
  20. Cairo Time (Director: Ruba Nadda)
  21. Call Of The Wild (Director: Richard Gabai)
  22. Cayman Went (Director: Bobby Sheehan)
  23. Christmas Angel (Director: Brian Brough)
  24. Christmas In Beverly Hills (Director: Neri Parenti)
  25. Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs (Directors: Phil Lord + Christopher Miller)
  26. Confessions Of A Shopaholic (Director: P.J. Hogan)
  27. Coraline (Director: Henry Selick)
  28. Coyote County Loser (Director: Jason Naumann)
  29. Disco Cops: The Movie (Director: Tanner Robbins)
  30. Dragonball: Evolution (Director: James Wong)
  31. Earthwork (Director: Chris Ordal)
  32. Faces (Director: Thomas R. Dickens)
  33. Fame (Director: Kevin Tancharoen)
  34. Fantastic Mr. Fox (Director: Wes Anderson)
  35. From Time To Time (Director: Julian Fellowes)
  36. G-Force (Director: Hoyt Yeatman)
  37. A Ted Named Gooby (Gooby) (Director: Wilson Coneybeare)
  38. Harry Potter + The Half-Blood Prince (Director: David Yates)
  39. Heiran (Director: Shalizeh Arefpoor)
  40. Hiroshima (Director: Pablo Stoll)
  41. Hotel For Dogs (Director: Thor Freudenthal)
  42. Ice Age: Dawn Of The Dinosaurs (Directors: Carlos Saldanha + Mike Thurmeier)
  43. If God Wants (Director: Arthur Diennet)
  44. Jump (Director: Stephen Fung)
  45. Little Hercules (in 3-D) (Director: Mohamed Khashoggi)
  46. Looking For Jackie (Directors: Gangliang Fang + Ping Jiang)
  47. Lost In The Woods (Director: Jim Wynorski)
  48. Luke And Lucy: The Texas Rangers (Directors: Wim Bien + Mark Mertens)
  49. Mao’s Last Dancer (Director: Bruce Beresford)
  50. Minor Details (Director: John Lyde)
  51. Monsters vs. Aliens (Directors: Rob Letterman + Conrad Vernon)
  52. Nativity! (Director: Debbie Isitt)
  53. New In Town (Director: Jonas Elmer)
  54. Night At The Museum: Battle Of The Smithsonian (Director: Shawn Levy)
  55. Old Dogs (Director: Walt Becker)
  56. One Good Man (Director: Christian Vuissa)
  57. Party Time: The Movie (Director: Juanma Fernández-Paris)
  58. Paul Blart: Mall Cop (Director: Steve Carr)
  59. Pedro (Director: undisclosed)
  60. Planet 51 (Directors: Jorge Blanco, Javier Abad + Marcos Martínez)
  61. Princess Kaiulani (Director: Marc Forby)
  62. Race To Witch Mountain (Director: Andy Fickman)
  63. Raising Kayn (Director: Colton Tran)
  64. Right Hand Drive (Director: Mark Kalbskopf)
  65. Seafoam + Salmon (Director: Sarah Kim)
  66. Shadows Of The Past (Director: Warren Ryan)
  67. Shannon’s Rainbow (Director: Frank E. Johnson)
  68. Shorts (Director: Robert Rodriguez)
  69. Silent Nights (Director: Tom Poehlmann)
  70. Sticky Fingers (Director: Ken Scott)
  71. Summer Wars (Director: Mamoru Hosoda)
  72. Super Capers: The Origins of Ed and the Missing Bullion (Director: Ray Griggs)
  73. The Bee (Director: David Rountree)
  74. The Dolphin: Story Of A Dreamer (Director: Eduardo Schuldt)
  75. The Last Passport (Directors: Kent Smith + David Temple)
  76. The Lightkeepers (Director: Daniel Adams)
  77. The Lost + Found Family (Director: Barnet Bain)
  78. The Perfect Game (Director: William Dear)
  79. The Pink Panther II (Director: Harald Zwart)
  80. The Prodigy (Director: Robert D. Hanna)
  81. The Search (Director: Perna Tseden)
  82. The Stinkville Monster (Director: Tony Trombo)
  83. The Three Investigators and the Secret of Terror Castle (Director: Florian Baxmeyer)
  84. The Young Victoria (Director: Jean-Marc Vallée)
  85. Toys In The Attic (Directors: Jirí Barta + Vivian Schilling)
  86. Up (Director: Pete Docter + Bob Peterson)
  87. When North Winds Blow (Director: James M. De Vince)
  88. Where The Wild Things Are (Director: Spike Jonze)
  89. Wild Grass (Director: Alain Resnais)
  1. 12 Rounds (Director: Renny Harlin)
  2. 17 Again (Director: Burr Steers)
  3. 2012 (Director: Roland Emmerich)
  4. 3 Idiots (Director: Rajkumar Hirani)
  5. (500) Days Of Summer (Director: Marc Webb)
  6. 9 (Director: Shane Acker)
  7. A Secret Promise (Director: Fred Manocherian)
  8. A Serious Man (Director: Joel Coen)
  9. According To Greta (Director: Nancy Bardawil)
  10. Adam (Director: Max Mayer)
  11. After Last Season (Director: Mark Region)
  12. All About Steve (Director: Phil Traill)
  13. All Ages Night (Director: Nancy Montuori Stein)
  14. All For Liberty (Director: Chris Weatherhead)
  15. All’s Faire In Love (Director: Scott Marshall)
  16. Amor y Frijoles (Directors: Mathew Kodath + Hernan Pereira)
  17. Amreeka (Director: Cherien Dabis)
  18. An Education (Director: Lone Scherfig)
  19. Angels + Demons (Director: Ron Howard)
  20. Armored (Director: Nimród Antal)
  21. Avatar (Director: James Cameron)
  22. B-Girl (Director: Emily Dell)
  23. Better The Devil You Know (Director: Greg Augustine)
  24. Beyond A Reasonable Doubt (Director: Peter Hyams)
  25. Black Sheep (Director: Humberto Hinojosa Ozcariz)
  26. Black + Blue (Director: Jill Maxcy)
  27. Bounty (Director: Jared Isham)
  28. Bran Nue Dae (Director: Rachel Perkins)
  29. Carriers (Directors: David Pastor + Àlex Pastor)
  30. Chandni Chowk To China (Director: Nikkhil Advani)
  31. Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant (Director: Paul Weitz)
  32. City Island (Director: Raymond De Felitta)
  33. Coco Before Chanel (Director: Anne Fontaine)
  34. Cold Souls (Director: Sophie Barthes)
  35. Couples Retreat (Director: Peter Billingsley)
  36. Creation (Director: Jon Amiel)
  37. Dance Flick (Director: Damien Dante Wayans)
  38. Dear Lemon Lima (Director: Suzi Yoonessi)
  39. Did You Hear About The Morgans? (Director: Marc Lawrence)
  40. Drag Me To Hell (Director: Sam Raimi)
  41. Dragon Hunter (Director: Stephen Shimek)
  42. Duplicity (Director: Tony Gilroy)
  43. Echelon Conspiracy (Director: Greg Marcks)
  44. Endgame (Director Pete Travis)
  45. Everybody’s Fine (Director: Kirk Jones)
  46. Fanboys (Director: Kyle Newman)
  47. Farzaneh (Director: David Brokhim)
  48. Fast + Furious (Director: Justin Lin)
  49. Father And Guns (Director: Émile Gaudreault)
  50. Fighting (Director: Dito Montiel)
  51. Fire From Below (Directors: Andrew Stevens + Jim Wynorski)
  52. Fired Up! (Director: Will Gluck)
  53. Flying By (Director: Jim Amatulli)
  54. For Sale By Owner (Director: Robert J. Wilson)
  55. Forget (Director: Jacob Landis-Eigsti)
  56. Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel (Director: Gareth Carrivick)
  57. From Mexico With Love (Director: Jimmy Nickerson)
  58. G.I. Joe: The Rise Of Cobra (Director: Stephen Sommers)
  59. Gentlemen Broncos (Director: Jared Hess)
  60. Get Low (Director: Aaron Schneider)
  61. Ghosts Of Girlfriends Past (Director: Mark Waters)
  62. God Send Me A Man (Directors: Emmbre Perry + Curtis Von)
  63. God, Me...HIV? One Man Show (Directors: Devin T. Robinson + Darien F. Rodriguez)
  64. Grilling Bobby Hicks (Director: Tommy Wood)
  65. H2O Extreme (Director: William Scharpf)
  66. He’s Just Not That Into You (Director: Ken Kwapis)
  67. Hell’s Fury: Wanted Dead Or Alive (Director: Alan Chan)
  68. HER (Directors: Tyrone Tann + Omega Kayne)
  69. Hillbilly Bob Zombie (Director: Ray Basham)
  70. Hurricane Season (Director: Tim Story)
  71. I Can Do Bad All By Myself (Director: Tyler Perry)
  72. I Hate Valentine’s Day (Director: Nia Vardalos)
  73. I Love You, Beth Cooper (Director: Chris Columbus)
  74. Imagine That (Director: Karey Kirkpatrick)
  75. Invictus (Director: Clint Eastwood)
  76. Irene In Time (Director: Henry Jaglom)
  77. It’s A Mismatch (Director: Ajmal Zaheer Ahmad)
  78. Julie + Julia (Director: Nora Ephron)
  79. Karma Calling (Director: Sarba Das)
  80. Knowing (Director: Alex Proyas)
  81. Labor Pains (Director: Lara Shapiro)
  82. Land Of The Lost (Director: Brad Silberling)
  83. Like Dandelion Dust (Director: Jon Gunn)
  84. Love Happens (Director: Brandon Camp)
  85. Love Hurts (Director: Barra Grant)
  86. Love N’ Dancing (Director: Robert Iscove)
  87. Lurking Under Life (Director: William Conrad)
  88. Mack Hanglider (Directors: Mark Macaluso + Peter Macaluso)
  89. Madea Goes To Jail (Director: Tyler Perry)
  90. Mega Diva (Director: Roberto Angel Salcedo)
  91. Mexican Gold (Director: Chuck Walker)
  92. Monster Beach Party (Director: Jay Wade Edwards)
  93. Motherhood (Director: Katherine Dieckmann)
  94. My Life In Ruins (Director: Donald Petrie)
  95. My One And Only (Director: Richard Loncraine)
  96. My Sister’s Keeper (Director: Nick Cassavetes)
  97. Nine (Director: Rob Marshall)
  98. Ninja Masters (Director: Xin Xin Xiong)
  99. No Greater Love (Director: Brad J. Silverman)
  100. Nobody (Director: Rob Perez)
  101. Not Easily Broken (Director: Bill Duke)
  102. Not Since You (Director: Jeff Stephenson)
  103. Nowhere To Hide (Director: John Murlowski)
  104. Obsessed (Director: Steve Shill)
  105. Ondine (Director: Neil Jordan)
  106. Oy Vey! My Son Is Gay!! (Director: Evgeny Afineevsky)
  107. Palo Pinto Gold (Director: Anthony Henslee)
  108. Paper Heart (Director: Nicholas Jasenovec)
  109. Partners (Director: Peter James Iengo)
  110. Passport To Love (Director: Victor Vu)
  111. Pastor Browne (Director: Rockmond Dunbar)
  112. Pennsylvania Is For Lovers (Director: Mickey Reece)
  113. Play The Game (Director: Marc Fienberg)
  114. Poema de salvación (Director: Brian Dublin)
  115. Poker Run (Director: Julian Higgins)
  116. Post Grad (Director: Vicky Jenson)
  117. Push (Director: Paul McGuigan)
  118. Ripples (Director: Marc Williams)
  119. Rock Slyde (Director: Chris Dowling)
  120. Royal Kill (Director: Babar Ahmed)
  121. Sabotage (Director: Reza Sixo Fafai)
  122. Sherlock Holmes (Director: Guy Ritchie)
  123. Something Blue (Directors: Sean Dillon + Curtis Krick)
  124. Spyware (Director: Grant Richards)
  125. Star Quest (Director: Jon Bonnell)
  126. Star Trek (Director: J.J. Abrams)
  127. State Of Play (Director: Kevin McDonald)
  128. Stay Cool (Director: Michael Polish)
  129. Steppin: The Movie (Director: Michael Taliferro)
  130. Street Fighter: The Legend Of Chun-Li (Director: Andrzej Bartkowiak)
  131. Sugarland (Director: Kenny Fisher)
  132. Surrogates (Director: Jonathan Mostow)
  133. Terminator: Salvation (Director: McG)
  134. That Evening Sun (Director: Scott Teems)
  135. The Blind Side (Director: John Lee Hancock)
  136. The Box (Director: Richard Kelly)
  137. The Boys Are Back (Director: Scott Hicks)
  138. The Break-Up Artist (Director: Steve Woo)
  139. The City Of Your Final Destination (Director: James Ivory)
  140. The Concert (Director: Radu Mihaileanu)
  141. The Deported (Director: Lance Kawas)
  142. The Fourth Kind (Director: Olatunde Osunsanmi)
  143. The Greatest Song (Director: Sarah Poindexter)
  144. The Gun (Director: Julio Alvarez)
  145. The Haunting In Connecticut (Director: Peter Cornwell)
  146. The Hole (Director: Joe Dante)
  147. The Imaginarium Of Doctor Parnassus (Director: Terry Gilliam)
  148. The Indian (Director: Ineke Houtman)
  149. The Invention Of Lying (Directors: Ricky Gervais + Matthew Robinson)
  150. The Jerk Theory (Director: Scott S. Anderson)
  151. The Least Among You (Director: Mark Young)
  152. The Lovely Bones (Director: Peter Jackson)
  153. The Maiden Heist (Director: Peter Hewitt)
  154. The Marc Pease Experience (Director: Todd Louiso)
  155. The New Daughter (Director: Luiso Berdejo)
  156. The Open Road (Director: Michael Meredith)
  157. The Proposal (Director: Anne Fletcher)
  158. The Shortcut (Director: Nicholaus Goossen)
  159. The Six Wives Of Henry Lefay (Director: Howard Michael Gould)
  160. The Smell Of Success (Director: Michael Polish)
  161. The Soloist (Director: Joe Wright)
  162. The Stepfather (Director: Nelson McCormick)
  163. The Storm Warriors (Directors: Danny Pang + Oxide Chun Pang)
  164. The Strip (Director: Jameel Khan)
  165. The Time Traveler’s Wife (Director: Robert Schwentke)
  166. The Twilight Saga: New Moon (Director: Chris Weitz)
  167. The Unborn (Director: David S. Goyer)
  168. The Uninvited (Directors: Charles Guard + Thomas Guard)
  169. The Way (Director: Vladimir Pasichnik)
  170. The Winning Season (Director: Jim Strouse)
  171. The Yankles (Director: David R. Brooks)
  172. To Save A Life (Director: Brian Baugh)
  173. Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen (Director: Michael Bay)
  174. Under The Mountain (Director: Jonathan King)
  175. Whatever Works (Director: Woody Allen)
  176. Where The Lotus Blooms (Director: Metrey Keo)
  177. Whip It (Director: Drew Barrymore)
  178. White Wedding (Director: Jann Turner)
  179. White On Rice (Director: Dave Boyle)
  180. Wild About Harry (Director: Gwen Wynne)
  181. X-Men Origins: Wolverine (Director: Gavin Hood)
  182. Year One (Director: Harold Ramis)
  183. You Are Not The Father! (Director: Gerron DelValle)
  1. (Untitled) (Director: Jonathan Parker)
  2. 21 + a Wake Up (Director: Chris McIntyre)
  3. 31 North 62 East (Director: Tristan Loraine)
  4. 44 Inch Chest (Director: Malcolm Venville)
  5. A Heavenly Vintage (Director: Niki Caro)
  6. A Perfect Getaway (Director: David Twohy)
  7. A Prophet (Director: Jacques Audiard)
  8. A Single Man (Director: Tom Ford)
  9. A Vampire’s Tale (Director: Drew Cullingham)
  10. A Woman, A Gun + A Noodle Shop (Director: Yimou Zhang)
  11. Accidents Happen (Director: Andrew Lancaster)
  12. Across The Hall (Director: Alex Merkin)
  13. Adopted (Director: Pauly Shore)
  14. Adventureland (Director: Greg Mottola)
  15. After.Life (Director: Agnieszka Wojtowicz-Vosloo)
  16. Against The Current (Director: Peter Callahan)
  17. Agora (Director: Alejandro Amenábar)
  18. Albino Farm (Director: Joe Anderson)
  19. All American Orgy (Director: Andrew Drazek)
  20. Alpha Males Experiment (Knuckle Draggers) (Director: Alex Ranarivelo)
  21. Amar (Director: Jorge Ramírez Suárez)
  22. Amar a morir (Director: Fernando Lebrija)
  23. American Cowslip (Director: Mark David)
  24. American Virgin (Director: Clare Kilner)
  25. Angel Of Death (Director: Paul Etheredge)
  26. Anytown (Director: Dave Rodriguez)
  27. Applause (Director: Martin Zandvliet)
  28. April Showers (Director: Andrew Robinson)
  29. Assault Of The Sasquatch (Director: Andrew Gernhard)
  30. Attack On Darfur (Director: Uwe Boll)
  31. Autumn (Director: Steven Rumbelow)
  32. Away We Go (Director: Sam Mendes)
  33. Baby On Board (Director: Brian Herzlinger)
  34. Bad Lieutenant: Port Of Call - New Orleans (Director: Werner Herzog)
  35. Baja Beach Bums (Director: Patrick Healy)
  36. Balls Out: Gary The Tennis Coach (Director: Danny Leiner)
  37. Bangkok Adrenaline (Director: Raimund Huber)
  38. Bazookas: The Movie (Director: Michael G. Leonard)
  39. Beautiful (Director: Dean O’Flaherty)
  40. Beautiful Kate (Director: Rachel Ward)
  41. Beauty + The Beast (Director: David Lister)
  42. Behaving Badly (Director: Juan Drago)
  43. Big Fan (Director: Robert D. Siegel)
  44. Bitch Slap (Director: Rick Jacobson)
  45. Black (Director: Pierre Laffargue)
  46. Black Dynamite (Director: Scott Sanders)
  47. Blackface Killer (Director: Michael Fredianelli)
  48. Bled (Director: Christopher Hutson)
  49. Blood Creek (Director: Joel Schumacher)
  50. Blood Night: The Legend Of Mary Hatchet (Director: Frank Sabatella)
  51. Blood + Bone (Director: Ben Ramsey)
  52. Blood: The Last Vampire (Director: Chris Nahon)
  53. Bob Funk (Director: Craig Carlisle)
  54. Boogie Woogie (Director: Duncan Ward)
  55. Book Of Blood (Director: John Harrison)
  56. Breaking Point (Director: Jeff Celentano)
  57. Broken Embraces (Director: Pedro Almodóvar)
  58. Brooklyn’s Finest (Director: Antoine Fuqua)
  59. Brother’s War (Director: Jerry Buteyn)
  60. Brotherhood (Director: Nicolo Donato)
  61. Brothers (Director: Jim Sheridan)
  62. Brüno (Director: Larry Charles)
  63. Cabin Fever II: Spring Fever (Director: Ti West)
  64. Calvin Marshall (Director: Gary Lundgren)
  65. Case 39 (Director: Christian Alvart)
  66. Chain Letter (Director: Deon Taylor)
  67. Chaw (Director: Jeong-won Shin)
  68. Chicago Overcoat (Director: Brian Caunter)
  69. Chloe (Director: Atom Egoyan)
  70. Chéri (Director: Stephen Frears)
  71. City Of Life + Death (Director: Chuan Lu)
  72. Clash (Director: Thanh Son Le)
  73. Coco Chanel + Igor Stravinsky (Director: Jan Kounen)
  74. Cold Storage (Director: Tony Elwood)
  75. Command Performance (Director: Dolph Lundgren)
  76. Cornered! (Director: Daniel Maze)
  77. Cracks (Director: Jordan Scott)
  78. Crank: High Voltage (Directors: Mark Neveldine + Brian Taylor)
  79. Crazy Heart (Director: Scott Cooper)
  80. Creature Of Darkness (Director: Mark Stouffer)
  81. Crimes Of The Past (Director: Garrett Bennett)
  82. Crossing Over (Director: Wayne Kramer)
  83. Crush (Directors: Jeffrey Gerritsen + John V. Soto)
  84. Crush (Director: Michelle Fridley)
  85. Cyber Ninja (Director: James Arnett)
  86. Damage (Director: Jeff King)
  87. Damned By Dawn (Director: Brett Anstey)
  88. Dare (Director: Adam Salky)
  89. Dark Country (Director: Thomas Jane)
  90. Dark Fields (Director: Douglas Schulze)
  91. Dark Frontier (Director: Kriv Stenders)
  92. Dark House (Director: Darin Scott)
  93. Dark Moon Rising (Director: Dana Mennie)
  94. Daybreakers (Directors: Michael Spierig + Peter Spierig)
  95. Dead Man Running (Director: Alex De Rakoff)
  96. Deadland (Director: Damon O’Steen)
  97. Deadline (Director: Sean McConville)
  98. Death Warrior (Director: Bill Corcoran)
  99. Deep In The Valley (Director: Christian Forte)
  100. Defendor (Director: Peter Stebbings)
  101. Desert Flower (Director: Sherry Hormann)
  102. Diagnosis: Death (Director: Jason Stutter)
  103. Direct Contact (Director: Danny Lerner)
  104. Dismal (Director: Gary King)
  105. District 13: Ultimatum (Director: Patrick Alessandrin)
  106. District 9 (Director: Neill Blomkamp)
  107. Dolan’s Cadillac (Director: Jeff Beesley)
  108. Don McKay (Director: Jake Goldberger)
  109. Don’t Let Me Down (Director: Cruz Angeles)
  110. Don’t Look Up (Director: Fruit Chan)
  111. Dorian Gray (Director: Oliver Parker)
  112. Double Identity (Director: Dennis Dimster)
  113. Down Terrace (Director: Ben Wheatley)
  114. Down For Life (Director: Alan Jacobs)
  115. Dread (Director: Anthony DiBlasi)
  116. Drifter: Henry Lee Lucas (Director: Michael Feifer)
  117. Elsewhere (Director: Nathan Hope)
  118. End Game (Director: Bruce Koehler)
  119. Endless Bummer (Director: Sam Pillsbury)
  120. Evil Things (Director: Dominic Perez)
  121. Extract (Director: Mike Judge)
  122. Eyeborgs (Director: Richard Clabaugh)
  123. Eyes Of The Woods (Directors: Darrin Reed, F. Miguel Valenti + Mark Villalobos)
  124. Falling Awake (Director: Agustin)
  125. Fatal Secrets (Director: Meir Sharony)
  126. Finding Bliss (Director: Julie Davis)
  127. Fireball (Director: Thanakorn Pongsuwan)
  128. Five Minutes Of Heaven (Director: Oliver Hirschbiegel)
  129. Force Of Five (Director: Krissanapong Rachata)
  130. Forget Me Not (Director: Tyler Oliver)
  131. Formosa Betrayed (Director: Adam Kane)
  132. Four Boxes (Director: Wyatt McDill)
  133. Frankenhood (Director: Blaxwell Smart)
  134. Frat Party (Director: Robert Bennett)
  135. Friday The 13th (Director: Marcus Nispel)
  136. Frozen Kiss (Director: Harry Bromley Davenport)
  137. Funny People (Director: Judd Apatow)
  138. Fury (Director: Liz Lehmann)
  139. Gamer (Directors: Mark Neveldine + Brian Taylor)
  140. Ghost Machine (Director: Chris Hartwill)
  141. Ghost Month (Director: Danny Draven)
  142. Giallo (Director: Dario Argento)
  143. Give ‘em Hell Malone (Director: Russell Mulcahy)
  144. Glorious 39 (Director: Stephen Poliakoff)
  145. Good Guys Finish Last (Director: Riley Wood)
  146. Grace (Director: Paul Solet)
  147. Halloween II (Director: Rob Zombie)
  148. Handsome Harry (Director: Bette Gordon)
  149. Happy Tears (Director: Mitchell Lichtenstein)
  150. Hard Times (Director: Tom Reeve)
  151. Hardwired (Director: Ernie Barbarash)
  152. Harry Brown (Director: Daniel Barber)
  153. Heavy Weight On The Block (Director: F. Terrell Johnson)
  154. Helen (Director: Sandra Nettelbeck)
  155. Hellbinders (Directors: Mitch Gould, Hiro Koda + David Wald)
  156. Heroes (Director: Malcolm Brooks)
  157. Hidden (Director: Pål Øie)
  158. Hierarchy (Director: Michael Fredianelli)
  159. High Life (Director: Gary Yates)
  160. Homecoming (Director: Morgan J. Freeman)
  161. Horsemen (Director: Jonas Åkerlund)
  162. House Broken (Director: Sam Harper)
  163. Humpday (Director: Lynn Shelton)
  164. Hunger (Director: Steven Hentges)
  165. Hurt (Director: Barbara Stepansky)
  166. I Am Love (Director: Luca Guadagnino)
  167. I Do...I Did! (Director: J. Jesses Smith)
  168. I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell (Director: Bob Gosse)
  169. I Love You Phillip Morris (Directors: Glenn Ficarra + John Requa)
  170. I Love You Too (Director: Nerlin Stfleur)
  171. I Love You, Man (Director: John Hamburg)
  172. Ibrahim Labyad (Director: Marwan Hamed)
  173. Ikenhisu: To Kill With One Blow (Director: La’Mard J. WIngster)
  174. Immortally Yours (Director: Joe Tornatore)
  175. In Her Skin (Director: Simone North)
  176. In The Electric Mist (Director: Bertrand Tavernier)
  177. In The Eyes Of A Killer (Director: Louis Mandylor)
  178. InSearchOf (Director: Zeke Zelker)
  179. Infestation (Director: Kyle Rankin)
  180. Ingenious (Director: Jeff Balsmeyer)
  181. Inglourious Basterds (Director: Quentin Tarantino)
  182. Into Temptation (Director: Patrick Coyle)
  183. It’s Complicated (Director: Nancy Meyers)
  184. Jarring (Director: Ivo Raza)
  185. Jennifer’s Body (Director: Karyn Kusama)
  186. Johnny Boy (Directors: Mickey Reece + James Paulsgrove)
  187. Jordan Saffron: Taste This! (Director: Sergio Myers)
  188. Just Another Day (Director: Peter Spirer)
  189. Kicking The Dog (Director: Randy Scooter Lammey)
  190. Kill Peter, Pay Paul (Directors: Kenny Foster + Dustin S. Massie)
  191. Kill Theory (Director: Chris Moore)
  192. Killer View (Director: Brian James O’Connell)
  193. Knife Edge (Director: Anthony Hickox)
  194. Know Thy Enemy (Director: Lee Cipolla)
  195. La Linea (The Line) (Director: James Cotton)
  196. La Mission (Director: Peter Bratt)
  197. La soga (Director: Josh Crook)
  198. Laid To Rest (Director: Robert Hall)
  199. Last Day Of Summer (Director: Vlad Yudin)
  200. Law Abiding Citizen (Director: F. Gary Gray)
  201. Leaves Of Grass (Director: Tim Blake Nelson)
  202. Lebanon (Director: Samuel Maoz)
  203. Legend Of The Bog (Director: Brendan Foley)
  204. Lies + Illusions (Director: Tibor Takács)
  205. Life During Wartime (Director: Todd Solondz)
  206. Life Is Hot In Cracktown (Director: Buddy Giovinazzo)
  207. Little Fish, Strange Pond (Director: Gregory Dark)
  208. Little New York (Director: James DeMonaco)
  209. Lofty Intentions (Director: Gerard Jamroz)
  210. Lost Angels (Director: Justin Voskian)
  211. Love Conquers Paul (Director: Colin Bannon)
  212. Love And Other Impossible Pursuits (Director: Don Roos)
  213. Love At First Hiccup (Director: Barbara Topsøe-Rothenborg)
  214. Loyalty The Movie (Director: Samuel Wheeler III)
  215. Lynch Mob (Director: Byron Conrad Erwin)
  216. Malice In Wonderland (Director: Simon Fellows)
  217. Mandrill (Director: Ernesto Díaz Espinoza)
  218. Maneater (Director: Michael Emanuel)
  219. Manson: My Name Is Evil (Director: Reginald Harkema)
  220. Map Of The Sounds Of Tokyo (Director: Isabel Coixet)
  221. Merantau (Director: Gareth Evans)
  222. Mercy (Director: Patrick Hoelck)
  223. Micmacs (Director: Jean-Pierre Jeunet)
  224. Middle Men (Director: George Gallo)
  225. Midgets vs. Mascots (Director: Ron Carlson)
  226. Miss March (Directors: Zach Cregger + Trevor Moore)
  227. Moon (Director: Duncan Jones)
  228. Mortal Sin (Director: David Von Roehm)
  229. Mother (Director: Bong Joon Ho)
  230. Mother + Child (Director: Rodrigo Garcia)
  231. Mr. Nobody (Director: Jaco Van Dormael)
  232. Mutants (Director: David Morlet)
  233. My Bloody Valentine (in 3-D) (Director: Patrick Lussier)
  234. My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done? (Director: Werner Herzog)
  235. Mystery Train (Director: Dan Eckman)
  236. Mythical Creatures (Director: Mickey Reece)
  237. Neighbor (Director: Robert A. Masciantonio)
  238. Never Surrender (Director: Hector Echavarria)
  239. New Brooklyn (Director: Christopher Cannucciari)
  240. Next Day Air (Director: Benny Boom)
  241. Night Train (Director: Brian King)
  242. Night Of The Demons (Director: Adam Gierasch)
  243. Ninja (Director: Isaac Florentine)
  244. Ninja Assassin (Director: James McTeigue)
  245. No Boundaries (Directors: Violet Mendoza + Jake Willing)
  246. Not Forgotten (Director: Dror Soref)
  247. Notorious (Director: George Tillman, Jr.)
  248. Nowhere Boy (Director: Sam Taylor-Johnson)
  249. Observe And Report (Director: Jody Hill)
  250. Offspring (Director: Andrew van den Houten)
  251. Open Graves (Director: Álvaro de Armiñán)
  252. Orphan (Director: Jaume Collet-Serra)
  253. Orville (Director: Craig McMahon)
  254. Pandemic (Director: Jason Connery)
  255. Pandorum (Director: Christian Alvart)
  256. Paper Man (Directors: Kieran Mulroney + Michele Mulroney)
  257. Perkins’ 14 (Director: Craig Singer)
  258. Perrier’s Bounty (Director: Ian Fitzgibbon)
  259. Personal Effects (Director: David Hollander)
  260. Pirate Radio (Director: Richard Curtis)
  261. Powder Blue (Director: Timothy Linh Bui)
  262. Precious (Director: Lee Daniels)
  263. Protégé (Directors: Shannon Casto + Michelle Henderson)
  264. Public Enemies (Director: Michael Mann)
  265. Raging Phoenix (Director: Rashane Limtrakul)
  266. Rain Fall (Director: Max Mannix)
  267. Rampage (Director: Uwe Boll)
  268. Ratko: The Dictator’s Son (Directors: Savage Steve Holland + Kevin Speckmaier)
  269. Ready For Not (Director: Sean Doyle)
  270. [rec.] II (Directors: Jaume Balagueró + Paco Plaza)
  271. Red Hook (Director: Elizabeth Lucas)
  272. Red Sands (Director: Alex Turner)
  273. Redemption (Director: Robert Conway)
  274. Revenge: True Story (Director: Berenika Maciejewicz)
  275. Reykjavik Whale Watching Massacre (Director: Júlíus Kemp)
  276. RiffRaff (Director: Justen Naughton)
  277. Robodoc (Director: Stephen Maddocks)
  278. Rough Winds (Director: Andrea Olabarría)
  279. Running On Empty Dreams (Director: Nitara Lee Osbourne)
  280. S. Darko (Director: Chris Fisher)
  281. Saddle Up With Dick Wrangler + Injun Joe (Director: Todd Wolfe)
  282. Saint John Of Las Vegas (Director: Hue Rhodes)
  283. Saving Grace B. Jones (Director: Connie Stevens)
  284. Saw VI (Director: Kevin Greutert)
  285. Serious Moonlight (Director: Cheryl Hines)
  286. Shank (Directors: Simon Pearce + Christian martin)
  287. Shark City (Director: Dan Eisen)
  288. Shattered Focus (Director: Joshua Tolby)
  289. Shinjuku Incident (Director: Tung-Shing Yee)
  290. Shrink (Director: Jonas Pate)
  291. Shroud (Director: David Jetre)
  292. Silent Night, Zombie Night (Director: Sean Cain)
  293. Silent Shame (Director: Juan Frausto)
  294. Sin Nombre (Director: Cary Joji Fukunaga)
  295. Slaughter (Director: Stewart Hopewell)
  296. Slave (Director: Darryn Welch)
  297. Smalltimore (Director: Jeanie M. Clark)
  298. Smile Pretty (Director: Harry Bromley Davenport)
  299. Solitary Man (Directors: Brian Koppelman + David Levien)
  300. Solomon Kane (Director: Michael J. Bassett)
  301. Sorority Row (Director: Stewart Hendler)
  302. Splice (Director: Vincenzo Natali)
  303. Splinterheads (Director: Brant Sersen)
  304. Spooner (Director: Drake Doremus)
  305. Spread (Director: David Mackenzie)
  306. Spring Breakdown (Director: Ryan Shiraki)
  307. Stan Helsing (Director: Bo Zenga)
  308. Stolen (Director: Anders Anderson)
  309. Strangers Online (Director: John Huckert)
  310. Street Boss (Director: Lance Kawas)
  311. Street Dreams (Director: Chris Zamoscianyk)
  312. Streetballers (Director: Matt Krentz)
  313. Stuntmen (Director: Eric Amadio)
  314. Suck (Director: Rob Stefaniuk)
  315. Sugar Boxx (Director: Cody Jarrett)
  316. Summer’s Moon (Director: Lee Demarbre)
  317. Sundo (Director: Topel Lee)
  318. Survival Of The Dead (Director: George A. Romero)
  319. Sutures (Director: Tammi Sutton)
  320. Sway (Director: Sean Ireland)
  321. Sweet Karma (Director: Andrew Thomas Hunt)
  322. Sword Of War (Director: Renzo Martinelli)
  323. Table For Three (Director: Michael Samonek)
  324. Taking Chances (Director: Talmage Cooley)
  325. Taking Woodstock (Director: Ang Lee)
  326. Tanner Hall (Directors: Francesca Gregorini + Tatiana von Furstenberg)
  327. Tell Tale (Director: Michael Cuesta)
  328. Tenderness (Director: John Polson)
  329. Tetro (Director: Francis Ford Coppola)
  330. The 420 Movie (Directors: James Blackburn, Scott Flick, + Robert Nathan Gleason)
  331. The Answer Man (Director: John Hindman)
  332. The Assailant (Director: João Daniel Tikhomiroff)
  333. The Assassin Next Door (Director: Danny Lerner)
  334. The Beacon (Director: Michael Stokes)
  335. The Black Waters Of Echo’s Pond (Director: Gabriel Bologna)
  336. The Bleeding (Director: Charlie Picerni)
  337. The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day (Director: Troy Duffy)
  338. The Boxer (Director: Thomas Jahn)
  339. The Bridge To Nowhere (Director: Blair Underwood)
  340. The Broken Hearts Club (Director: Angelo Bell)
  341. The Brotherhood V: Alumni (Director: David DeCoteau)
  342. The Buffalo Son (Directors: Colin Davis, Bryan Felber + Sam France)
  343. The Butterfly Effect III: Revelations (Director: Seth Grossman)
  344. The Canyon (Director: Richard Harrah)
  345. The Casino Job (Director: Christopher Robin Hood)
  346. The Collector (Director: Marcus Dunstan)
  347. The Cry Of The Owl (Director: Jamie Thraves)
  348. The Crypt (Director: Craig McMahon)
  349. The Damned United (Director: Tom Hooper)
  350. The Dark Lurking (Director: Gregory Connors)
  351. The Descent: Part II (Director: Jon Harris)
  352. The Devil’s Ground (Director: Michael Bafaro)
  353. The Devil’s Tomb (Director: Jason Connery)
  354. The Director’s Cut (Director: Paul Komadina)
  355. The Disappearance Of Alice Creed (Director: J. Blakeson)
  356. The Donner Party (Director: Terrence Martin)
  357. The Echo Game (Director: Brian Feeney)
  358. The Eclipse (Director: Conor McPherson)
  359. The Fighter (Director: Javier Barbera)
  360. The Final Destination (Director: David R. Ellis)
  361. The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet’s Nest (Director: Daniel Alfredson)
  362. The Girl Who Played With Fire (Director: Daniel Alfredson)
  363. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (Director: Niels Arden Oplev)
  364. The Girlfriend Experience (Director: Steven Soderbergh)
  365. The Good Guy (Director: Julio DePietro)
  366. The Good Heart (Director: Dagur Kári)
  367. The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard (Director: Neal Brennan)
  368. The Graves (Director: Brian Pulido)
  369. The Greatest (Director: Shana Feste)
  370. The Grudge III (Director: Toby Wilkins)
  371. The Gunslingers (Director: Adam Oxsen)
  372. The Hangover (Director: Todd Phillips)
  373. The Haunting (Director: Elio Quiroga)
  374. The Hiding (Director: Ramon Hamilton)
  375. The Hitmen Diaries: Charlie Valentine (Director: Jesse V. Johnson)
  376. The House Of The Devil (Director: Ti West)
  377. The Human Centipede (First Sequence) (Director: Tom Six)
  378. The Hungry Ghosts (Director: Michael Imperioli)
  379. The Informant! (Director: Steven Soderbergh)
  380. The International (Director: Tom Tykwer)
  381. The Invisible Chronicles (Director: David DeCoteau)
  382. The Janky Promoters (Director: Marcus Raboy)
  383. The Job (Director: Shem Bitterman)
  384. The Joneses (Director: Derrick Borte)
  385. The Keeper (Director: Keoni Waxman)
  386. The Killing Room (Director: Jonathan Liebesman)
  387. The Last House On The Left (Director: Dennis Iliadis)
  388. The Last Resort (Director: Brandon Nutt)
  389. The Last Station (Director: Michael Hoffman)
  390. The Limb Collector (Director: Mark Daniel Foley)
  391. The Limits Of Control (Director: Jim Jarmusch)
  392. The Lodger (Director: David Ondaatje)
  393. The Lost Tribe (Director: Roel Reiné)
  394. The Loved One (Director: Sean Byrne)
  395. The Men Who Stare At Goats (Director: Grant Heslov)
  396. The Messenger (Director: Oren Moverman)
  397. The Ministers (Director: Franc. Reyes)
  398. The Nail: The Story Of Joey Nardone (Director: James Quattrochi)
  399. The Outside (Director: Ari Davis)
  400. The Perfect Age Of Rock ‘n’ Roll (Director: Scott D. Rosenbaum)
  401. The Perfect Sleep (Director: Jeremy Alter)
  402. The Pool Boys (Director: J.B. Rogers)
  403. The Private Lives Of Pippa Lee (Director: Rebecca Miller)
  404. The Rebound (Director: Bart Freundlich)
  405. The Revenant (Director: D. Kerry Prior)
  406. The Road (Director: John Hillcoat)
  407. The Scenesters (Director: Todd Berger)
  408. The Seamstress (Director: Jesse James Miller)
  409. The Secret In Their Eyes (Director: Juan José Campanella)
  410. The Slammin’ Salmon (Director: Kevin Heffernan)
  411. The Steam Experiment (Director: Philippe Martinez)
  412. The Taking Of Pelham 123 (Director: Tony Scott)
  413. The Thaw (Director: Mark A. Lewis)
  414. The Tomb (Director: Michael Staininger)
  415. The Tournament (Director: Scott Mann)
  416. The Truth About Average Guys (Directors: Ken Gayton + Jason W. Schaver)
  417. The Ugly Truth (Director: Robert Luketic)
  418. The Vicious Kind (Director: Lee Toland Krieger)
  419. The Waiting City (Director: Claire McCarthy)
  420. The Way Of War (Director: John Carter)
  421. The White Ribbon (Director: Michael Haneke)
  422. Thick As Thieves (Director: Mimi Leder)
  423. Thirst (Director: Chan-wook Park)
  424. TiMER (Director: Jac Schaeffer)
  425. Tidal Wave (Director: JK Youn)
  426. Today’s Special (Director: David Kaplan)
  427. Tormented (Director: Jon Wright)
  428. Trailer Park Boys: Countdown To Liquor Day (Director: Mike Clattenburg)
  429. Transylmania (Directors: David Hillenbrand + Scott Hillenbrand)
  430. Triage (Director: Danis Tanovic)
  431. Triangle (Director: Christopher Smith)
  432. Tripping Forward (Director: Marcus Nash)
  433. Two (2) Million Stupid Women (Director: Jamie Neese)
  434. Ultimate Heist (Director: Alain Tasma)
  435. Un tigre en la cama (Director: Rafael Montero)
  436. Underworld: Rise Of The Lycans (Director: Patrick Tatopoulos)
  437. Universal Soldier: Regeneration (Director: John Hyams)
  438. Up In The Air (Director: Jason Reitman)
  439. Vampire Killers (Director: Phil Claydon)
  440. Veronika Decides To Die (Director: Emily Young)
  441. Wake (Director: Ellie Kanner)
  442. Wake Wood (Director: David Keating)
  443. Walled In (Director: Gilles Paquet-Brenner)
  444. Watchmen (Director: Zack Snyder)
  445. Weather Girl (Director: Blayne Weaver)
  446. What Goes Up (Director: Jonathan Glatzer)
  447. Whiteout (Director: Dominic Sena)
  448. Wild Cherry (Director: Dana Lustig)
  449. Winter Of Frozen Dreams (Director: Eric Mandelbaum)
  450. Within (Director: Hanelle M. Culpepper)
  451. Within (Director: Marco Duran)
  452. Women In Trouble (Director: Sebastian Gutierrez)
  453. Wonderful World (Director: Joshua Goldin)
  454. Words Unspoken (Director: Ingeborg C. Eiland)
  455. World’s Greatest Dad (Director: Bob Goldthwait)
  456. Wrong Turn At Tahoe (Director: Franck Khalfoun)
  457. You Might As Well Live (Director: Simon Ennis)
  458. Youth In Revolt (Director: Miguel Arteta)
  459. ZMD: Zombies Of Mass Destruction (Director: Kevin Hamedani)
  460. Zombie Women Of Satan (Directors: Steve O’Brien + Warren Speed)
  461. Zombieland (Director: Ruben Fleischer)
  462. Zone Of The Dead (Directors: Milan Konjevic + Milan Todorovic)
  1. Easier With Practice (Director: Kyle Patrick Alvarez)
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2017.06.10 08:46 tombstoneshadows28 All of the MPAA/CARA-rated films of 2002 (out of the 4,027 films released worldwide that year.)

  1. Grand Champion (Director: Barry Tubb)
  2. Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie (Directors: Mike Nawrocki + Phil Vischer)
  3. Joshua (Director: Jon Purdy)
  4. Jumping For Joy (Director: Timothy J. Nelson)
  5. Little Dreams (Director: Jeff Rigler)
  6. Octave (Director: Shaji N. Karun)
  7. Noro (Director: Radu Gabrea)
  8. Pinocchio (Director: Roberto Benigni)
  9. Pokémon Heroes (Directors: Jim Malone + Kunihiko Yuyama)
  10. Return To Neverland (Directors: Robin Budd + Donovan Cook)
  11. Spirit: Stallion Of The Cimarron (Directors: Kelly Asbury + Lorna Cook)
  12. Tarzan + Jane (Directors: Steve Loter, Lisa Schaffer, Victor Cook + Don MacKinnon)
  13. The Cat Returns (Director: Hiroyuki Morita)
  14. The Country Bears (Director: Peter Hastings)
  15. The Princess + The Pea (Director: Mark Swan)
  16. The Rookie (Director: John Lee Hancock)
  17. The Santa Clause II (Director: Michael Lembeck)
  18. Winnie the Pooh: A Very Merry Pooh Year (Directors: Gary Katona, Ed Wexler + Jamie Mitchell)
  1. A Walk To Remember (Director: Adam Shankman)
  2. Ali Baba + The Forty Thieves (Director: Usha Ganesarajah)
  3. Asterix + Obelix Meet Cleopatra (Director: Alain Chabat)
  4. Big Fat Liar (Director: Shawn Levy)
  5. Charly (Director: Adam Thomas Anderegg)
  6. Children On Their Birthdays (Director: Mark Medoff)
  7. Clockstoppers (Director: Jonathan Frakes)
  8. Duct Tape Forever (Director: Eric Till)
  9. Evelyn (Director: Bruce Beresford)
  10. Foolish The Wise (Director: Jim Menza)
  11. Handcart (Director: Kels Goodman)
  12. Hansel + Gretel (Director: Gary J. Tunnicliffe)
  13. Harry Potter + The Chamber Of Secrets (Director: Chris Columbus)
  14. Hey Arnold! The Movie (Director: Tuck Tucker)
  15. Hometown Legend (Director: James Anderson)
  16. I Not Stupid (Director: Jack Neo)
  17. Ice Age (Directors: Chris Wedge + Carlos Saldanha)
  18. Inferno (Director: Dusty Nelson)
  19. Lamb To The Slaughter (Director: Nicole Barnette)
  20. Like Mike (Director: John Schultz)
  21. Lilo + Stitch (Directors: Dean DeBlois + Chris Sanders)
  22. Made-Up (Director: Tony Shalhoub)
  23. Manna From Heaven (Directors: Gabrielle Burton + Maria Burton)
  24. Mary + Joe (Director: John R. Hamilton)
  25. My Big Fat Greek Wedding (Director: Joel Zwick)
  26. Mystery At Sam’s (Director: John Comrie)
  27. Nicholas Nickleby (Director: Douglas McGrath)
  28. No Longer My Twin (Director: Robert G. Christie)
  29. O’key (Director: Oleg Fomin)
  30. Only In Hollywood (Director: Michael J. Holland)
  31. Out Of Step (Director: Ryan Little)
  32. Rabbit-Proof Fence (Director: Phillip Noyce)
  33. Saint Monica (Director: Terrance Odette)
  34. Scooby-Doo (Director: Raja Gosnell)
  35. Snow Dogs (Director: Brian Levant)
  36. Spooky House (Director: William Sachs)
  37. Springtime In A Small Town (Director: Zhuangzhuang Tian)
  38. Spy Kids II: Island Of Lost Dreams (Director: Robert Rodriguez)
  39. Star Wars: Episode II: Attack Of The Clones (Director: George Lucas)
  40. Stolen Summer (Director: Pete Jones)
  41. Stuart Little II (Director: Rob Minkoff)
  42. The Angel Doll (Director: Alexander Johnston)
  43. The Calling (Director: Damian Chapa)
  44. The Calling (Director: Michael C. Brown)
  45. The Climb (Director: John Schmidt)
  46. The Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course (Director: John Stainton)
  47. The Guys (Director: Jim Simpson)
  48. The Importance Of Being Earnest (Director: Oliver Parker)
  49. The Master Of Disguise (Director: Perry Andelin Blake)
  50. The Powerpuff Girls Movie (Director: Craig McCracken)
  51. The Singles Ward (Director: Kurt Hale)
  52. The Way Home (Director: Jeong-hyang Lee)
  53. The Wild Thornberrys Movie (Directors: Cathy Malkasian + Jeff McGrath)
  54. Thunderpants (Director: Peter Hewitt)
  55. Time Changer (Director: Rich Christiano)
  56. Together With You (Director: Kaige Chen)
  57. Tom + Thomas (Director: Esmé Lammers)
  58. Touching Wild Horses (Director: Eleanor Lindo)
  59. Treasure Planet (Directors: Ron Clements + John Musker)
  60. Tuck Everlasting (Director: Jay Russell)
  61. Two Men Went To War (Director: John Henderson)
  62. Virginia’s Run (Director: Peter Markle)
  63. Warriors Of Virtue II: Return To Tao (Director: Michael Vickerman)
  1. A Time For Dancing (Director: Peter Gilbert)
  2. Abandon (Director: Stephen Gaghan)
  3. About A Boy (Directors: Chris Weitz + Paul Weitz)
  4. Trilogy: Two (Director: Lucas Belvaux)
  5. And Now...Ladies + Gentlemen... (Director: Claude Lelouch)
  6. Antwone Fisher (Director: Denzel Washington)
  7. Anything But Love (Director: Robert Cary)
  8. Austin Powers in “Goldmember” (Director: Jay Roach)
  9. Awara Paagal Deewana (Director: Vikram Bhatt)
  10. Bad Company (Director: Joel Schumacher)
  11. Barbershop (Director: Tim Story)
  12. Bend It Like Beckham (Director: Gurinder Chadha)
  13. Big Trouble (Director: Barry Sonnenfeld)
  14. Blue Crush (Director: John Stockwell)
  15. Bollywood/Hollywood (Director: Deepa Mehta)
  16. Boo! The Movie (Director: Michael Lansu)
  17. Brown Sugar (Director: Rick Famuyiwa)
  18. Callas Forever (Director: Franco Zeffirelli)
  19. Catch Me If You Can (Director: Steven Spielberg)
  20. Cheats (Director: Andrew Gurland)
  21. Chicago (Director: Rob Marshall)
  22. Contagion (Director: John Murlowski)
  23. Crossroads (Director: Tamra Davis)
  24. Dark Water (Director: Hideo Nakata)
  25. Darkness (Director: Jaume Balagueró)
  26. Dead Weight (Directors: Alain Berbérian + Frédéric Forestier)
  27. Die Another Day (Director: Lee Tamahori)
  28. Divine Secrets Of The Ya-Ya Sisterhood (Director: Callie Khouri)
  29. Dragonfly (Director: Tom Shadyac)
  30. Drumline (Director: Charles Stone III)
  31. Eight Crazy Nights (Director: Seth Kearsley)
  32. Eight Legged Freaks (Director: Ellory Elkayem)
  33. Enough (Director: Michael Apted)
  34. Extreme Ops (Director: Christian Duguay)
  35. Fangs (Director: Kelly Sandefur)
  36. Far From Heaven (Director: Todd Haynes)
  37. Far From Home (Director: Zhong Yu)
  38. Fizzy Bizness (Director: Carl Goldstein)
  39. Frank McKlusky, C.I. (Director: Arlene Sanford)
  40. Full Ride (Director: Mark Hoeger)
  41. Half Past Dead (Director: Don Michael Paul)
  42. He Loves Me...He Loves Me Not (Director: Laetitia Colombani)
  43. Heartlands (Director: Damien O’Donnell)
  44. Hero (Director: Yimou Zhang)
  45. High Crimes (Director: Carl Franklin)
  46. Hollywood Ending (Director: Woody Allen)
  47. I Spy (Director: Betty Thomas)
  48. In America (Director: Jim Sheridan)
  49. In Your Face (Director: Tim Tommasino)
  50. In The Wrong Hands (Directors: Chris Johnston + James A. Seale)
  51. John Q (Director: Nick Cassavetes)
  52. Juwanna Mann (Director: Jesse Vaughan)
  53. K-19: The Widowmaker (Director: Kathryn Bigelow)
  54. Kung Pow: Enter The Fist (Director: Steve Oedekerk)
  55. L’amore imperfetto (Director: Giovanni Davide Maderna)
  56. Landspeed (Director: Christian McIntire)
  57. Left Behind II: Tribulation Force (Director: Bill Corcoran)
  58. Life Or Something Like It (Director: Stephen Herek)
  59. Local Boys (Director: Ron Moler)
  60. Lone Star State Of Mind (Director: David Semel)
  61. Maid In Manhattan (Director: Wayne Wang)
  62. Men In Black II (Director: Barry Sonnenfeld)
  63. Mi Amigo (Director: Milton Brown)
  64. Minority Report (Director: Steven Spielberg)
  65. Moonlight Mile (Director: Brad Silberling)
  66. Mr. Deeds (Director: Steven Brill)
  67. My Name Is Tanino (Director: Paolo Virzi)
  68. Nobody’s Life (Director: Eduard Cortés)
  69. Orange County (Director: Jake Kasdan)
  70. Passionada (Director Dan Ireland)
  71. Possession (Director: Neil LaBute)
  72. Real Women Have Curves (Director: Patricia Cardoso)
  73. Reign Of Fire (Director: Rob Bowman)
  74. Respiro (Director: Emanuele Crialese)
  75. Returning Mickey Stern (Director: Michael Prywes)
  76. S1m0ne (Director: Andrew Niccol)
  77. Sam + Janet (Director: Rick Walker)
  78. Serving Sara (Director: Reginald Hudlin)
  79. Shoot Or Be Shot (Director: J. Randall Argue)
  80. Showtime (Director: Tom Dey)
  81. Signs (Director: M. Night Shyamalan)
  82. Silence (The Only Witness) (Director: Tom Whitus)
  83. Slap Her, She’s French! (Director: Melanie Mayron)
  84. Solaris (Director: Steven Soderbergh)
  85. Speakeasy (Director: Brendan Murphy)
  86. Spider-Man (Director: Sam Raimi)
  87. Star Trek: Nemesis (Director: Stuart Baird)
  88. Stealing Harvard (Director: Bruce McCulloch)
  89. Sunshine State (Director: John Sayles)
  90. Sweet Home Alabama (Director: Andy Tennant)
  91. Swimfan (Director: John Polson)
  92. Swimming Upstream (Director: Robert J. Emery)
  93. Terminal Error (Director: John Murlowski)
  94. The 4th Tenor (Director: Harry Basil)
  95. The Adventures Of Pluto Nash (Director: Ron Underwood)
  96. The Bourne Identity (Director: Doug Liman)
  97. The Code Conspiracy (Director: Hank Whetstone)
  98. The Count Of Monte Cristo (Director: Kevin Reynolds)
  99. The Emperor’s Club (Director: Michael Hoffman)
  100. The First $20 Million Is Always The Hardest (Director: Mick Jackson)
  101. The Four Feathers (Director: Shekhar Kapur)
  102. The Hot Chick (Director: Tom Brady)
  103. The Hours (Director: Stephen Daldry)
  104. The Last Place On Earth (Director: James Slocum)
  105. The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers (Director: Peter Jackson)
  106. The Man Without A Past (Director: Aki Kaurismäki)
  107. The Missing Gun (Director: Chuan Lu)
  108. The Mothman Prophecies (Director: Mark Pellington)
  109. The New Guy (Director: Ed Decter)
  110. The Ring (Director: Gore Verbinski)
  111. The Scorpion King (Director: Chuck Russell)
  112. The Sum Of All Fears (Director: Phil Alden Robinson)
  113. The Third Wheel (Director: Jordan Brady)
  114. The Time Machine (Director: Simon Wells)
  115. The Touch (Director: Peter Pau)
  116. The Transporter (Directors: Louis Leterrier + Corey Yuen)
  117. The Truth About Charlie (Director: Jonathan Demme)
  118. The Tuxedo (Director: Kevin Donovan)
  119. They (Director: Robert Harmon)
  120. Two Weeks Notice (Director: Marc Lawrence)
  121. Unconditional Love (Director: P.J. Hogan)
  122. Undercover Brother (Director: Malcolm D. Lee)
  123. Undertaking Betty (Director: Nick Hurran)
  124. Valentin (Director: Alejandro Agresti)
  125. Villa des roses (Director: Frank Van Passel)
  126. Whale Rider (Director: Niki Caro)
  127. Wheelies (Director: Drew Umland)
  128. White Oleander (Director: Peter Kosminsky)
  129. Wicked Game (Director: Koichi Sakamoto + Makoto Yokoyama)
  130. Wicked Spring (Director: Kevin R. Hershberger)
  131. Wounded Hearts (Director: J.D. Hawkins)
  132. Zhou Yu de huo che (Director: Zhou Sun)
  133. xXx (Director: Rob Cohen)
  1. 100 Mile Ride (Director: Bren Huff)
  2. 13 Moons (Director: Alexandre Rockwell)
  3. 13th Child (Directors: Thomas Ashley + Steven Stockage)
  4. 10 Months (Director: Randall Cole)
  5. 2009: Lost Memories (Director: Si-myung Lee)
  6. 24 Hour Party People (Director: Michael Winterbottom)
  7. 25th Hour (Director: Spike Lee)
  8. 28 Days Later... (Director: Danny Boyle)
  9. 29 Palms (Director: Leonardo Ricagni)
  10. 3 Extremes II (Directors: Peter Ho-Sun Chan, Jee-woon Kim + Nonzee Nimibutr)
  11. 40 Days + 40 Nights (Director: Michael Lehmann)
  12. 8 Mile (Director: Curtis Hanson)
  13. 8 Women (Director: François Ozon)
  14. 800 Bullets (Director: Álex de la Iglesia)
  15. 9 Dead Gay Guys (Director: Lab Ky Mo)
  16. A Gentleman’s Game (Director: J. Mills Goodloe)
  17. A Housekeeper (Director: Claude Berri)
  18. A Light In The Darkness (Director: Marshall E. Uzzle)
  19. A Midsummer Night’s Rave (Director: Gil Cates, Jr.)
  20. A Snake Of June (Director: Shin’ya Tsukamoto)
  21. AKA (Director: Duncan Roy)
  22. About Schmidt (Director: Alexander Payne)
  23. Adam + Eve (Director: Izidore K. Musallam)
  24. Adaptation (Director: Spike Jonze)
  25. Three (Director: Lucas Belvaux)
  26. Ali G Indahouse (Director: Mark Mylod)
  27. All About The Benjamins (Director: Kevin Bray)
  28. All Or Nothing (Director: Mike Leigh)
  29. Alone (Director: Phil Claydon)
  30. Amar te duele (Director: Fernando Sariñana)
  31. American Girl (Director: Jordan Brady)
  32. American Gun (Director: Alan Jacobs)
  33. Analyze That (Director: Harold Ramis)
  34. Angel Blade (Director: David Heavener)
  35. Angel Of Death (Director: Pepe Danquart)
  36. Angela (Director: Roberta Torre)
  37. Angels Crest (Director: J. Michael Couto)
  38. Ararat (Director: Atom Egoyan)
  39. Archangel (Director: Sandy Collora)
  40. Ash Wednesday (Director: Edward Burns)
  41. Assassination Tango (Director: Robert Duvall)
  42. Auto Focus (Director: Paul Schrader)
  43. Avenging Angelo (Director: Martyn Burke)
  44. Bad Boy (Director: Victoria Hochberg)
  45. Ballistic: Ecks vs Sever (Director: Wych Kaosayananda)
  46. Bang Bang You’re Dead (Director: Guy Ferland)
  47. Bark! (Director: Kasia Adamik)
  48. Barrio Wars (Director: Paul Wynne)
  49. Beauty Betrayed (Director: John Quinn)
  50. Beeper (Director: Jack Sholder)
  51. Below (Director: David Twohy)
  52. Bending All The Rules (Directors: Morgan Klein + Peter Knight)
  53. Better Luck Tomorrow (Director: Justin Lin)
  54. Between Strangers (Director: Edoardo Ponti)
  55. Big Ain’t Bad (Director: Ray Culpepper)
  56. Big Girls Don’t Cry (Director: Maria von Heland)
  57. Black Mask II: City Of Masks (Director: Hark Tsui)
  58. Black Point (Director: David Mackay)
  59. Blade II (Director: Guillermo del Toro)
  60. Blood Feast II: All U Can Eat (Director: Herschell Gordon Lewis)
  61. Blood Work (Director: Clint Eastwood)
  62. Bloody Crisis (Director: Gerald Barclay)
  63. Bloody Mallory (Director: Julien Magnat)
  64. Bloody Sunday (Director: Paul Greengrass)
  65. Blue Car (Director: Karen Moncrieff)
  66. Boat Trip (Director: Mort Nathan)
  67. Bolivar Is Me (Director: Jorge Ali Triana)
  68. Bomb The System (Director: Adam Bhala Lough)
  69. Broken Wings (Director: Nir Bergman)
  70. Brother’s Keeper (Director: John Badham)
  71. Bubba Ho-Tep (Director: Dan Coscarelli)
  72. Burning Desires (Director: J. Edie Martin)
  73. Buying The Cow (Director: Walt Becker)
  74. Cabin Fever (Director: Eli Roth)
  75. Capone’s Boys (Director: Richard Standeven)
  76. Castle Eros (Director: Madison Monroe)
  77. Changing Lanes (Director: Roger Michell)
  78. Chaos (Director: Geraldine Creed)
  79. Charlotte Sometimes (Director: Eric Byler)
  80. Cheerleader Ninjas (Director: Kevin Campbell)
  81. Cherish (Director: Finn Taylor)
  82. Chopin. Pragnienie milosci (Director: Jerzy Antczak)
  83. Ciao America (Director: Frank Ciota)
  84. City By The Sea (Director: Michael Caton-Jones)
  85. City Of Ghosts (Director: Matt Dillon)
  86. City Of God (Directors: Fernando Meirelles + Kátia Lund)
  87. Civil Brand (Director: Neema Barnette)
  88. Close Enough To Touch (Director: Jamie Scabbert)
  89. Close Your Eyes (Director: Nick Willing)
  90. Coastlines (Director: Victor Nunez)
  91. Collateral Damage (Director: Andrew Davis)
  92. Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind (Director: George Clooney)
  93. Correct Change (Director: Mike Lilly)
  94. Cottonmouth (Director: James Dalthorp)
  95. Cover Story (Director: Eric Weston)
  96. Crazy As Hell (Director: Eriq La Salle)
  97. Crocodile II: Death Swamp (Director: Gary Jones)
  98. Cruel Game (Director: Masashi Nagadoi)
  99. Cube²: Hypercube (Director: Andrzej Sekula)
  100. Curse Of The Forty-Niner (Director: John Carl Beuchler)
  101. Cutting Horse (Director: Larry Clark)
  102. Cypher (Director: Vincenzo Natali)
  103. Dahmer (Director: David Jacobson)
  104. Dark Blue (Director; Ron Shelton)
  105. Dark Heaven (Director: Douglas Schulze)
  106. De la mano de un ángel (Director: David Aponte)
  107. Dead Above Ground (Director: Chuck Bowman)
  108. Dead Heat (Director: Mark Malone)
  109. Dead In The Water (Director: Gustavo Lipsztein)
  110. Deadly Little Secrets (Director: Fiona Mackenzie)
  111. Death To Smoochy (Director: Danny DeVito)
  112. Deathwatch (Director: Michael J. Bassett)
  113. Deep Freeze (Director: John Carl Buechler)
  114. Defiance (Director: Doveed Linder)
  115. Dreamlover (Director: Olivier Assayas)
  116. Derailed (Director: Bob Misiorowski)
  117. Descent Into Darkness (Director: Daniel Knauf)
  118. Desert Saints (Director: Richard Greenberg)
  119. Deuces Wild (Director: Scott Kalvert)
  120. Devious Beings (Director: Chris Mazzei)
  121. Dirty Deeds (Director: David Caesar)
  122. Dirty Pretty Things (Director: Stephen Frears)
  123. Dog Soldiers (Director: Neil Marshall)
  124. Don’t Let Go (Director: Max Myers)
  125. Double Vision (Director: Kuo-Fu Chen)
  126. Dummy (Director: Greg Pritikin)
  127. Edge Of Madness (Director: Anne Wheeler)
  128. El crimen del padre Amaro (director: Carlos Carrera)
  129. Emmett’s Mark (Director: Keith Snyder)
  130. Empire (Director: Franc.Ryes)
  131. Endangered Species (Director: Kevin S. Tenney)
  132. Engine Trouble (Director: Marc Ickx)
  133. Equilibrium (Director: Kurt Wimmer)
  134. Essence Of Echoes (Director: Dustin Rikert)
  135. Eternal Blood (Director: Jorge Olguín)
  136. EvenHand (Director: Joseph Pierson)
  137. Eye See You (D-Tox) (Director: Jim Gillespie)
  138. Fabled (Director: Ari Kirshenbaum)
  139. Face (Director: Bertha Bay-Sa Pan)
  140. Fallen Angels (Director: Ian David Diaz)
  141. Feardotcom (Director: William Malone)
  142. Feedback (Director: Teo Konuralp)
  143. Femme Fatale (Director: Brian De Palma)
  144. Fish Don’t Blink (Director: Chuck DeBus)
  145. Food Of Love (Director: Ventura Pons)
  146. For Da Love Of Money (Director: Pierre Edwards + Mike Williams)
  147. Frida (Director: Julie Taymor)
  148. Friday After Next (Director: Marcus Raboy)
  149. Frogmen Operation Stormbringer (Director: Franklin A. Vallett)
  150. Fubar (Director: Michael Dowse)
  151. Full Frontal (Director: Steven Soderbergh)
  152. G (Director: Christopher Scott Cherot)
  153. Gangs Of New York (Director: Martin Scorsese)
  154. Garage Days (Director: Alex Proyas)
  155. Gerry (Diector: Gus Van Sant)
  156. Ghetto Dawg (Director: Brian Averill)
  157. Ghost Ship (Director: Steve Beck)
  158. GhostWatcher (Director: David A. Cross)
  159. Ginostra (Director: Manuel Pradal)
  160. Girl Fever (100 Women) (Director: Michael Davis)
  161. Global Effect (Director: Terry Cunningham)
  162. Rock My World (Director: Sidney J. Furie)
  163. Hooded Angels (Director: Paul Matthews)
  164. Go For Broke (Director: Jean-Claude La Marre)
  165. God Is On Air (Director: Jordi Mollà)
  166. H (Director: Jong-hyeok Lee)
  167. Halloween: Resurrection (Director: Rick Rosenthal)
  168. Happy Here + Now (Director: Michael Almereyda)
  169. Hard Cash (Director: Predrag Antonijevic)
  170. Hart’s War (Director: Gregory Hoblit)
  171. Heart Of America (Director: Uwe Boll)
  172. Heaven (Director: Tom Tykwer)
  173. High Times Potluck (Director: Alison Thomson)
  174. Highway (Director: James Cox)
  175. Hollywood Vampyr (Director: Steve Akahoshi)
  176. Home Room (Director: Paul F. Ryan)
  177. House Of Fools (Director: Andrey Konchalovskiy)
  178. Hustlas (Director: Gabriel Avina)
  179. I’m With Lucy (Director: Jon Sherman)
  180. Igby Goes Down (Director: Burr Steers)
  181. In This World (Director: Michael Winterbottom)
  182. Infernal Affairs (Directors: Wai-Keung Lau + Alan Mak)
  183. Infested (Director: Josh Olson)
  184. Insomnia (Director: Christopher Nolan)
  185. Interstate 60: Episodes Of The Road (Director: Bob Gale)
  186. Interview With The Assassin (Director: Neil Burger)
  187. Jane White Is Sick + Twisted (Director: David Michael Latt)
  188. Japón (Director: Carlos Reygadas)
  189. Jet Lag (Director: Danièle Thompson)
  190. Ju-on: The Grudge (Director: Takashi Shimizu)
  191. Julie Walking Home (The Healer) (Director: Agnieszka Holland)
  192. Junk (Director: Stephanie Meurer)
  193. Just A Kiss (Director: Fisher Stevens)
  194. Kaante (Director: Sanjay Gupta)
  195. Killing Me Softly (Director: Kaige Chen)
  196. King Rikki (Director: James Gavin Bedford)
  197. Kingston High (Director: Stephen Townsend)
  198. Kiss The Bride (Director: Vanessa Parise)
  199. L’auberge espagnole (Director: Cédric Klapisch)
  200. Lana’s Rain (Director: Michael S. Ojeda)
  201. Las Vegas Warrior (Director: Natasha Baron)
  202. Laurel Canyon (Director: Lisa Cholodenko)
  203. Leather + Iron (Director: James Archer)
  204. Legend Of The Phantom Rider (Director: Alex Erkiletian)
  205. Leo (Director: Mehdi Norowzian)
  206. Liberty Stands Still (Director: Kari Skogland)
  207. Lilya 4-Ever (Director: Lukas Moodysson)
  208. Lone Hero (Director: Ken Sanzel)
  209. Long Time Dead (Director: Marcus Adams)
  210. Love Liza (Director: Todd Louiso)
  211. Love Relations (Directors: Michael Hoffman + Delvin Molden)
  212. Love + A Bullet (Directors: Ben Ramsey + Kantz)
  213. Love In The Time Of Money (Director: Peter Mattei)
  214. (Director: Sherwood Ball)
  215. Makin’ Baby (Director: Paul Wynn)
  216. Making A Killing (Director: Ryan Lee Driscoll)
  217. Malevolent (Director: John Terlesky)
  218. Man On The Train (Director: Patrice Leconte)
  219. Married People, Single Sex: The Return (Director: Chanda Fuller)
  220. Master Of The Game (Director: Jeff Stolhand)
  221. Max (Director: Menno Meyjes)
  222. May (Director: Lucky McKee)
  223. Men With Brooms (Director: Paul Gross)
  224. Merci Dr. Rey! (Director: Andrew Litvack)
  225. Minimal Knowledge (Director: Gregory J. Corrado)
  226. Miranda (Director: Marc Munden)
  227. Mondays In The Sun (Director: Fernando León de Aranoa)
  228. Monkey Love (Director: Mark Stratton)
  229. Morvern Callar (Director: Lynne Ramsay)
  230. Mr. Smith Gets A Hustler (Director: Ian McCrudden)
  231. Mulletville (Director: Tony Leahy)
  232. Murder By Numbers (Director: Barbet Schroeder)
  233. My Little Eye (Director: Marc Evans)
  234. Naked Weapon (Director: Siu-Tung Ching)
  235. Narc (Director: Joe Carnahan)
  236. Never Get Outta The Boat (Director: Paul Quinn)
  237. New Best Friend (Director: Zoe Clarke-Williams)
  238. New Suit (Director: François Velle)
  239. New World (Director: Peter John Ross)
  240. Nightstalker (Director: Chris Fisher)
  241. No Good Deed (Director: Bob Rafelson)
  242. No Manners (Conduct Zero) (Director: Geun-shik Jo)
  243. Novo (Director: Jean-Pierre Limosin)
  244. Now + Forever (Director: Bob Clark)
  245. Now You Know (Director: Jeff Anderson)
  246. On The Edge (Director: Fred Williamson)
  247. One (Director: Lucas Belvaux)
  248. On_Line (Director: Jed Weintrob)
  249. Once Upon A Time In The Midlands (Director: Shane Meadows)
  250. One Hell Of A Christmas (Director: Shaky Gonzalezz)
  251. One Hour Photo (Director: Mark Romanek)
  252. Open Hearts (Director: Susanne Bier)
  253. Outside The Law (Director: Jorge Montesi)
  254. Outta Time (Director: Lorena David)
  255. P.S. Your Cat Is Dead! (Director: Steve Guttenberg)
  256. Paid In Full (Director: Charles Stone III)
  257. Pandora’s Box (Director: Rob Hardy)
  258. Panic (Air Panic) (Director: Bob Misiorowski)
  259. Panic Room (Director: David Fincher)
  260. Paper Soldiers (Directors: David Daniel + Damon Dash)
  261. Partners In Action (Director: Sidney J. Furie)
  262. People I Know (Director: Daniel Algrant)
  263. Personal Velocity (Director: Rebecca Miller)
  264. Phase IV (Director: Bryan Goeres)
  265. Phone (Director: Byeong-ki Ahn)
  266. Phone Booth (Director: Joel Schumacher)
  267. Pipe Dream (Director: John Walsh)
  268. Poolhall Junkies (Director: Mars Callahan)
  269. Pressure (Director: Richard Gale)
  270. Pumpkin (Directors: Anthony Abrams + Adam Larson Broder)
  271. Punch (Director: Guy Bennett)
  272. Punch-Drunk Love (Director: Paul Thomas Anderson)
  273. Punto y aparte (Director: Paco del Toro)
  274. Pure (Director: Gillies MacKinnon)
  275. Purpose (Director: Alan Ari Lazar)
  276. Queen Of The Damned (Director: Michael Rymer)
  277. Quicksand (Director: Sam Firstenberg)
  278. R.I.C.C.O. (Director: Shawn Woodard)
  279. R.S.V.P. (Director: Mark Anthony Galluzzo)
  280. Rachel’s Attic (Director: David Tybor)
  281. Raising Victor Vargas (Director: Peter Sollett)
  282. Reality Check (Director: Rafal Zielinski)
  283. Reckoning (Director: Jason Rodriguez)
  284. Red Dragon (Director: Brett Ratner)
  285. Repli-Kate (Director: Frank Longo)
  286. Resident Evil (Director: Paul W.S. Anderson)
  287. Returner (Director: Takashi Yamazaki)
  288. Revenge Of The Unhappy Campers (Director: Shawnee Mercer)
  289. Steal (Director: Gérard Pirès)
  290. Ripley’s Game (Director: Liliana Cavani)
  291. Ritual (Tales From The Crypt presents) (Director: Avi Nesher)
  292. Road To Perdition (Director: Sam Mendes)
  293. Roger Dodger (Director: Dylan Kidd)
  294. Rollerball (Director: John McTiernan)
  295. Ronnie (Director: Christopher Haifley)
  296. Rub + Tug (Director: Soo Lyu)
  297. Run Ronnie Run (Director: Troy Miller)
  298. Samurai (Director: Giordano Gederlini)
  299. Savage Messiah (Director: Mario Azzopardi)
  300. Savage Roses (Director: James Tucker)
  301. Scorcher (Director: James Seale)
  302. Searching For Paradise (Director: Myra Paci)
  303. Second To Die (Director: Brad Marlowe)
  304. Secret Pleasures (Director: Michael Paul Girard)
  305. Secretary (Director: Steven Shainberg)
  306. Sex Is Comedy (Director: Catherine Breillat)
  307. Sex + The Teenage Mind (Director: Donald L. Gold)
  308. Shattered Lies (Director: Gerry Lively)
  309. Shooters (Directors: Glenn Durfort + Colin Teague)
  310. Shottas (Director: Cess Silvera)
  311. Skins (Director: Chris Eyre)
  312. Slackers (Director: Dewey Nicks)
  313. Slash (Director: Neal Sundstrom)
  314. Snake Island (Director: Wayne Crawford)
  315. Snapshots (Director: Rudolf van den Berg)
  316. So Close (Director: Corey Yuen)
  317. Sonny (Director: Nicholas Cage)
  318. Sorority Boys (Director: Wallace Wolodarsky)
  319. Speck (Director: Keith Walley)
  320. Spider (Director: David Cronenberg)
  321. Spider’s Web (Director: Paul Levine)
  322. Spun (Director: Jonas Åkerlund)
  323. Stark Raving Mad (Directors: Drew Daywalt + David Schneider)
  324. State Property (Director: Abdul Malik Abbott)
  325. Storm Watch (Director: Terry Cunningham)
  326. Strange Hearts (Director: Michelle Gallagher)
  327. Super Sucker (Director: Jeff Daniels)
  328. Survival Island (Directors: David Hillenbrand + Scott Hillenbrand)
  329. Sweet Sixteen (Director: Ken Loach)
  330. Swept Away (Director: Guy Ritchie)
  331. Swindle (Director: K.C. Bascombe)
  332. Sympathy For Mr. Vengeance (Director: Chan-wook Park)
  333. Taboo (Director: Max Makowski)
  334. Talk To Her (Director: Pedro Almodóvar)
  335. Tattoo, A Love Story (Director: Richard W. Bean)
  336. Bundy (Director: Matthew Bright)
  337. Teddy Bears’ Picnic (Director: Harry Shearer)
  338. Teknolust (Director: Lynn Hershman-Leeson)
  339. Ten Tiny Love Stories (Director: Rodrigo Garcia)
  340. The Anarchist Cookbook (Director: Jordan Susman)
  341. The Badge (Director: Robby Henson)
  342. The Banger Sisters (Director: Bob Dolman)
  343. The Barber (Director: Michael Bafaro)
  344. The Black Magic (Director: Marc-Ivan O’Gorman)
  345. The Brooklyn Boys (Director: John Bianco)
  346. The Burial Society (Director: Nicholas Racz)
  347. The Circle (Director: Sidney J. Furie)
  348. The Circuit (Director: Jalal Merhi)
  349. The Coast Guard (Director: Ki-duk Kim)
  350. The Code (Director: Manuel Boursinhac)
  351. The Cuckoo (Director: Aleksandr Rogozhkin)
  352. The Dancer Upstairs (Director: John Malkovich)
  353. The Dangerous Lives Of Altar Boys (Director: Peter Care)
  354. The Escapist (Director: Gillies MacKinnon)
  355. The Eye (Directors: Danny Pang + Oxide Chun Pang)
  356. The Final Curtain(Director: Patrick Harkins)
  357. The Frightening (Director: David DeCoteau)
  358. The Gatekeeper (Director: John Carlos Frey)
  359. The Gathering (Director: Brian Gilbert)
  360. The Good Girl (Director: Miguel Arteta)
  361. The Good Thief (Director: Neil Jordan)
  362. The Good War (Director: Giorgia Serafini)
  363. The Greenskeeper (Directors: Kevin Greene, Adam Johnson+ Tripp Norton)
  364. The Guru (Director: Daisy von Scherler Mayer)
  365. The Hard Word (Director: Scott Roberts)
  366. The Heart Of Me (Director: Thaddeus O’Sullivan)
  367. The House Next Door (Director: Joey Travolta)
  368. The Hungry Woman (Director: Glenn Robert Smith)
  369. The Intended (Director: Kristian Levring)
  370. The M.O. Of M.I. (Director: Susan Turley)
  371. The Magdalene Sisters (Director: Peter Mullan)
  372. The Murder (Director: Greg Rempel)
  373. The Nest (Director: Florent-Emilio Siri)
  374. The Nugget (Director: Bill Bennett)
  375. The Other Brother (Director: Mandel Holland)
  376. The Other Side Of The Bed (Director: Emilio Martinez Lázaro)
  377. The Perfect You (Crazy Little Thing) (Director: Matthew Miller)
  378. The Pianist (Director: Roman Polanski)
  379. The Quiet American (Director: Phillip Noyce)
  380. The Reckoning (Director: Paul McGuigan)
  381. The Red Siren (Director: Olivier Megaton)
  382. The Round + Round (Director: Rod Slane)
  383. The Rules Of Attraction (Director: Roger Avery)
  384. The Salton Sea (Director: D.J. Caruso)
  385. The Scoundrel’s Wife (Director: Glen Pitre)
  386. The Sea Is Watching (Director: Kei Kumai)
  387. The Secret Lives Of Dentists (Director: Alan Rudolph)
  388. The Slaughter Rule (Directors: Alex Smith + Andrew J. Smith)
  389. The Source (Director: Steve Taylor)
  390. The Stickup (Director: Rowdy Harrington)
  391. The Streetsweeper (Director: James Hill)
  392. The Sweetest Thing (Director: Roger Kumble)
  393. The Third Society (Director: J.A. Steel)
  394. The Trip (Director: Miles Swain)
  395. The Wisher (Director: Gavin Wilding)
  396. The Year That Trembled (Director: Jay Craven)
  397. Threat Of Exposure (Director: Tom Whitus)
  398. Three Days Of Rain (Director: Michael Meredith)
  399. Till Human Voices Wake Us (Director: Michael Petroni)
  400. Trance (Director: Gary Dean Orona)
  401. Trapped (Director: Luis Mandoki)
  402. Triggermen (Director: John Bradshaw)
  403. Trojan Warrior (Director: Salik Silverstein)
  404. Try Seventeen (Director: Jeffrey Porter)
  405. Turnaround (Director: Jeffrey W. Byrd)
  406. Twin Sisters (Director: Ben Sombogaart)
  407. Unborn But Forgotten (Director: Chang-jae Lim)
  408. Undisputed (Director: Walter Hill)
  409. Unfaithful (Director: Adrian Lyne)
  410. Unspeakable (Director: Thomas J. Wright)
  411. Until Death (Director: Charles Buchanan)
  412. Vampire Clan (Director: John Webb)
  413. Vampires: Los Muertos (Director: Tommy Lee Wallace)
  414. Van Wilder (Van Wilder: Party Liaison) (National Lampoon’s “Van Wilder”) (Director: Walt Becker)
  415. Vatos (Director: Paul Wynne)
  416. WXIII: Patlabor the Movie 3 (Directors: Takuji Endo + Fumihiko Takayama
  417. Waking Up In Reno (Director: Jordan Brady)
  418. War (Director: Aleksey Balabanov)
  419. Warrior (Director: Will Harper)
  420. Warrior Angels (Director: Byron W. Thompson)
  421. Washington Heights (Director: Alfredo Rodriguez de Villa)
  422. We Were Soldiers (Director: Randall Wallace)
  423. Welcome To Collinwood (Directors: Anthony Russo + Joe Russo)
  424. West Of Here (Director: Peter Masterson)
  425. Whacked! (Director: James Bruce)
  426. White Boy (Director: John Marino)
  427. Wilbur Wants To Kill Himself (Director: Lone Scherfig)
  428. Windtalkers (Director: John Woo)
  429. WiseGirls (Director: David Anspaugh)
  430. Wishcraft (Directors: Danny Graves + Richard Wenk)
  431. Wolves Of Wall Street (Director: David DeCoteau)
  432. Wrong Number (Director: Richard Middleton)
  433. XX/XY (Director: Austin Chick)
  434. Yesterday (Director: Yun-su Chong)
  435. Yossi + Jagger (Director: Eytan Fox)
  436. You Got Nothin’ (Director: Philip Angelotti)
  437. Zig Zag (Director: David S. Goyer)
  1. In Our Garden (Director: Giuseppe Andrews)
  2. The Story Of O: Untold Pleasures (Director: Phil Leirness)
  3. Thirteen Chimes (13 Curses) (Director: Xavier Villaverde)
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2017.05.30 18:34 acloudrift wittybits

witty adjective showing or characterized by quick and inventive verbal humor. "a witty remark" bit noun 1. a small piece, part, or quantity of something. "give the duck a bit of bread"
"brevity is the soul of wit" - phrase of brevity 1. proverb the essence of a witty statement lies in its concise wording and delivery. Source: Google search
"Inch by inch is a cinch, but yard by yard is hard, and mile by mile is impossi-bile." -acloudrift
"Whatever isn't prohibited is compulsory." -anonymous wag as quoted in For a New Liberty, p172
"If tyranny and oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy."~James Madison
"The world works (the financial world certainly and maybe the rest of the world, too) by rewarding effort, self-discipline and forbearance while punishing error, sloth and impatience." -Bill Bonner
"When stuff is too cheap, it sets up a recovery. And when stuff is too expensive, it sets up a decline. That's the way things work." -Rick Rule
"Collectivists want to institutionalize privilege; libertarians want it to be earned... The globalists set up organizations to deal with crises, and then create crises for their organizations to deal with." -Alex Jones
"Price is a wandering dog that eventually comes home to value." -Louis James
John Adams (in 1813) wrote: "But what do we mean by the American Revolution? Do we mean the American war? The Revolution was effected before the war commenced. The Revolution was in the minds and hearts of the people; a change in their religious sentiments of their duties and obligations."
"The successful man will profit from his mistakes and try again in a different way." Dale Carnegie
Warren Buffett himself reportedly said: "The best business is a royalty on the growth of others - requiring little capital itself."
Leo Tolstoy: "All happy families are alike, but each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way."
Mark Twain said, "A (gold) mine is nothing but a hole in the ground with a liar standing next to it."
"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace." Sri Chinmoy Ghose
"The Christian religion is a parody on the worship of the sun, in which they put a man called Christ (a title, meaning the anointed) in the place of the sun, and pay him the adoration originally payed to the sun." -Thomas Paine 1737-1809
"Religion can never reform mankind because religion is slavery." -Robert G Ingersoll 1833-1899
"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free." -J Wolfgang von Goethe 1749-1832
"If there were no debts in our money system, there wouldn't be any money." -Marriner Eccles, governor Federal Reserve
"We can either have democracy in this country or we can have great wealth concentrated in the hands of a few, but we can't have both. -Louis Brandeis, Supreme Court Justice
"Only when the tide goes out do you discover who's been swimming naked." -Warren Buffet
Winston Churchill: "You can always count on the Americans to do the right thing, after they've tried everything else."
Speramus Meliora ...(Latin) we hope for better things; found on Detroit's official emblem
Robert A. Heinlein : "The price of freedom is the willingness to do sudden battle anywhere, any time and with utter recklessness."
German politician Bismarck said in a speech in 1895, a statesman does not create the stream, he floats on it and tries to steer. In California terms, the best politicians are surfers, winning attention for riding waves. -Jesse H. Ausubel
"If you live in an area with mosquitoes and have an outside space you enjoy, oil of lemon eucalyptus keeps bugs away, also ...try planting natural repellents like geraniums, mints (of all kinds), lavender, and pennyroyal. These plants keep away all sorts of critters.: -Dr. David Eifrig
Déjà Vu Mark Twain... "I've had a lot of worries in my life, most of which never happened."
Warren Buffett has often said: "Bad news is the friend of the long-term investor."
"Bull markets are born on pessimism, grown on skepticism, mature on optimism, and die on euphoria. The time of maximum pessimism is the best time to buy, and the time of maximum optimism is the best time to sell." -Sir John Templeton
"All debts get paid. They are paid either by the borrower or by the lender. With new records set for worldwide debt on a daily basis, that can only end badly. [lenders pay] You can't print gold." -Bob Moriarity [gold price has high correlation to money supply, so any spread between the two tends to return to zero]
"Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding." -Albert Einstein
Dr. Jonas Salk: "If all insects were to perish from the earth, within 50 years, all other forms of life would also have perished. If all humans were to perish [with no damage to environment], within 50 years, all other forms of life will have flourished."
"Wisdom is the habit, or ability to consistently make choices that have good outcomes... benign intervention, and judicious non-intervention." -acloudrift
"State intervention always increases" is an inference resulting from Ludwdig von Mises ideas in Human Action. It's like entropy, which, while always increasing, is the way the universe tends toward chaos. Humans acting in freedom tend toward good-order because the life-force tends toward survival. The strength of the State is war (death).
"The Great Tragedy of Science: a beautiful hypothesis destroyed by an ugly fact." -TH Huxley
John Stuart Mill: "Over himself, over his own body and mind, the individual is sovereign." (a Libertarian precept)
"The secret to happiness is LOW EXPECTATIONS." -Barry Schwartz (TED talk paradox of choice When there is only one choice, clearly the world is responsible, but when there are many choices available, equally clearly, yourself is responsible, so if the choice turns out badly, you could have done better.
"The Holy Grail of wealth... not more exotic consumption, more exotic production."-acloudrift
"The evil that men do lives after them, the good is oft interred with their bones." -Shakespeare, in Julius Caesar
"People who like money too much ought to be kicked out of politics; ... we [heads of state] should live like the majority and not like the minority." "I'm not against people who have money, who like money, who go crazy for money, but in politics we have to separate them. We have to run people who love money too much out of politics, they're a danger in politics. ... People who love money should dedicate themselves to industry, to commerce, to multiply wealth. But politics is the struggle for the happiness of all." - Uruguayan President José Mujica told CNN en Español
finance note: stop loss orders, aka trailing stops: they only get filled in a well-behaved market (the normal type of trading day); they don't work when a bubble bursts (crash), because there are no buyers when the price is dropping rapidly; trailing stops: so called because, as price rises, the percent spread between current market and the point at which you would sell increases, so you raise the stop price order to "trail" the current price."- acloudrift
"Most things of significant value come from other people. One of the basic principles of human nature is reciprocity. If you want to gain significant value, you must first create value for others, then sometimes you will receive value in return." -acloudrift
"The best things in life are free." - ) (It's only true for things like air and sunshine. (but in some places now, even sunshine is taxed )
"A dwarf psychic who escaped from prison? ... a small medium at large." -Dani via Wilda, proprietor of her Wildaness
"In a time of universal deceit - telling the truth is a revolutionary act." George Orwell
"People get upset, even homicidal, over ideas and myths, not reality. Catholic, Protestant, Shiite, Sunni, Democrat, Republican, land rights in the West, captured U.S. soldiers, racial slurs, the master race, Manifest Destiny, terrorism, global warming; there is no idea so bogus it can't be the cause of a government program or a massacre. " - Bill Bonner
Benjamin Graham: "In the short run, the market is a voting machine but in the long run, it is a weighing machine."
Bill Bonner (2016) : "Nobel Prize winner Robert Shiller's cyclically adjusted price-to-earnings ratio or CAPE ratio tries to get a truer picture of value by looking at the average of the past 10 years of earnings and adjusting for inflation. And by this measure, only three times in the last 135 years has the S&P 500 been more expensive: in 1929, 2000, and 2007. All three times were followed by major market crashes."
"When the VIX is high, it's time to buy. And when the VIX is low, it's time to go." "Sell in May and go away." - anonymous market trader's proverbs
Epictetus: "In life our first job is this, to divide and distinguish things into two categories: externals I cannot control, but the choices I make with regard to them I do control. Where will I find good and bad? In me, in my choices."
Nassim Nicholas Taleb defines a Stoic as "... someone who transforms fear into prudence, pain into transformation, mistakes into initiation and desire into undertaking."
Marc Faber on cashless society: "The argument is, of course, 'Oh, we want to move into a cashless society because we want to prevent criminality.' This is all nonsense. They (central bankers, and their puppets) want to move into cashless society so they can control you."
According to Aristotle, for something to be considered a good form of money, it should have four characteristics: Durability: It must physically hold up over time; Portability: Value must be dense. Money should have a high enough concentration of value for it to move freely and practically through society; Divisibility: You should be able to break it up or combine it to cover the exchange of items with both small and large value; Intrinsic Value: Money must be valuable in and of itself. Aristotle was a visionary. His view of money is as clear and applicable today as it was over 2,300 years ago. And, if you analyze his components of good money, it is easy to understand why gold is the only money that has stood the test of time. Addendum: cryptocurrencies have intrinsic value too, it is their fraud-proof accountability. Although they are less durable than gold, they are more value dense, more easily transferred. see a discussion here
"Gold is money, everything else is credit." -JP Morgan
Damon Runyon: "The bread may not always go to the wise, nor the race to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, but that's the way to bet."
David Brinkley: "The one function TV news performs very well, is that when there is no news, we give it to you with the same emphasis as if there were."
"The establishment, composed of journos, BS-vending talking heads with well-formulated verbs, bureaucrato-cronies, lobbyists in training, New Yorker-reading semi-intellectuals, image-conscious empty suits, Washington rent seekers and other well-thinking members of the vocal elites are not getting the point about what is happening and the sterility of their arguments. People are not voting for Trump (or Sanders). People are just voting, finally, to destroy the establishment." - Nassim N Taleb (author of The Black Swan)
"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then, you win." - Mahatma Gandhi
"He (Donald Trump) is a very outstanding man, unquestionably talented. He is the absolute leader of the (US) presidential race." - Vladimir Putin (pres. Russia)
"If voting made any difference, they wouldn't let us do it." - Mark Twain
"In religion and politics, people's beliefs and convictions are in almost every case gotten at second hand, and without examination, from authorities who have not themselves examined the questions at issue, but have taken them at second hand from other non-examiners, whose opinions about them were not worth a brass farthing." -Mark Twain
Study that disconfirms is science, study that confirms is psudo-science. Confirmation on risky predictions might be science. Every good scientific theory is prohibitive (it rules things out). the only genuine test of a theory is one that's attempting to falsify it. Irrefutable theories are not scientific. If you are a scientist, you have to be willing to let your beliefs go, and move on. testable, refutable, falsifiable - Karl Popper Popper went farther than science, in other knowledge, it's about probability and contingency
"I remember coffee for 5 cents and brand new automobiles for $600. The value of money will continue to go down. Over the past 50 years, we lived through the best time of human history. It is likely to get worse. I recommend you prepare for worse because pleasant surprises are easy to handle." - Charlie Munger (partner of Warren Buffet)
"Look at the balance sheet. You don't know how many of the claims shown on the left are right, or whether, when the other creditors get finished with it, any of the assets shown on the right are left." - Bill Bonner Apr 4. 2016
"If we knew what we were doing, we wouldn't call it research." -Albert Einstein
"The task is not to see what no one else has yet seen, but to conceive what no one has yet imagined, but that everyone sees." -Schopenauer
"gynoid" the female version of "android" (machine-human simulation video 7 min.)
physicist, R.D. Carmichael (1879-1967), who said: "The universe, as known to us, is a joint phenomenon of the observer and the observed."
Robert Anton Wilson used to say, "Convictions create convicts." (one may be imprisoned by one's strongly held beliefs)
a funny old saying: "If you want certainty, buy a dictionary. If you want uncertainty, buy two (different ones)."
“Free at last, Free at last, Thank God almighty we are free at last.” ― Martin Luther King Jr., I Have a Dream
Bruce Lee - "Adapt what is useful, reject what is useless, and add what is specifically your own." (according to u/AforAnonymous, quotation not confirmed)
"Even without perfect answers, there is something (somewhere, somehow) closer (to truth) than what we have." - reddit u/Zikashima (in a personal message; I put in the parenthetic remarks)
... respect, love, hate, and variations thereof are just frosting on an emotional cake. Cake is not absolutely necessary for survival (like fear is) but they add piquancy, spice, help make our time on earth more interesting. Not always more pleasurable, but more vivid, certainly. It might be argued that to fully appreciate the finer things, one must also deal with the coarser things on occasion. The wise choose to abide in discipline, the foolish choose abandon. As Yoda will attest, "Stay alert, and grip tightly our sabers, we must." - acloudrift
"Our global banking system is a global cartel, a "super-entity" in which the world's major banks all own each other and own the controlling shares in the world's largest multinational corporations. ... This is the real "free market," a highly profitable global banking cartel, functioning as a worldwide financial Mafia." -- Andrew Gavin Marshall
"John D. Rockefeller J. P. Morgan, and other kingpins of the Money Trust were powerful monopolists. A monopolist seeks to eliminate competition. In fact, Rockefeller once said: "Competition is a sin." These men were not free enterprise advocates." -- James Perloff in his book The Shadows of Power: The Council on Foreign Relations and the American Decline
"The bankers control the world's major corporations, media, intelligence agencies, think tanks, foundations and universities." -- Henry Makow
"In the Bolshevik Revolution we have some of the world's richest and most powerful men financing a movement which claims its very existence is based on the concept of stripping of their wealth, men like the Rothschids, Rockefellers, Schiffs, Warburgs, Morgans, Harrimans, and Milners. But obviously these men have no fear of international Communism. It is only logical to assume that if they financed it and do not fear it, it must be because they control it." -- Gary Allen in his book None Dare Call It Conspiracy
"We shall have World Government, whether or not we like it. The only question is whether World Government will be achieved by conquest or consent."-- international banker James Warburg testifying before the United States Senate on Feb. 7, 1950
"There is a vast network of private financial interests, controlled by the leading aristocratic and royal families of Europe ... A secret cross-linked vast holding of private financial interests is tied to the old aristocratic oligarchy of Western Europe." -- William Engdahl, Executive Intelligence Review, April 1997 quoted in news24
"European dynastic families constitute a financial oligarchy; they are the power behind the Windsor throne [Britain]. They view themselves as the heirs to the Venetian oligarchy Black Nobility." - historian Jeffrey Steinberg
Hate is both a tool and a weapon, as are all emotions. As a tool it is a chainsaw. It will cut down the trees that your hands cannot; but if wielded without care, control, and purpose, it will cut your leg off. As a weapon it is a grenade. It will destroy many enemies quickly with irresistible violence; but without care, control, and purpose, you will find yourself consumed in it's brief but humbling radiance. - u/knucklenecktie
An entire page of Thomas Sowell quotes, most are wittybits example: " ... over the past three decades, has been a history of replacing what worked with what sounded good."
We have a problem. Without objections, there can be no doubts, without doubt, there can be no questions, without questions, there can be no answers, without answers, there can be no truth. Without truth, we may have questions without answers. Without answers, we are stuck with problems. - acloudrift
“Imagination is more important than knowledge”, “For while knowledge defines all we currently know and understand, imagination points to all we might yet discover and create.” - Albert Einstein
"The first panacea for a mismanaged nation is inflation of the currency; the second is war. Both bring a temporary prosperity; both bring a permanent ruin. But both are the refuge of political and economic opportunists." ~Ernest Hemingway
"The process of creating and distributing money is the process of deciding what humanity does in the future. This process should be a transparently run public utility not a private monopoly in the hands of gangsters. We are fighting to free humanity thru a horrific regime of Babylonian debt slavery and we are winning." -Ben Fulford July 22 2017
I can't stand sitting down - itaintmytragedy Acorn and unicorn both mean "one grain" Flammable and inflammable mean the same thing Inhibit and prohibit both mean to restrain, but hibit means to hold Any sufficiently advanced ~ism is indistinguishable from parody of it. It is not so much apocalypse now as apocalypse from now on, and most people now discuss the end of the world so they have something to look forward to. The only thing stable is the dynamic. - pieceofchance (7 lines) Incredible perspective! (unbelievable, so don't) - acloudrift
u/zepto_hubrisse via /C_S_T I'm starting to see gods the same way, more ideals to be realized than conscious entities to appease. I'm more existentialist by the day. I'm not even Christian. But I often find myself defending Christianity because A. it's a generally okay ideology and B. it's under siege by entities I consider generally evil. The enemy of my enemy is my friend, and a flawed sense of meaning is preferable to nihilism. reply to conversation in
Christian killshot that an argumentative atheist might hope for
I consider you a semi-friend, zepto. That behind us, let me briefly express my riftness. I admire the Christian ethos, compared to I-Slam. At least it is peace-oriented. I don't really like to argue, it's much more satisfying to agree. I'm not atheist, I totally believe in all gods and goddesses. To me they are all imaginary entities. Imagination is real, and the proof is: Every real thing which is not natural (an artifact) is a product of human imagination. Not only the imagined object must be pictured in detail, the method of creating it must be also. Anything a God can really do is done by His believers. So if anything evil happens, it is either a man made result or a natural phenomena.
"If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not wish to hear." -George Orwell Animal Farm
Charlie Munger told his partner Warren Buffett that, "It's far better to buy a wonderful company at a fair price than a fair company at a wonderful price."
9/11/2017 "Please also remember the spineless worms in Washington, D.C. who decided to not back up the embassy (Benghazi) staff when they were in dire need of help. Eventually, they will pay for that. Time wounds all heels." - HJ Latimer
"If you have luck, share it. You won't be lucky forever. If you share, the others will bring luck back to you." (edited) Jack Ma (wealthy Chinese businessman)
"It matters not whether the cat is black or white, as long as it catches mice." - Pragmatic Communist Deng Xiaoping
"Anything that won't sell, I don't want to invent. Its sale is proof of utility, and utility is success." -Thomas A Edison
“Fairy tales do not tell children that dragons exist. Children already know that dragons exist. Fairy tales tell children that dragons can be killed.” - G.K. Chesterton (dragons being a metaphor for powers that be)
"An armed society is a polite society." -Robert Heinlein (sci-fi author)
"Competition is the most promising means to achieve and secure prosperity."-Ludwig Erhart
"You only take flak when you're over the target." -anon bomber airman quoted from Lionel
"Forever is composed of "nows." - attrib. to Emily Dickenson source
"Russia is nothing more than a gun store attached to a gas station in the middle of a wheat field. It’s not an economic power. ... Today’s Russians are actually more culturally similar to the old America than the new multicultural U.S. is." - Doug Casey source
"One can never be too rich or too thin." -Wallis Warfield Simpson
From the hypothesis that artistic creativity thrives out of psychic turmoil, comes the fear that inner peace may extinguish it: "when one's demons depart, one's angels may soon follow." - Rainer Maria Rilke (1875-1926) source
Some people have grown up with a serious, laff-threatening condition: They haven't a humerus bone in their body (aka "funny bone"). - acloudrift
The concept of collegiate discussions is a myth, or an impossible ideal. When opposing cultures clash, there are incompatible values. There is no argument that can alter a person's values. All there is left is denial. What the Muck? Segregation is the answer. - acloudrift (comment in post by u/DayofChange )
“United we stand, divided we fall” is not clearly made for bookends, but if it was, it would be a clever pair, yes? I might make some bookends like that someday. - acloudrift
"The grass is always..." (proverb) The cliché usually implies: don't bother to exit, it's actually no better on the other side. This is not true in many cases, in which this side is heavily grazed, while the other side has no grazers (competition). See this as visual example Why? tl;dr ... In Haiti, the fuel is wood, in Dom. Republic, it's electricity and oil.
"I cannot remember the books I've read, any more than the meals I've eaten. Even so, they have made me." -Ralph W Emerson
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2017.02.07 02:41 crlody List of Relevant Books

So one of my hobbies is making lists of things, for some reason I love it. A while ago I started making a list of books that I wanted to read so I thought I would post it here in case anyone else is interested. I've deleted some books that I've already read so unfortunately it doesn't have a lot of books that I really like in it - one day I will go back and figure out what all I've read and add them. Please add your recommendations!
(It's too long for one post so the rest will be in the comments, also there are prolly a bunch of typos, fair warning!)
Adele g dawson – herbs: partners in life
Bill mollison – introduction to permaculture
David Hoffman – holistic herbal
David Hoffman – medical herbalism
David Hoffman – the herbal handbook: a user’s guide to medical herbalism
David Winston and steven maimes – adaptogens
Frank j lipp – herbalism
Gaea and shandor weiss –growing and using the healing herbs
Henry lu – legendary Chinese healing her bs
Jon hyslep and paul ratcliffe – a folk herbal
Joseph tomocik and leslie garisto – water gardening
Jt garrett – the Cherokee herbal
Judy glattenstein – waterscaping
Judy griffin – mother nature’s herbal
M grieve – a modern herbal
Madonna sofia Compton – herbal gold
Manfred m junius – spagyrics: the alchemical preparation of medicinal essences, tinctures, and elixirs
Maria treben – health from god;s garden
Nancy arrowsmith – essential herbal wisdom
Nicholas culpepper – culpepper’s complete herbal
Pam Montgomery - Plant spirit healing
Pam Montgomery – plant spirit healing: a guide to working with plant consciousness
Paul bereryl – the master book of herbalism
Penny royal – herbally yours
Ran knishinsky – the clay cure
Ran krishinsky – prickly pear cactus medicine
Ruth macfarlane – collecting and preserving plants
Scott Cunningham – the complete book of incense, oil,s and brews
Scott Cunningham – magical herbalism
Simon mills – the dictionary of modern herbalism
Stephen harrod buhner – sacred plant medicine
Stephen harrod buhner – the secret teachings of plants
Susan weed 0 the wise woman herbal for the childbearing year
Thea summer deer – wisdom of the plant devas: herbal medicine for a new earth
Timothy lee scott – invasive plant medicine
Ulrich hist – the healing power of energized water
Varro and tyler – the honest herbal
Alan schmukler – homeopathy: an a to z handbook
Anne read, carol ilstrup, and Margaret gammon – edgar cayce on diet and health
Barbara griggs – green pharmacy
Bernie siegel – love, medicine, and miracles
Bernie siegel – prescriptions for living
Carl Pfeiffer – nutrition and mental illness
Christopher vasey – the naturopathic way: how to detox, find quality nutrition, and restore your acid-alkaline balance
Christopher vassey – the healing power of fever
Cindy l a jones – the antibiotic alternative
David Anderson, dale buegel, and dennis chernin – homeopathic remedies for physicians, laymen, and therapists
Doug marsh – restoring your eyesight
Guido mase – the wild medicine solution
Harish johari – ayurvedic healing cuisine
Henry lu – Chinese system of food, cures, prevention, and remedies
Louisa Williams – radical medicine: cutting-edge natural therapies that treat the root causes of disease
Maesimund panos and jane Heimlich – homeopathic medicine at home
Malcolm strut – wholistic health and livng yoga
Marc Bonnard – the Viagra alternative
Mark bricklin, et al. – rodale’s encyclopedia of natural home remedies
Nathaniel altman – the honey prescription
Pamela Hirsch – the travelers natural medicine kit
Patrick veret, cristina Cuomo, Fabio burigana, and Antonio dell’aglio - nutripuncture
Rajan sankaran – homeopathy for today’s world
S. madhihassan – Indian alchemy or rasayana
Stephen cummings and dana ullman – everybody’s guide to homeopathic medicines
Stephen harrod buhner – the natural testosterone plan
Stephen harrod buhner – the transformational power of fasting
Steve gagne – food energetics
Yann rougier – delta medicine
Ann Berwick – holistic aromatherapy
Aromatherapy solutions
Erich keller – aromatherapy handbook for beauty, har=ir and skin care
Gabriel mojay – aromatherapy for healing the spirit: restoring emotional and mental balance with essential oils
Kurt schnaubelt – advanced aromatherapy
Kurt schnaubelt – the healing intelligence of essential oils
Scott Cunningham – magical aromatherapy
Shirley price – practical aromatherapy
Arthur kleinman – patients and healers in the context of culture
Benjamim o. bibb and joseph j weed – amazing secrets of psychic healing
Bernard kolster – the acupressure atlas
Brad Huber – Mesoamerican healers
Carol mccain – women as healers
Daniel reid – the tao of detox: the secrets of yang-sheng dao
Donna finando – trigger point self care manual
dossey – healing words
Eric pearl – the reconnection: heal others, heal yourself
Evelyn Monahan – the miracle of metaphysical healing
Harish johari – ayurvedic massage: traditional Indian techniques for balancing body and mind
Harold reilly and ruth hagy brod – the edgar cayce handbook for health through drugless therapy
Jack angelo – self healing with breathwork
Jacob Lieberman – light: medicine of the future
Janet and stewart farrar and gavin bone – the healing craft
John duffy – the healers
Keith Sherwood – art of spiritual healing
L dossey – recovering the soul
Larry dossey – space time and medicine
M Schlitz, amorok, and micozzi – consciousness and healing: an integral approach to mind body medicine
Malcom strut – wholistic health and living yoga
Mary bond – the new rules of posture
Mary Ellen carter and William mcgarvey – edgar cayce on healing
Maureen lochart – the subtle energy body
Michael fox – the healing touch
Mircea eliade – yoga: immortality and freedom
Music therapy for non-musicians
Nicki scully and mark hallert – planetary healing: spirit medicine for global transformation
Peter fraser and harry massey – decoding the human body field
Richard gerber – vibrational medicine
Richard grossinger – planet medicine
Roger dalet: the encyclopedia of healing points: a home guide to acupoint treatment
Shaykh hakim moinuddin chisthi – the book fo sufi healing
Stephen chang – the complete system of self-healing internal exercises
Ted Andrews – how to do psychic readings through touch
Ted Andrews – how to heal with color
Ted Andrews – the healer’s manual: a beginner’s guide to energy therapies
The nature of healing, forward by larry dossey
Ulrich hoist – the healing power of energized water
Wb jonas and cc Crawford – healing, intention, and energy medicine
Young person’s school of magic and mystery – healing arts
Adrienne rich – a wild patience has taken me this far
Adrienne rich – of woman born
Adrienne rich – on lies, secrets, and silence
Adrienne rich – the dream of a common language
Carol Christ – diving deep and surfacing: women writers on spiritual quest
Carolyne larrington – the feminist companion to mythology
Charlene spretnak, ed - The politics of women’s spirituality
Cherrie moraga and Gloria anzaldua, eds – this bridge called my back
Christiane northrup – women’s bodies, women’s wisdom
Clarissa pinkola estes – the creative fire
Denise linn – secrets and mysteries: the glory and pleasure of being a woman
Diane mariechild – motherwit: a feminist guide to psychic development: exercises for healing, growth and spiritual
Diane stein – the women’s book of healing
Elizabeth davis – the circle of life: 13 archetypes for every woman
Elizabeth davis – women’s intuition
Elizabeth dunningham – the wild mother
Elizabeth fisher – women’s creation
Emma goldman – my disillusionment in Russia
Faye ginsburg – contested lives
Gerda lerner – the creation of patriarchy
Gloria hull – all the women are white, all the blacks are men, but some of us are brave
Halie ingelhart – womanspirit: a guide to women’s wisdom
Irene diamond and Gloria Orenstein – reweaving the world: the emergence of ecofeminism
James p spradley – the nacirema
Jan brunvand – the study of americna folklore
Judith plaskow and carol Christ, eds – weaving the visions: new patterns in feminist spirituality
Marilyn frye – the politics of reality
Mary giles – the feminist mystic and other essays on woman and spirituality
Max gluckman – riturals of rebellion in south east Africa
Maya angelou – now sheba sings the song
Monique wittig and sande zeig – lesbian peoples
N Goldberg – changing of the gods: feminism ad the end of traditional religion
Robin morgan – sisterhood is powerfull
Robin morgan – the anatomy of freedom
Sarah lucia hogland – lesbian ethics: toward a new value
Sark – sark’s journal and playbook
Sonia Johnson – going out of our minds: the metaphysics of liberation
Stephanie demetrakapalos – listening to our bodies: the rebirth of feminine wisdom
Suellen m fast – celebrations of daughterhood
Susan griffin – pornography
Susan griffin – woman and nature
Zora Neale Hurston - Folklore, Memories, & Other Writings
Esoteric Philosophy
Alice bailey – a treatise on cosmic fire
Alice bailey – esoteric astrology, vol 3: a treatise on the 7 rays
Alice bailey – glamour: a world problem
Alice bailey – the rays and initiations
Ambrose bierce – the devil’s dictionary
Andrew Collins – from the ashes of angels
Barbara hand chow – the pleiadian agenda
Barbara marciniak – bringers of the dawn: teacfhings from the pleiadians
Christine r page – 2012 and the galactic center: the return of the great mother
Christopher dell - monsters
Frank joseph – survivors of atlantis
Frederick buechner – on the road with the archangel
Gray henry and Susannah Marriott – beads of faith
IM lewis – ecstatic religion
John de salvo – deoding the enochian secrets
John michell – the dimensions of paradise
Julius evola – revolt against the modern world
Julius evola - The doctrine of awakening
Kenaz filan and raven kaldera – talking to the spirits
Kenneth grant – cults of the shadow
Kingsley dennis – forgotten worlds: from atlantis to the x-woman of Siberia and the hobbits of flores
Len karsten – secret journey to planet serpo
Linda leonard – meeting the madwomen
Mary ann woodward – edgar cayce’s story of karma
Michael hayes – the hermetic code in DNA
Mircea elidae – the sacred and the profane
Nicholas roerich – heart of asia: memoirs from the himalays
Nicholas roerich – shambhala: in search of the new era
Otto frahn – lucifer’s court
Richard wingate – atlantis in the amazon
Robert temply – the Sirius mystery
Ted Andrews – enchantment of the faerie realm
Ted Andrews – the occult Christ
Ted Andrews – the sacred power in your name
Ted Andrews – treasures of the unicorn
The big book of death
The encyclopedia of death
Thomas moore – care of the soul
Timothy wylie – confessions of a rebel angel
Timothy wyllie – the return of the rebel angels: the urantia mysteries and the coming of the light
Tobias churton - Gnostic philosophy
Von braschler – seven secrets of time travel
Will Johnson - the spiritual practices of rumi
William segal and marielle bancou segal – a voice at the borders of silence
WY Evans wentz – the fairy faith in celtic countries
WY Evans-wentz, ed – Tibetan yoga and secret doctrine
Young person’s school of magic and mystery – faerie charms
Young person’s school of magic and mystery – spirits, ghosts, and guardians Zecharia sitchin – divine encounters
B Rowland – birds with human souls: a guide to bird symbolism
Barry lopez – desert notes
Edward o Wilson – in search of nature
Katherine briggs – an encyclopedia of fairies
Kenny ausubel – restoring the earth
Leonie Caldecott and Stephanie Leland, eds – reclaim the earth
Michael bright, ed – exploring the secrets of nature
Paul rezendes – tracking and the art of seeing
Roger Peterson – how to know birds
Sean o’heochaidh – fairy legends of the donegal
Tamarack song – enetering the mind of the tracker
Ted Andrews – animal speak
Ted Andrews – animal wise
Tompkins and bird – the secret life of plants
Alan c kors – witchcraft in Europe
Dj Conway – a witch’s travel guide to astral realms
Edain mccoy – celtic myth and magic
EO James – seasonal feasts and festivals
HRE Davidson – myths and symbols in pagan europe
John desalvo – the lost art of enochian magic
Kenaz filan – the new Orleans voodoo handbook
Luisah teish – carnival of the spire
Luisah teish – jambalaya: the natural woman’s book of personal charms and practical rituals
Margot adler – drawing down the moon
Marion Weinstein – earth magic
More simplified magic
Neil pannick – the pagan book of days
Particia telesco – cat magic
Raymond buckland – practical color magic
Rossell hope robins – the encyclopedia of witchcraft and demonology
Starhawk – dreaming the dark
Starhawk – the fifth sacred thing
Starhawk – the pagan book of living and dying
Starhawk – truth or dare
Ted Andrews – imagick
Ted Andrews – magical name
Ted Andrews – magickal dance
V newall – the witch figure
Young person’s school of magic and mystery – magic of believing
Young person’s school of magic and mystery – star magic
Carmen blacker – the catalpa bow: a study of shamanistic practices in japan
Chas s Clifton, ed – witchcraft today: witchcraft and shamanism
Claudia muller-ebeling, Christian ratsch, and surendra bahadur shahi – shamanism and tantra in the Himalayas
Claudia muller-ebeling, Christina ratsch, and wolf-dieter storl – witchcraft medicine: healing arts, shamanic practices, and forbidden plants
E. jean matteson-langdon and Gerhard baer, eds – portals of power: shamanism in south America
Gary doore – the shaman’s path
Gary seaman and jane s day, eds – ancient traditions: shamanism in crentral asia and the Americas
Joan Halifax – shaman voices
Kenneth meadows – shamanic experience
Kenneth meadows – shamanic spirit
Linda star wolf – sacred medicine of bee, butterfly, earthworm, and spider
Linda star wolf – shamanic breathwork
Linda star wolf and anne Dillon – visionary shamanism: activating the imaginal cells in the human energy field
Martin prechtel – secrets of the talking jaguar
Michael harner – the way of the shaman
Michael winkelman – shamans, priests, and witches: a cross cultural sturdy of magical religious practicitoners
Mircea Eliade – Shamanism
Mircea eliade – shamanism: archaic techniques of ecstasy
Nevill drury – shamanism
Nevill drury – the visionary human
Nevill drury – vision quest
Nicholas brink – the power of ecstatic trance
Nicki scully and linda star wolf – the Anubis oracle
Paul devereux – shamanism and the mystery lines
Paul devereux – symbolic landscapes
Piers vitebsky – the shaman: voyages of the soul – trance, ecstasy and healing from Siberia to the amazon
Raven kaldera and galina krasskova – Neolithic shamanism
Ross heaven – cactus of mystery
Ross heaven and howard g charing – plant spirit shamanism
Simon buxton – the shamanic way of the bee
Buddhism/Taoism/New Age Spirituality/Mysticism
365 Tao: daily meditations
Annie besant – path of discipleship
Austine waddell – Tibetan Buddhism
Beyond good and evil
Bika reed – the rebel in the soul
Brenda Shoshanna – zen miracles
Chet raymo – natural prayers
Claude lecouteux – the secret history of poltergeists and haunted houses
Compendium of all sutra
Dagsay tulku rinpoche – the practice of Tibetan meditation
Damnion brinkely – saved by the light
Dawna morkova – I will not die an unlived life
Deena Metzger- entering the ghost river
Devdutt pattaniak – Indian mythology
Dialogues with a moden mystic
Dzogchen ponlep – mind beyond death
El moray – the sacred adventure
Elizabeth clare prophet – a spiritual approach to parenting
Elizabeth clare prophet – ashram notes
Elizabeth clare prophet – creative abundance
Elizabeth clare prophet – keys to the kingdom
Elizabeth clare prophet – lords of the seven rays
Elizabeth clare prophet – mary Magdalene and the divine feminine
Elizabeth clare prophet – soul reflections
Elizabeth clare prophet – the masters and the spiritual path
Elizabeth clare prophet – the path to attainment
Elizabeth clare prophet – the story of your soul
Elizabeth clare prophet – understanding yourself
Everett ruess – vagabond of beauty
Harold Henderson – an introduction to haiku
Jack cornfield – a path with heart
Jack cornfield – the art of forgiveness, loving kindness, and peace
Jack kornfield – after the ecstasy, the laundry
Jack lee Rosenberg – body, self, and soul
Janet schaffran and pat kozak – more than words: prayer and ritual for inclusive communities
Jean shinoda bolen – the tao of psychology: synchronicity and the self
John blofield – the trantic mysticism of Tibet
John ferguson – encyclopedia of mysticism
John roger barrie – mysticism: contemporary and classical pathways to the infinite
Jonathan montaldo – dialogues with silence
Kyoko nakamuna – miraculous stories from the Japanese Buddhist tradition
Lao tzu – tao te ching
Leonard koren – wabi-sabi for artists, designers, poets, and philosophers
Lin chi – the Taoist classics
Logchempa – you are the eyes of the world
Lucien stryk – zen poems of china
Paul reps – zen flesh, zen bones: a collection of zen and pre-zen writings
Peter marchand – the yoga of the nine emotions
Rachel carson – the sense of wonder
Rampuri – autobiography of a sadhu
Raoul vaneigem – the revolution of everyday life
Rc zaeher – zen, drugs, and mysticism
Richard moss – the I that is we
Rob breszny – images are dangerous
Sue monk kidd – when the heart waits
Surya das – snow lion’s turquoise mane
The compendium of all practices
Thich nhat hanh – a guide to walking meditation
Thich nhat hanh – being peace
Thich nhat hanh – breathe! You are alive
Thich nhat hanh - interbeing
Thich nhat hanh – our appointment with life
Thich nhat hanh – present moment wonderful moment
Thich nhat hanh – the heart of understanding
Thich nhat hanh – the miracle of mindfulness
Thich nhat hanh – the moon bamboo
Thich nhat hanh – the pine gate
Thich nhat hanh – the sun my heart
Thich nhat hanh – the sutra on the eight realizations of the great beings
Thich nhat hanh – transformation and healing
Thich nhat hanh – zen poems
Thich nhat hanh –a rose for your pocket
Tulku thondup – peaceful death, joyful rebirth
Tw rhys davids – sacred books of the Buddhist, dialogues of the buddha
Underground pronoia
Wes nisker – crazy wisdom
Wes nisker – if you don’t like the news go out and make some of your own
Wes niskur – buddha’s nature
Will Johnston – breathing through the whole body
Wy evans wentz – Tibetan yoga and secret doctrine
Yuan mei – I don’t bow to buddhas
Zoe brezsny – secret freedom
Satirical Psychology (couldn't think of a better name for this section)
Adult children of normal parents
Alan r pratt – the dark side: thoughts on the futility of life
Andrew boyd – life’s little deconstruction book
Andrew boyd – the activist cookbook
Cellulite prophecy
Getting in touch with your inner bitch
Healing your inner dog
I am my own best casual acquaintance
I feel much better now that I’ve given up hope
Jerry mander – four arguments for the elimination of television
Mark deny – pyrotechnic insanitarium
Meditations for miserable people who want to stay that way
Mel ash – shaving the inside of your skull
on winokur – the portable curmudgeon
Sylvia plath – Johnny panic and the bible of dreams
Thus spake Zarathustra
Today I will nourish my inner martyr
Psychic Teachings
Echo bodine – a still, small voice: a psychic’s guide to awakening intuition
Jane Roberts – psychic politics
Jodi livon – the happy medium: awakening to your natural intuition
Laila del monte – psychic communication with animals for health and healing
Larry dossey – the power of premonitions
Psychic protection
Sharon doubiago – the book of seeing with one’s own eyes
Sherrie dillard – discover your psychic type
Young person’s school of magic and mystery – psycic power
Chaterine shainberg – kabbalah and the power of dreaming: awakening the visionary life
Racehl Pollack – the kabbalah tree: a journey of balance and growth
Billie potts – a new womans tarot
Mary greer – tarot constelaltions: patterns of personal destiny
Mary k greer – 21 ways to read a tarot card
Past life and karmic tarot
Rachel Pollack – forest of souls: A Walk through the tarot
Richard prosapio – intuitive tarot
Rose gwain – discovering yourself through the tarot
Sallie Nichols – jung and the tarot
Cyndi dale – new chakra healing
David pond – chakras for beginners
Harish johari – chakras: energy centers of transformation
Hiroshi motoyama – theories of the chakras
Keith Sherwood – chakra therapy
Sri shyamj bhatnagar and david Isaacs
Arnold mindell – dream body
Catherine shainberg - Kaballah and the power of dreaming
Denise linn – the hidden power of dreams
Klaus vollmar and james Napoli – the big bad ass book of dreams
Marilyn c barrack - dreams
Mary summer rain – in your dreams
Micahel lennox – dream sight
Patricia Garfield – creative dreaming
Patricia telesco – the language of dreams
Raymond buckland – gypsy dream dictionary
Robert moss – dreaming true
Robert moss - The dreamers book of the dead
Sandra Thompson – cloud nine: a dreamer’s dictionary
Ted Andrews – dream alchemy
Trish and rob Macgregor – the everything dreams book
Feng Shui
Barb rogers – feng shui in a day
Denise linn – feng shui for the soul
Denise linn – sacred space
Denise linn – space clearing
Denise linn – space clearing a to z
Karen Kingston – creating sacred space with feng shui
Richard craze – feng shui made easy
William spear – feng shui made easy
Alice bailey – esoteric astrology
John Jocelyn – meditations on the signs of the zodiac
Raven kaldera – moon phase astrology
William Thomas and kate pavitt – the book of talismans, amulets, and zodiacal gems
Bm alman and pt lambrou – self hypnosis: the complete manual for health and life change
William w Hewitt – self hypnosis for a better life
Daniel heydon – little giant encyclopedia of numerology
Ghanshyam singh birla – destiny in the palm of your hand
Greg Nielsen and joseph polansky – pendulum power
Little giant encyclopedia – tea leaf reading
May t watts – reading the landscape
Michael brill – numerology for decoding behavior
Paul o’brien – divination: sacred tools for reading the mind of god
Scott Cunningham – divination for beginners
Sirona knight – the little giant encyclopedia of runes
Tom graves – the diviner’s handbook
Young person’s school of magic and mystery – divination and scrying
Ae powell – the etheric double
Maureen lockhart – the subtle energy body: the complete guide
We butler – how to read the aura
Albert c moore – iconography of religions
Barbara g walker – woman’s encyclopedia of myths and secrets
Barbara g walker – women’s dictionary of signs and sacred symbols
Cas Williams – outlines f Chinese symbolism and art motifs
denise linn – the secret language of signs
George ferguson – signs and symbols in Christian art
Jo forty – mythology: a visual experience
Joseph cambell – the mythic image
Joseph cambell – the way of animal powers
Marie louise von franz – alchemy: an intro to the symbolism and psychology
Marie louise von franz – patterns of creativity mirrored in creation myths
Mary beth edelson – seven cycles: public rituals
Mary douglass – natural symbols
Mary douglass – purity and danger
Mircea eliade – birth and rebirth: the religious meaning of initiation in human culture
Mircea eliade – myths, dreams, and mysteries
Mircea eliade – primitives to zen, pt 3
Mircea eliade – rites and symbols of initiation
Wayland hand – popular beliefs and superstitions
Past Lives
C m bache – lifecycles: reincarnation and the web of life
denise linn – past lives, present dreams
Denise linn – past lives, present miracles
Dr. verny – the secret life of the unborn child
Helen wambach – life before life
I Stevenson – children who remember previous lives
I Stevenson – reincarnation and biology: a contribution to the etiology of birthmarks and birth defects
Sabine lucas – past life dreamwork
Goddesses/Feminine Archetypes
Ana Castillo – my father was a Toltec
Andrew Harvey – the return of the mother
Carl kerenyi – goddesses of sun and moon
Cf vogelin – the Shawnee female deity
Charlene spetnak – the lost goddesses of early greece
China galland – longing for darkness
Christine r page – the healing power of the sacred woman
Claribel alegria – guerrilla poems of el Salvador
Claribel alegria – woman of the river
Cynthia iamh – brigid’s charge
D jenness – the corn goddess and other tales from Indian canada
De traci regula – the mysteries of isis
Deldon anne mcneely – animus alternus
Diana paul – women in Buddhism
Edain mccoy – celtic women
Elinor gadon – the once and future goddess
EO James – cult of the mother goddess
Erich Neumann - the great mother
Esther harding – woman’s mysteries, ancient and modern
Francesa de grandis – be a goddess
Gareth knight – magic and power of the goddess
Gloria Steinem – outrageous acts andeveryday rebellions
Hallie inglehart austen – the heart of the goddess
Helen andelin – fascinating womanhood
Jean markale – women of the celts
Judith ochshorn – the female experience and the nature of the divine
Lawrence dundin Robertson – the goddesses of Chaldea, Syria, and egypt
Lawrence dundin-robertson – the cult of the goddess
Lawrence durdin-robinson – goddesses of india, Tibet, china and japan
Lenore friedman – meeting with remarkable women
Letty russel – human liberation in a feminist perspective
Letty Russell – the liberating word
Louise erduch – love medicine
Mainrad Craighead – the mothers songs
Margaret murray – the god of the witches
Margaret starbird – the woman with the alabaster jar
Margo adler – drawing down the moon
Marie lousie von franz – alchemy
Marko pogacnik – Christ power and the earth goddess
Mary crow – woman who has sprouted wings
Mfk fisher – sister age
Mircea eliade – birth and rebirth
Miriam and jose arguelles – the feminine as spacious as the sky
Miriam robbins dexter – whence the goddess, a sourcebook
Mj vermaseren – Cybele and attis – the myth and the cult
Monica sjoo and Barbara mor – the ancient religion of the great cosmic mother of all
Nancy rose Exeter – 8 facets of woman spirit
Natalie Goldberg - writing down the bones
Nina simons – moonrise
Nor hall – the moon and the virgin
Norma gooduck – priestesses
Padma prakasha – the power of shakti
Padma prakasha and anaiya prakasha – womb wisdom
Pamela berger – the goddess obscured
Patricia grace – wahine toa
Paul reid bowen – goddess of nature
Paula gunn allen – grandmothers of light
Paula gunn allen – shadow country
Paula gunn allen – the sacred hoop
Penelope washburn – seasons of woman
Polingaysi poyawayma – no turning back
Rita gross and nancy falk – unspoken worlds: womens religious lives in nonwestern cultures
Rosemary burb and nancy manhattan – lesbian nuns
Shirley Nicholson – the goddess reawakening
Susan gitler-emmer – lady of the northern light: a feminist guide to the runes
Susan griffin – woman and nature
Ajit mookerjee – kundalini
Ajit mookerjee – tantra art
Alain danielou – gods of love and ecstasy: the traditions of shiva and dionysis
Alexander lowen – love and orgasm
Amara Charles – the sexual practices of quodoushka
Arthur Avalon – shakti and shakta
Arthur Avalon – the serpent power
David abram – the spell of the sensuous
David Kinsley – the sword and the flute
Derrick Jensen, ed – listening to the land: conversations about nature, culture, and eros
Donald mic – modern sex magic
Dorit marhenke and ekkehard may – shunga: erotic art in japan
Eduardo galeano – book of embraces
Edward Dahlberg – the sorrows of priapus
Elizabeth davis – women’s sexual passages: finding pleasure and intimacy at every stage of life
Eric yudelove – Taoist yoga and sexual energy
Gaston bachelard – the poetics of reverie
gayle Delaney – sexual dreams
Harriet g lerner – the dance of intimacy
His lai – the sexual teachings of the jade dragon
His lai – the sexual teachings of the white tigress: secrets of the female Taoist masters
IM lewis – ecstatic religion
J henslin – studies in the sociology of sex
James n powell – energy and eros
Jean Houston – the search for the beloved
Jessie l Weston - from ritual to romance
Julie Henderson – the lover within
Julie mcintyre – sex and the intelligence of the heart
Lee sannella – the kundalini experience
Lewis hyde – the gift, imagination, and the erotic life of property
Lillian silbarn – kundalini
Mabel – sex and the perfect lover
Margo woods – masturbation, tantra, and self love
Micahela reidl and jurgen becker – lingam massage: awakening male sexual energy
Michaela riedl – yoni massage
Nik douglas and penny slinger – sexual secrets
Nik douglas and penny slinger – the secret dakini oracles
Octavio paz – the double flame: love and eroticism
Paschal Beverly Randolph and maria de naglowska – magia sexualis
Peter marchand – the yoga of the nine emotions
Phillip rawson – tantra the Indian cult of ecstasy
Riane eisler – sacred pleasure
Richard alan miller – the magical and ritual use of aphrodisiacs
Steve penny – how to have great laughing sex
Susan griffin – pornography and silence cultures revenge against nature
Trebbe Johnson and annelise heurich – the world is waiting lover: desire and the quest for the beloved
*Pregnancy and Childbirth *
Ami mckay – the birth house
Andrea Eagan – the newborn mother
Andrea Robertson – empowering women
Anne frye – holistic midwifery
Armstrong and fedlman – a midwifes story
Aviva jill romm – vaccinations: a thoughtful parent’s guide
Balaskas – active birth
Barbara duden – disembodying womn
Barbara Ehrenreich – withces, midwives, and nurses
Barbara harper – gentle birth choices
Blandine clais-germain and nurla vivees pares – preparing for a gentle birth
Brian burthc – trials of labor
Brigette Jordan – birth in four cultures
Carol laderman - wivest midwives
Carol leonard – lady-s hands, lions heart
Carol maccormack – ethnography of fertility and birth
Caroline flint – communicating midwifery
Caroline oblasser – the faceless cesarean
Carolyn merchant – the death of nature
Cecilia benoit – midwives in passage
Chamberlain – babies remember birth
Cynthia carver – patient beware
D eyer – maternal; infant bonding
D stewart – 21st century obstetrics now
D stewart – safe alternatives in childbirth
D stewart – the five standards for safe childbearing
Dana schandt – pregnancy relaxation
David chamberlain – babies remember birth
Dean rafflock and Virginia rountree – a natural guide to pregnancy and postpartum health
Debby takikawa 0 what babies want
Doris havie – the cultural warping of chilbrith
Dr entwisle – the first birth
Elisabeth bing – making love during pregnancy
Elisabeth bing – six practical lessons for an easier childbirth
Elizabeth davis – energetic pregnancy: a guide to achieving balance, vitality, and well being from conception to birth and beyond
Elizabeth davis – orgasmic birth
Elizable noble – essential exercises for the childbearing year
Em cioran – the trouble with being born
Emily martin – the woman in the body
Evlyn bowen – prebirth boding
Faith mcnulty – the burning bed
Faye ginsburg – African American midwifery in the south
Faye ginsburg – conceiving the new world order
Fisher and ury – getting to yes
Gail and tom brewer 0 what every pregnant woman should know
Gena corea – the mother machine
Grantley dick read – childbirth without fear
Gro nylander – breast is best
Gynne Jenkins – reproduction gone awry
Harvey kamp – the happiest baby on the block
Heather bruce – birthing
Helen Churchill – how to avoid a unnecessary cesarean
Hence goer –the thinking woman’s guide to a better birth
Ina may gaskin – ina may’s guide to childbirth
Ina may gaskin – spiritual midwifery
Jane donegan – womena and men midwives
Jane English – childlessness transformed
Jane English – different doorway
Janelle taylor – consuming motherhood
Janet balaskas – active birth
Janet Isaacs ashford – birth stores
Janet Isaacs ashford – natural love
Janice morse – childbirth in America
Jean donnison – midwives and medical men
Jean Sutton – let birth be born again
Jill aviva romm – the natural pregnancy book
Jo Murphy lawless – reading birth and death
Judith goldsmith – childbirth wisdom
Judith Leavitt – brought to bed
Judith rooks – midwifery and childbirth in America
Judy barrett – American midwives
Judy barrett – the American midwife debate
Judy Chicago – the birth project
Kalpana ram – maternities and modernities
Karen michaelson – childbirth in America
Kathryn allen rabuzzi – mother with child
Korte and scaer – a good birth, a safe birth: choosing and having the childbirth experience you want
Lester dessez hazel – commonsense childbirth
Lim – after babys birth
Linda whiteford – new approaches to human reproduction
Lowe and Zimmerman – doulas guide to birth
Maggy howell – effective birth preparation
Marcia good maust – midwives in mexico
Marden wagner – creating your birth plan
Margaret alic – hypatias hertige
Margot Edwards – reclaiming birth
Marie mongan – hypnobirthing
Marilyn moran – birth and the dialogue of love
Marsden wagner – born in the usa
Marsden wagner – pursuing the birth machine
Mary lay – body talk
Mary lay – the rhetoric of midwifery
Mavis Kirkham, ed – birth centers: a social modle for maternity care
Michael kearl – endings
Michel odent – birth reborn
Michel odent – the cesarean
Michel odent – the farmer and the obstetrician
Michelle leclaire o’neill – hypnobirthing
Myra bluebond langer – the private worlds of dying children
Nancy cohen – silent knife
Nancy rose hunt – a colonial lexicon of birth, medicalization, and mobility in the congo
Naomi wolf – misconceptions
P perez – the nurturing touch at birth
Pam England – birthing from within
Pam England and rob horowitz – birthing from within
Pamela Eakins – the American way of birth
Panuthos and romeo- ended beginnings
Partirica stuart macadam – breastfeeding
Preez and snedeker – special women
Raymond devries – regulating birth
Raymond devues – birth by decision
Raymond devues – making midwives legal
Richard moskowitz – homeopathic medicines for pregnancy and childbirth
Ricki lake – your best birth
Rima beth star – the healing power of birth
Robbie davis Floyd – birth models that work
Robbie davis Floyd – daughters of time
Robbie davis Floyd – from doctor to healer
Robbie davis-floyd – mainsteaming midwives
Robbie pfeuffer kahn – bearing meaning
Robert coles – the spiritual life of children
Robert mendelsohn – confessions of a medical heretic
Robert mendelsohn – mal(e)practice
Robin Lim, et al – after the baby’s birth: a woman’s way o wellnessL a compelte guide for the postpartum
Sage femme – birth day
Sage femme – home birth
Sage femme – miss Margaret
Sally inch – birth rights
Sarah buckley – gentle birth
Sears and sears – the birth book
Sheila kitzinger – birth your way
Sheila kitzinger – ourselves as mothers
Shelly romalis – childbirth
Sherri menelli – journey into motherhood
Sirpa wrede – decetering care for mothers
Susanne colson – biological nurturing
Tess coslett – women writing childbirth
Therese blanchet – meanings and rituals of birth in rurual Bangladesh
Tina Cassidy - birth
Toi deriette – natural birth
Valeri am wormwood – the pampered pregnancy birth box
Valerie lee – granny midwives
Valmai elkins – the rights of the pregnant parent
Vicki lukere – birthing in the pacific
W penn handwerker – births and power
Wendy savage – birth and power
William ray anney – power and the profession of obstetrics
Wito – care in normal birth
Working women in labor
Ybonne brackbill – birth trap
Yvonne lefeber - Indigenous customs in childbirth and childcare
Yvonne lefeber – midwives without training
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2016.01.20 01:33 JazzFestFreak Text Version of the complete day by day line up

This is good for a quick search of an artist name to see what day they play
Friday, April 22
Steely Dan •Janelle Monáe •Gov’t Mule •Michael McDonald •Grace Potter The Subdudes •Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings •Kermit Ruffins & the Barbeque Swingers Buckwheat Zydeco •Donald Harrison Jr. •Geri Allen: The Erroll Garner Jazz Project Cowboy Mouth •Christian Scott •The Black Lillies •Walter Trout Steve Riley & the Mamou Playboys New Orleans Classic Recording Divas featuring The Dixie Cups, Wanda Rouzan, and Jean Knight Hot 8 Brass Band •Flow Tribe •The Anointed Jackson Sisters •Jason Marsalis Dwayne Dopsie & the Zydeco Hellraisers •Bria Skonberg Talla Walla Vibrations of Belize •Eric Lindell •Alvin “Youngblood” Hart’s Muscle Theory Shannon Powell presents a Tribute to Smokey Johnson Matt Lemmler presents “The Music of Stevie Wonder” featuring Brian Blade Chubby Carrier & the Bayou Swamp Band •Shades of Praise Zulu Gospel Male Ensemble •The Deslondes •Baby Bee •The Topcats Orange Kellin’s New Orleans Deluxe Orchestra •Doreen’s Jazz New Orleans Goldman Thibodeaux & the Lawtell Playboys •New Wave Brass Band Panorama Jazz Band •Betty Winn & One A-Chord •Real Untouchable Brass Band We Are One Social Aid & Pleasure Club •New Generation Social Aid & Pleasure Club The Perfect Gentlemen Social Aid & Pleasure Club •The Caesar Brothers Funkbox La Tran-K Band •Semolian Warriors Mardi Gras Indians Guitar Masters featuring John Rankin, Jimmy Robinson, and Cranston Clements Clive Wilson’s New Orleans Serenaders with Butch Thompson Golden Sioux Mardi Gras Indians •Wild Apaches Mardi Gras Indians Black Seminoles Mardi Gras Indians •Driskill Mountain Boys •Vishtèn of Canada Native Nations Intertribal •Patrice Fisher & Arpa with guest Javier Cabrera of Mexico New Orleans Gospel Soul Children •Aya Takazawa of Japan Keep N It Real Social Aid & Pleasure Club •Ladies of Unity Social Aid & Pleasure Club Go Getters Social Aid & Pleasure Club •Big Nine Social Aid & Pleasure Club Sarah Quintana & the Miss River Band •Andrew Hall’s Society Brass Band Black Mohawk Mardi Gras Indians •Black Foot Hunters Mardi Gras Indians Connie & Dwight Fitch with the St. Raymond & St. Leo the Great Gospel Choir Lady Tambourine •Alexis Spight •Harold Holloway & Co. •Uptown Music Theatre Chosen Vessels Band & Performing Arts •Chris Clifton & His Allstars •UNO Jazz Allstars Gray Hawk presents Native American Lore •Rosa Metoyer Young Audiences Brass Band Throwdown
Saturday, April 23
Pearl Jam •Van Morrison •Maxwell •Boz Scaggs •Galactic Alpha Blondy & The Solar System •Brothers Osborne •Mystikal Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats •Big Sam’s Funky Nation •Anders Osborne Tab Benoit •Leo Nocentelli •Naturally 7 •John Hammond •DeJohnette·Coltrane·Garrison The Garifuna Collective of Belize Joe Krown Trio featuring Walter “Wolfman” Washington and Russell Batiste, Jr. Bobby Cure Band & the New Orleans R&B Revue featuring Clarence “Frogman” Henry, Al “Carnival Time” Johnson, Robert Parker, Sammy Ridgley, and Jo “Cool” Davis Tribute to Jelly Roll Morton featuring Henry Butler, Butch Thompson, and Dr. Michael White Anthony Brown & group therAPy •Jarekus Singleton James Andrews & the Crescent City Allstars •Victor Goines •Leah Chase •Tim Laughlin Alexey Marti & Urban Mind •Gregg Stafford & His Young Tuxedo Brass Band New Orleans Experience ft. S - 8ighty, Partners-N-Crime, DJ Jubilee, Denisia, Kevin Stylez, Dobama, and Govenor Reiss New Orleans Jazz Vipers •Pocket Aces Brass Band •Talla Walla Vibrations of Belize Cha Wa featuring Papa Mali •Glen David Andrews and the Treme Choir The Johnson Extension •Blodie’s Jazz Jam •Rosie Ledet & the Zydeco Playboys Gal Holiday and the Honky Tonk Revue •Warren Storm Willie Tee & Cypress with special guest Tommy McLain •Willie Sugarcapps New Orleans Swamp Donkeys •Jambalaya Cajun Band with special guest D.L. Menard Johnny Sansone •Rumba Buena •Motel Radio •Darcy Malone and the Tangle Morning Star Missionary Baptist Church Mass Choir Dr. Brice Miller & Mahogany Brass Band •Lady Jetsetters Social Aid & Pleasure Club Single Ladies Social Aid & Pleasure Club •Single Men Social Aid & Pleasure Club Nine Times Social Aid & Pleasure Club •Keith Frank & the Soileau Zydeco Band Big Chief Walter Cook & the Creole Wild West Mardi Gras Indians Archdiocese of New Orleans Gospel Choir •Connie Jones & the Crescent City Jazz Band Brian Quezergue •Cameron Dupuy & The Cajun Troubadours Louis Ford & his New Orleans Flairs •Washitaw Nation Mardi Gras Indians Capoeira New Orleans •Square Dance with Lost in the Holler •Confetti Park Players Kim Che’re •Native Nations Intertribal •The Wimberly Family Gospel Singers DJ Rq Away •Rising Dragon Lion Dance Team Stephen Foster’s Foster Family Music Program •Smitty Dee’s Brass Band Divine Ladies Social Aid & Pleasure Club •Dumaine St. Gang Social Aid & Pleasure Club Family Ties Social Aid & Pleasure Club •Xavier University Jazz Ensemble Sylvia Yancy Davis •Seminoles Mardi Gras Indians •Flaming Arrows Mardi Gras Indians Ashe Cultural Arts Center Kuumba Institute •Arthur and Friends Community Choir
Sunday, April 24
Red Hot Chili Peppers •Nick Jonas •J.Cole •Herbie Hancock & Wayne Shorter Duo Julio Iglesias •Jonny Lang •Better Than Ezra •Elle King •Rhiannon Giddens CeCe Winans •Voice of the Wetlands All Stars •Taj Mahal & The Trio Big Chief Monk Boudreaux & the Golden Eagles Mardi Gras Indians •Amanda Shaw Dédé Saint-Prix Band of Martinique •Henry Butler & Jambalaya Terence Blanchard featuring the E-Collective •Imagination Movers Glen David Andrews Band •Royal Teeth •BeauSoleil avec Michael Doucet The Garifuna Collective of Belize •Leyla Mccalla •Ed Volker’s Quintet Narcosis The New Orleans Suspects •Little Freddie King Blues Band •Herlin Riley Quintet The Iguanas •Dr. Michael White & the Original Liberty Jazz Band with Thais Clark The Zion Harmonizers •Talla Walla Vibrations of Belize Ms. Ruby Wilson’s Tribute to Bessie Smith featuring Brian “Breeze” Cayolle Preston Shannon •Don Vappie & the Creole Jazz Serenaders Larry Sieberth presents Estrella Banda •New Breed Brass Band •Mister G The Revealers •Kevin Gordon •The Kid Carsons •St. Joseph the Worker Music Ministry Big Chief Keke & The Comanche Hunters Mardi Gras Indians •Los Po-Boy-Citos Young Pinstripe Brass Band •The Furious Five Social Aid & Pleasure Club Big Stepper Social Aid & Pleasure Club •Untouchables Social Aid & Pleasure Club Leroy Jones & New Orleans’ Finest •Corey Ledet & His Zydeco Band Belton Richard & the Musical Aces •Steve Pistorius and the Southern Syncopators The Electrifying Crown Seekers •The Rocks of Harmony Watson Memorial Teaching Ministries Choir Woodshed: Trombones featuring Stephen Walker and Michael Watson Ninth Ward Hunters Mardi Gras Indians •Monogram Hunters Mardi Gras Indians Shining Star Hunters Mardi Gras Indians •ManzaNota/Rock en Espanol Curley Taylor & Zydeco Trouble •Jonté Landrum Kid Simmons’ Local International Allstars •Deak Harp •NOCCA Jazz Ensemble Native Nations Intertribal •Tyronne Foster & the Arc Singers •Young Band Nation Tornado Brass Band •Young Men Olympia Aid Social Aid & Pleasure Clubs First Division Social Aid & Pleasure Clubs •New Look Social Aid & Pleasure Clubs Pelican212 •The Royal Boys Choir •Robert Jardell & Pure Cajun Sundays in Congo Square •New Orleans Dance Collective Young Seminole Mardi Gras Indians •Young Magnolias Mardi Gras Indians
Thursday, April 28
Tedeschi Trucks Band & Friends •Elvis Costello & The Imposters •Gary Clark Jr. Flo Rida •Brandi Carlile •Buffy Sainte-Marie •Cyril Neville & SwampFunk •Snarky Puppy Sonny Landreth •Bernard Allison Group •Corey Harris Band Lost Bayou Ramblers with special guest Spider Stacy •Pine Leaf Boys George Porter Jr. & Runnin’ Pardners •Meschiya Lake and The Little Big Horns Bruce Daigrepont Cajun Band •Jonathan McReynolds •Wageirale Drummers of Belize The Suffers •Helen Gillet •New Birth Brass Band •Stephanie Jordan Big Band The Whitfield Family Band •Savoy Family Cajun Band Lil’ Nathan & the Zydeco Big Timers •Geno Delafose & French Rockin’ Boogie Gerald French & the Original Tuxedo Jazz Band •New Orleans Nightcrawlers Brass Band The Roots of Music Marching Crusaders •Fi Yi Yi & the Mandingo Warriors The Breton Sound •Mia Borders •Marlon Jordan plays the music of Miles, Trane, and Bird Javier Gutierrez & Vivaz! •Spencer Bohren & the Whippersnappers Mark Braud’s New Orleans Jazz Giants •The Nayo Jones Experience •Banu Gibson Tuba Skinny •Lars Edegran & the New Orleans Ragtime Orchestra •Colin Lake Lynn Drury •Free Agents Brass Band Big Chief Bird and the Young Hunters Mardi Gras Indians Red Boys Production Native American Dance Troupe •Dave Jordan & the NIA North Penn High School Navy Jazz Band •The Doghill Stompers The GRÏD featuring Nesby Phips •Bill Summers & Jazalsa •Da Knockaz Brass Band VIP Ladies Social Aid & Pleasure Club •The Sudan Social Aid & Pleasure Club Men of Class Social Aid & Pleasure Club •Micaela y Fiesta Flamenca Dillard University’s VisionQuest Gospel Chorale •Spirit of the Orisha 7th Ward Creole Hunters Mardi Gras Indians •The Jones Sisters McDonogh #35 High School Gospel Choir •T’Monde •Original Dixieland Jazz Band Sons of Jazz Brass Band •Revolution Social Aid & Pleasure Club Men Buckjumpers Social Aid & Pleasure Club •The Robert Pate Project Eleanor McMain “Singing Mustangs” •KIDsmART Student Showcase Southern University Jazzy Jags •Delgado Community College Jazz Ensemble Owl Glass Puppets Southwest •Kat Walker Band: Scat with Miss Kat The Hawkins Family •Landry Walker Charter High School Choir The Lycée Français de la Nouvelle-Orléans Music Project •ISL Circus Arts Kids
Friday, April 29
Paul Simon •My Morning Jacket •Ms. Lauryn Hill •Irma Thomas •Elvin Bishop Los Lobos perform La Pistola Y El Corazon •Jazmine Sullivan •Honey Island Swamp Band Bonerama •Dirty Dozen Brass Band •The Revivalists •John Boutté •Wayne Toups John Mooney & Bluesiana •Cash Box Kings •Terrance Simien & the Zydeco Experience Sweet Pain featuring Chico Ramos and Supa G of Belize Irvin Mayfield & the New Orleans Jazz Orchestra Creole String Beans with special guest T.K. Hulin •Joe Lovano Us Five C.J. Chenier & the Red Hot Louisiana Band •Mississippi Mass Choir Nicholas Payton & Afro-Caribbean Mixtape •Shamarr Allen & the Underdawgs Raw Oyster Cult •Astral Project •Jonathon “Boogie” Long Lillian Boutté and Gumbo Z’herbes •The PresHall Brass Wendell Brunious & the New Orleans Gentlemen of Jazz present Louie Louie •Feufollet Wageirale Drummers of Belize •Tom McDermott & Friends •Paulin Brothers Brass Band Secondline Jammers •Original Four Social Aid & Pleasure Club Scene Boosters Social Aid & Pleasure Club •Leo Jackson & the Melody Clouds Kenny Bill Stinson & the ARK-LA-Mystics •High Steppers Brass Band Lady & Men Rollers Social Aid & Pleasure Club Original Big Seven Social Aid & Pleasure Club Mount Hermon Baptist Church Praise Delegation Choir •Mississippi Rail Company Herbert McCarver & The Pin Stripe Brass Band •The Bester Gospel Singers The Dynamic Smooth Family Gospel Singers of Slidell White Cloud Hunters Mardi Gras Indians •101 Runners •Jesse McBride Big Band The Pfister Sisters •Mariachi Jalisco US •Aurora Nealand & The Royal Roses Cary Hudson & the Piney Wood Players •Tony Hall’s New Orleans Soul Stars Derek Douget •Pastor Tyrone Jefferson •Quiana Lynell and the Lush Life Band T-Ray The Violinist featuring Dreams2Reality •Sean Bruce Jeffery Broussard & the Creole Cowboys •Josh Kagler & Praise Delegation Chorale Red Boys Production Native American Dance Troupe J. Monque’D Blues Band with Lil’ Creole Wild West •AsheSon •Cole Williams Band The Gospel Inspirations of Boutte •The Swing Setters •LeBlanc Family Cajun Band David & Roselyn •21st Century Brass Band •Golden Comanche Mardi Gras Indians Algiers Warriors Mardi Gras Indians •Pastor Jai Reed •Lake Forest Charter Jazz Band Lady Tambourine •Loyola University Jazz Ensemble •Adella Adella the Storyteller Young Audiences Performing Arts Showcase •Young Cherokee Mardi Gras Indians
Saturday, April 30
Stevie Wonder •Snoop Dogg •Beck •Buddy Guy •Dr. John & The Nite Trippers Preservation Hall Jazz Band •Jon Batiste and Stay Human •Hurray for the Riff Raff The Lone Bellow •Gregory Porter •Rebirth Brass Band •Big Freedia •Arturo Sandoval Kermit Ruffins’ Tribute to Louis Armstrong •The Soul Rebels Nathan & the Zydeco Cha Chas •Ricky Dillard & New G Jon Cleary and the Absolute Monster Gentlemen •Roy Rogers & the Delta Rhythm Kings Deacon John's Jump Blues •Cyril Neville’s Royal Southern Brotherhood •Sweet Crude Kristin Diable •Paul Sanchez & the Rolling Road Show •New Orleans Klezmer Allstars Bredda David & Tribal Vibes of Belize •Jeremy Davenport •Lil’ Buck Sinegal Blues Band Henry Gray •Midnite Disturbers Sunpie & the Louisiana Sunspots with guest Pascal Danae Big Chief Bo Dollis, Jr. & The Wild Magnolias •Treme Brass Band •Andrew Duhon Luke Winslow King •Tonya Boyd-Cannon •Wageirale Drummers of Belize Germaine Bazzle •James Rivers Movement •Original Pinettes Brass Band Kim Carson Band •Yvette Landry •Cedric Watson & Bijou Creole The Palm Court Jazz Band featuring Sammy Rimington Sweet Pain featuring Chico Ramos and Supa G of Belize •Kinfolk Brass Band Tonia Scott & the Anointed Voices •Bamboula 2000 •King James & The Special Men First Emanuel Baptist Church Mass Choir •Voices of Peter Claver The Speakerbox Experiment Jermaine Bossier & Romeo Bougere & 79rs Gang Mardi Gras Indians E’dana & Divinely Destin •Andrew Baham and 4am Red Boys Production Native American Dance Troupe •Topsy Chapman & Solid Harmony Jamil Sharif •Da Truth Brass Band •Nine Times Ladies Social Aid & Pleasure Club Westbank Steppers Social Aid & Pleasure Club Valley of Silent Men Social Aid & Pleasure Club •Louisiana Repertory Jazz Ensemble Jermaine Landrum & the Abundant Praise Revival Choir •Julio y Cesar Band Wild Red Flame Mardi Gras Indians •First Baptist Church of Vacherie Mass Choir OperaCreole •Curtis Pierre & the Samba Kids •Versailles Lion Dance Team The Showers •Teatro Los Claveles Puppets •Undefeated Divas & Gents Original Pigeon Town Steppers Social Aid & Pleasure Club Uptown Swingers Social Aid & Pleasure Club •Kai Knight’s Silhouette Dance Ensemble The RRAAMS •Mohawk Hunters Mardi Gras Indians
Sunday, May 1
Neil Young + Promise of the Real •Trombone Shorty and Orleans Avenue •Bonnie Raitt Arlo Guthrie - Alice’s Restaurant 50th Anniversary •Mavis Staples The Isley Brothers featuring Ronald and Ernie Isley •Aaron Neville Maze Featuring Frankie Beverly •Chris Botti Ivan Neville’s Dumpstaphunk with special guest Art Neville •Punch Brothers Tribute to B.B. King hosted by the B.B. King Blues Band with special guests Tribute to Allen Toussaint hosted by the Allen Toussaint Band with special guests Ellis Marsalis •Davell Crawford •The Gospel Soul of Irma Thomas Walter “Wolfman” Washington & the Roadmasters •Zigaboo Modeliste’s Funk Revue Marcia Ball •Heads of State featuring Gary Bartz, Larry Willis, Al Foster, and George Mraz Rockin’ Dopsie & the Zydeco Twisters The Band Courtbouillon featuring Wayne Toups, Steve Riley, and Wilson Savoy Swamp Pop Revue featuring Gregg Martinez & The Delta Kings with special guests GG Shinn and Parker James Roddie Romero & the Hub City All Stars •Charmaine Neville Band George French & the New Orleans Storyville Jazz Band •Stooges Brass Band Luther Kent & Trickbag •New Orleans Spiritualettes Lena Prima and The Lena Prima Band •Tin Men •The Revelers Bredda David & Tribal Vibes of Belize •Brother Tyrone & the Mindbenders The Mashup featuring Ike Stubblefield, Terence Higgins, and Grant Green, Jr. Storyville Stompers Brass Band •Wild Tchoupitoulas Mardi Gras Indians Original New Orleans Lady Buckjumpers Social Aid & Pleasure Club Prince of Wales Social Aid & Pleasure Club •Bobby Lounge •Trumpet Mafia Hardhead Hunters Mardi Gras Indians •Tommy Sancton’s New Orleans Legacy Band Gregg Stafford’s Jazz Hounds •TBC Brass Band •Tom Saunders & the TOMCATS Chris Severin •The City of Love Music & Worship Arts Choir •DJ Captain Charles Wageirale Drummers of Belize •Big Chief Juan & Jockimo’s Groove •The Rayo Brothers Kerry Grombacher •Cynthia Girtley “New Orleans Gospel Diva” Lyle Henderson & Emmanu-EL •New Leviathan Oriental Fox-Trot Orchestra Young Fellaz Brass Band •Buffalo Hunters Mardi Gras Indians Apache Hunter Mardi Gras Indians •Val & Love Alive Mass Choir Johnette Downing and Scott Billington •Audrey Ferguson and The Voices of Distinction Kumbuka African Dance & Drum Collective •Hot Club of New Orleans Red Boys Production Native American Dance Troupe Don “Moose” Jamison Heritage School of Music •Baby Boyz Brass Band Ole & Nu Style Fellas Social Aid & Pleasure Club Original C.T.C. Steppers Social Aid & Pleasure Club Craig Adams & Higher Dimensions of Praise Young Guardians of the Flame Mardi Gras Indians Erik McAllister and the NOCCA Mime Troupe •Hobgoblin Hill Puppets Crescent City Lights Youth Theater Culu Children’s Traditional African Dance Company with Stilt Walkers
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