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German man literally eats his lover's ass, on porcelain with potatoes and a glass of red wine. In court, he presents a home video showing that his "victim" consented to being killed and eaten. Rammstein writes a song in his honor, but he sues them for violating his intellectual property rights

2020.10.14 15:13 Can_The_SRDine German man literally eats his lover's ass, on porcelain with potatoes and a glass of red wine. In court, he presents a home video showing that his "victim" consented to being killed and eaten. Rammstein writes a song in his honor, but he sues them for violating his intellectual property rights

🎶🤘 Heute treff' ich einen Herrn, / der hat mich zum Fressen gern. / Weiche Teile und auch Harte / Stehen auf der Speisekarte. 🤘🎶
In December of 2002, the small German town of Rotenburg an der Fulda made the news after local computer repairman Armin Meiwes, 42, was arrested and charged with killing and eating a man whom he had met online for sex. This shook the small town: Meiwes had been a beloved member of his community. He often helped his neighbors with everything from car repairs to landscaping, and hosted lively dinner parties (but lest your mouth start to water, there's no evidence that he ever served his guests long pig).
This would've been just another "popular neighbor gets unmasked as a closet psycho" stories, if not for an only-in-Germany twist: Meiwes told investigators that his victim, 43-year-old Bernd Brandes, had volunteered to be eaten. And he had video evidence backing this alibi up!
Meiwes and Brandes had met in 2001 over the now-defunct internet forum The Cannibal Cafe, archived here. Meiwes had been a forum regular under the aliases "Franky" and "Der Metzgermeister" ("the Master-Butcher"), where he had posted ads seeking men who were willing to join him for dinner, with themselves as the main course.
He actually got quite a few responses, and a few men) even met Meiwes to have sex and RP cannibalism fantasies, but nobody had been willing to go the final step, and Meiwes, to his credit, wanted consenting meat. Then one day he posted this fateful ad:
Suche gutgebauten Achtzehn-bis Dreißigjährigen zum Schlachten. ~ Der Metzgermeister ("Seeking a well-built eighteen- to thirty-year-old man to be slaughtered. ~ The Master-Butcher)
He would find that in Brandes, who was reportedly distraught after his girlfriend had dumped him upon learning that he was bisexual. Brandes, pictured here, fell outside this age range by quite a bit, but beggars can't be choosers. A date was set, and Brandes traveled to Rotenburg a.d. Fulda to meet Meiwes on March 9, 2001.
They had sex at Meiwes's farmhouse, and Meiwes reportedly wanted to spend a final romantic weekend together. But Brandes insisted on being eaten right away ... starting with his penis.
To prep, Meiwes gave Brandes a homemade anesthetic concoction of twenty sleeping pills, which Brandes downed with a bottle of cough syrup and half a bottle of schnapps (cf The Independent). Brandes then asked Meiwes to bite his penis off.
But biting a living man's cock off is easier said than done. Here's how LostMediaWiki describes what ensued:
Shortly after his arrival, Brandes, still consenting, requested that Meiwes bite his penis off, although this proved too difficult and it eventually had to be cut off with a knife. Brandes then attempted to eat his penis raw, but was unsuccessful due to its chewiness, prompting Meiwes to fry it in a pan with some of Brandes' fat, combined with additional spices and marinades.
Alas, penis isn't common in cuisine, so there aren't many cookbooks that tell you how to prepare it, and even the best chef in the world is bound to get it wrong on his first try:
Meiwes ended up burning it to the point where it was inedible, after which he diced it up and fed it to his dog. [emphasis added]
Note that Brandes was still alive when the dog ate his junk.
Meiwes then ran a warm bath for Brandes, in which Brandes sat to bleed out. Meiwes read a Star Trek (!) novel during the wait, while checking in on Brandes every 15 minutes or so. After 3 hours of this, Meiwes went into the bathroom, kissed Brandes on the forehead, and stabbed him in the throat, killing him.
Meiwes had mixed emotions the whole time. As he prepared to deliver the killing blow, he tried to ease his conscience through prayer:
"I prayed, and kissed him on the mouth. I picked up the knife -- you can see it on the video -- then laid it aside ... I asked myself whether I should pray to the Devil or God. I prayed to God for forgiveness. I picked up the knife, and after hesitating some more, I cut his throat with it."
Also: "My friend enjoyed dying, death. I only waited horrified for the end after doing the deed. It took so terribly long," he said in court.
He then hung the corpse up with a meathook, butchered it, and prepared a meal. In his words (source again is The Independent):
“I decorated the table with nice candles," he said. "I took out my best dinner service, and fried a piece of rump steak – a piece from his back – made what I call princess potatoes, and sprouts. After I prepared my meal, I ate it. The first bite was, of course, very strange. It was a feeling I can’t really describe. I’d spent over 40 years longing for it, dreaming about it. And now I was getting the feeling that I was actually achieving this perfect inner connection through his flesh. The flesh tastes like pork but stronger.“
According to the above Guardian article, he paired the meat with a red wine from South Africa. Meiwes stored the leftovers in a deep-freeze, and ultimately ate about 20 kg of Brandes' flesh.
Meiwes filmed the entire encounter, getting 4 hours of footage. Importantly, according to investigators Brandes gave clear verbal consent to everything that was done to him, at least until blood-loss had left him too weak to communicate. The tape was deemed so "shocking" that only 19 minutes of curated footage were shown in a private room to jurors. LostMediaWiki) has purported stills from the tape. Of course, they are very NSFL.
Amazingly, Meiwes kept posting ads on, and meeting men through, the forum for over a year after the killing. While he didn't kill anyone else, he bragged about the meal. Here's an ad posted almost 18 months later:
Junger Mann gesucht - Hi, bist du zwischen 18 und 30 Jahren alt und hast einen normalen gebauten Körper, und möchtest du gerne geschlachtet werden, dann kom zu mir, ich werde es machen. Bewerbung bitte mit Angabe von Alter, Größe, und Gewicht, am besten mit Foto. ~ Franky
Seeking young man - Hi, if you are between 18 and 30 years old, have a normal physique, and would like to be slaughtered, then come to me; I'll do it. Please state your age, height, and weight in your application, preferably with a photo. ~ Franky
And a month after that, he responded to an ad posted by one "Hänsel," who (claimed that) he wanted to be roasted alive. It's long and the screencap isn't very legible, so I'll post the text and translation in a comment.
Finally, Meiwes was arrested on a tipoff from an Austrian university student he'd chatted with, who suspected that Meiwes had actually eaten someone (I can only imagine how that conversation must have gone). Some sources state that the student had tipped the police off in July of 2001, but it took the cops until December 2002 to make the arrest.
Meiwes was charged with manslaughter, later upgraded to murder, and "disturbing the peace of the dead" (Germany, at the time, had no laws against cannibalism). He told the court that after eating Brandes, his mental health had become much improved, as had his English proficiency; Brandes had been fluent, and Meiwes believed that he had absorbed this. He's now in jail, where he has become a supporter of the Green Party, and a vegetarian. You can also find photos of young Armin at that link.
Rammstein drama begins here
The world of heavy metal was naturally fascinated by this story. Musical references include:
Guitarist Richard Kruspe researched the killing, and concluded that Meiwes's mother had smothered his relationships as a child, instilling in him a desire to fall in love with someone who could never be taken away from him--such as by literally making his lover's body a part of himself. The band had wanted to use footage from the actual slaughter-tape in the video, but it was still in police custody, so they shot their own murder-free tape. 😴😴😴
But by 2006, Meiwes was fed up, and sued Rammstein on the grounds that their single was based on his crimes--effectively claiming that his crimes were his IP. Meiwes also sued to stop the production of a feature film, Grimm Love, starring Thomas Kretschmann (aka Fegelein in Downfall).
Among the grounds for the suit, Meiwes had already sold the rights to his story to the Hamburg-based publishing house Stampfwerk, and was working on his memoirs at the time (NB: German-language source). I don't know what became of the Rammstein lawsuit, but Meiwes actually did postpone the movie's release in Germany until 2010, as in 2006, a court ruled that the film violated Meiwes's privacy and could not be shown.
Unfortunately, the trail runs cold there. Meiwes was serving an 8.5-year sentence when he sued Rammstein, but prosecutors upgraded it to life. However, because this is Germany and he's deemed a low-risk inmate, he is allowed to leave prison on day trips.
The video for "Mein Teil" can still be viewed, Meiwes is still locked up (when he's not taking day trips to wherever cannibals in Hesse go), and Grimm Love was finally released in Germany, so I assume that the case against Rammstein went nowhere.
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2020.08.02 11:15 JP703703 @sisterofonline on twitter is a catfish and likes to make us think shes Lela Star

@sisterofonline on twitter is a catfish and likes to make us think shes Lela Star
Layla @ Sisterofonline previously @ Haramgirlfriend has been catfishing for so long as Lela Star. She either posts crazy filters or stickers all over the pics so maybe stupid people won’t notice. Probably thinks she’s smart by going private and deleting pics soon after but we do see it.
she used to post her real pics years ago back when she was @ meg4manda (Amanda) and thought she could fool us even though they look nothing alike and some simple google search of “Lela Star Selfie” proves that
really don’t know what she gains from pretending to be someone else but a lot of people seem to follow her whenever she makes a new account so I guess that’s why
Layla(Sisterofonline) posted:
Lela Star: You will notice she always wears that necklace and those bracelets

Layla(Sisterofonline) posted: then wrote about her makeup collection lmao it’s not even yours ok but go off
Lela Star:
Layla(Sisterofonline) posted: then tweeted about how she got an insane amount of tea delivered in the mail
Lela Star:

same couch same orchids
same couch same mug

Layla(Sisterofonline) posted: she has posted this pic before and also take note of the TATTOO on her left arm and the mirror in the background

Lela Star: ok just look at any video you will see
Layla(Sisterofonline) even lies about a fucking dog lol
Lela Star:
you can also see her whole place in this video btw
here’s a pic of her she decided to share recently which is actually an old pic (at least 4-5 years old or more) Does she think we think she’s the same person? (she edited her nose in the pic)
this girl is obviously mentally unwell. posting about dating Richard Kruspe of Rammstein she contact thy refers to him as “R” in her tweets and even mentioned dating Elijah Wood

seems hard to do if youre a catfish?

ok sure
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2019.10.24 05:47 bowser1192 Newbie here, which to play? Hoyer 802 vs Conn 6DSP

Heyo! I've been playing the french horn for 3 years in an orchestra club since I entered the uni. I'm still struggling but I love playing horn!
I had used YAMAHA 664 for 2 years and Hanshoyer 802 untill now. These two are belonging of my club. I finally decided to buy my own one(Conn 6DSP used) because I wanna continue playing horn even after graduating from uni. I boutght 6DSP via internet and received it last Saturday. I tried it for a while. I think 6DSP and Hoyer 802 have both pros and cons. I cannot decide which to play. Help me determine which is a great fit for me!
If 6DSP seems not good fit to me, I'm planning to ask my club to trade 6DSP and Hoyer 802. XD I'm sure members would not care about the trading, because the club has few horn players and there's always enough numbers of french horn that belong to the club. 6DSP is in a very good condition so they will accept the offer!
Hoyer 802 ・manufactured probably 30〜40 yrs ago ・F/B♭ and B♭/F swichable(I prefer B♭/F) ・bell detachable ・pinky hook adjustable ・Geyer wrap ・lacquer a little worn, but virtually no dents
pros: ・warmer, deep sound in general ・very shiny sound in high register ・the length of lead pipe is ideal for me to hold and play the instrument
cons: ・not good at low register( especially lower than F3) ・hard to play big sound(fortissimo, etc) I know fortissimo is not all about the volume of sound, but sometimes I need large volume.
Conn 6DSP ・1,200 USD ・probably manufactured around 2000 I seeked for advice about its manufacturing date in another reddit! Thanks guys! ・silver plate finished ・F/B♭ fixed(this annoys me, but I'm willing to get accustomed with new fingerings) ・bell not detachable ・pinky hook is not adjustable, but I sent 6DSP to a repair person to replace it with a adjustable one, because the default pinky hook is hard for me to hold the instrument. The replacement will finish in a week ・Kruspe wrap ・lacquer in perfect condition, almost no dents ・has a certification that says one of prestigious horn players in my country(I don't mention his proper name here) tried several horns and this 6DSP was the best among them.
pros: ・easy to play big sound ・high register is more easy to play probably because of the resistance of Kruspe wrap ・low register is a little easier to play ・long tone sounds more concentrated. I feel the sound has a solid "core", but it may have less resonance.
cons: ・when crescendo, it easily starts to produce brasshy sound ・short notes like 16th sound a little shallow and lack of resonance ・I'm not sure but I feel sometimes the sound is too light and need more depth. ・the lead pipe seems much longer than Hoyer. I need to get used to it.
I gonna play Finlandia(1st horn) and Symphony No.1(Tchaikovsky, 2nd horn) in December as a part of our Christmas concert. As a 1st horn player, 6DSP seems OK. But for a 2nd horn player, Hoyer 802 look better because I sometimes play important notes that consist of harmony.
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2018.12.08 21:37 Ozymandias824 AFTERSHOCK 2019 PREDICTIONS THREAD (updated regularly)

I believe I've gotten a hold of the leaked lineup.
FRIDAY: Slipknot, Staind, Lamb of God, Halestorm, Dropkick Murphys, Clutch, I Prevail, Sum 41, Beartooth, Motionless in White, Andrew WK, Philip H Anselmo and the Illegals, Knocked Loose, New Years Day, Spirit Adrift, Santa Cruz
SATURDAY: Blink-182, Rob Zombie, Bring Me the Horizon, Marilyn Manson, Stone Temple Pilots, Bad Religion, Highly Suspect, Fidlar, the Interrupters, Fishbone, H09909, Badflower, Angel Dust, Parlor Mob, Sick Puppies, Ded, Broken Hands, Dead Posey
SUNDAY: Tool, Korn, A Day to Remember, Chevelle, Gojira, Babymetal, Architects, Ministry, Deadman Ritual, Fu Manchu, The Crystal Method, Franker Carter & the Rattlesnakes, The Hu, Fire From the Gods, Joyous Wolf, Evan Konrad
Don't ask me how many ninjas I had to kill to get this information. Remember, you didn't hear this from me. Shhhhhhhh
The lineup will officially be announced on Tuesday, April 23, with tickets expected to go on sale on Friday, April 26. Finally!
UPDATE 4/16/19:
Ambassadors were supposed to be able to sell tickets today, but have been pushed back to next Friday, April 26th, which is when we may or may not get the lineup. Stay tuned.
Hopefully this is my final update until the lineup gets here. Aftershock Ambassadors are getting all their information on Tuesday, plus the "Dream Lineup" contest ends at midnight tonight (NOT on the 10th, which is what it says on their website).
This is a pretty strong indicator that we'll be getting the lineup on Monday or Tuesday. I need to emphasize again that this is only speculation, since nothing's been confirmed whatsoever, so don't send me anymore angry messages plz. Stay tuned.
UPDATE 4/12/19:
98 Rock is now reporting that the lineup announcement will be on Tuesday. It's noon and there's still no announcement today. Sorry, folks. This is getting ridiculous.
UPDATE 4/10/19:
Mikey from 98 Rock has implied that BLINK-182 will be playing this year. This is a direct quote from his Facebook page, and may have since been deleted:
”Surprise surprise surprise! I think you’re going to be pretty shocked. ... Aftershock-ed if you will. I’m hearing reliable rumors. I never would have guess in a one hundred and eighty two years that this band would be playing.
But rumors are rumors and could be wrong. Hopefully we all find out Friday 😏”
Thanks to Kcd1077 for finding this information!
I've gotten word from a local promoter - who's a very reliable source, and helps organize shows in the Sacramento region - that the lineup will, in fact, be announced on Friday at noon.
The bad news is, there's a brand new festival called the Exit 111 Festival taking place in Tennessee the same weekend as Aftershock. The festival is being done by the promoters of Bonnaroo, and bands like Guns N Roses, Mastodon, and ZZ Top are already rumored to be there. This is a big letdown, since this will inevitably pull many bands away from Aftershock that weekend.
Stay tuned for more info as the week goes along.
2ND UPDATE 4/5/19:
The Sun in the video is either the Sun from Gojira's "Magma" album cover, or the Sublime logo. Do you think we'll still get Metallica this year? Guess we'll find out...
There's also speculation that Staind will be reuniting for some festivals this fall, including Aftershock. They posted a suspiciously similar-looking "Stay Tuned" video today, at the exact same time Aftershock came out with their teaser video.
Multiple people on Facebook have asked Aftershock when the lineup will be announced, but they've been very secretive. They either will not respond, or they'll respond only with emojis of people shrugging.
However, my friend's brother's cousin's nephew's former roommate who works for somebody at 98 Rock is reporting that the lineup will now be announced next Friday, April 12. I cannot emphasize this enough: THIS IS ONLY A RUMOR. They may surprise us and drop the lineup on Monday.
Record Store Day is next Saturday, April 13. Usually, Aftershock will do some sort of ticket promotion for RSD, so keep an eye out.
As others have pointed out, Guns N Roses are headlining Louder Than Life this year. Do you think they could be playing Aftershock as well? Who do you want to see headline each night at Aftershock? Sound off below!
UPDATE 4/1/19:
GHOST and NOTHING MORE could potentially be playing on Friday or Saturday night. They just announced a North American tour, and have dates wide open on the 11th-12th, before playing in Michigan on the 14th.
UPDATE 3/27/19:
I'm guessing the lineup will be announced on Monday, April 8 (the 2nd Monday of April - just like last year).
As we get closer to the lineup announcement, 98 Rock will occasionally drop hints about who's playing this year. If you happen to hear any hints, please post them below. I would appreciate it, and I know other people would appreciate it as well. Cheers!
Unfortunately, Static-X are officially out, since they're touring in Europe the same time as Aftershock this year.
UPDATE 3/25/19:
DISTURBED and IN THIS MOMENT are basically confirmed. The second leg of Disturbed's US tour hits St Louis on October 11 - just in time for Aftershock. There's no Sacramento date, or any other Northern California date for that matter, leaving them wide open. Time to bust out your "10,000 Fists" CD.
UPDATE 3/21/19:
The coding on Aftershock's website has "Disturbed - Evolution" written, for some reason. Disturbed confirmed?
UPDATE 3/15/19:
Let me better explain some of the clues I've found in the teaser video.
The “echo” sound in the teaser is the exact same audio as the bell intro of “For Whom the Bell Tolls.”
They both start and end at the same time. They both fade out at the same time. The audio wavelengths match up perfectly, and both have the exact same peaks. If you increase the pitch of the teaser video, the sound is almost identical.
Unless they're really trying to screw with us, it's safe to assume Metallica will be hitting Aftershock before heading to Australia with Slipknot. You better get your spot in line NOW.
If you go through the teaser video frame-by-frame, you'll find an image of a film slate, with writing on it.
After inverting the colors on the film slate, and then brightening them again, I can clearly make out what it says:
Oliver Stone
Bob Richardson
Oliver Stone (famous film director) and Robert “Bob” Richardson (Oscar-winning cinematographer) were filming “Natural Born Killers” in July of '93. (Even though the movie didn't come out until '94, they spent 56 days filming the movie, and then another 11 months editing the movie before its release.)
If you go through the video frame-by-frame, there's images of fire and images of the Sun which occasionally pop up. There's a band who wrote a song called “Burn,” specifically for “Natural Born Killers...”
A little band called Nine Inch Nails.
It's so cryptic, it's hard to confirm anything, so take this with a grain of salt. (The images of the Sun are very prominent and still look like the Cal Jam Sun to me.) Marilyn Manson and Rage Against the Machine were also featured on the “NBK” soundtrack (possibly teasing Prophets of Rage, but that's a bit of a stretch).
Also, I'm still having a hell of a time trying to decipher the sound clips. No matter how much I speed them up, slow them down, or reverse them, they're still indistinguishable. Maybe we'll get another teaser video, breaking down all the clues, once the lineup finally drops.
Take this for what you will.
Danny Wimmer Presents is responsible for booking and managing bands at Aftershock. They're also responsible for Epicenter, Welcome to Rockville, Chicago Open Air, Louder Than Life, Carolina Rebellion, and Rock on the Range. Oftentimes, the same bands will crossover.
ROB ZOMBIE – Headlining Welcome to Rockville, Epicenter, Rock USA, and Rock Fest. Tour itinerary has suspiciously skipped over Sacramento, but hit every other market including Concord and Reno. Hasn't played Sacramento since Aftershock 2014. Also coming out with a new album in 2019.
DISTURBED – Headlining Sonic Temple, Rocklahoma, and Rock USA. Haven't played Sacramento since Aftershock 2016. Tour itinerary has suspiciously skipped over anywhere in Northern California, despite having a new album out.
TOOL – Headlining Epicenter, Welcome to Rockville, and Chicago Open Air. Also coming out with a new album in 2019. Thanks to Tool, Aftershock practically printed money in 2016.
KORN – Aftershock veterans who haven't played in Sacramento since Aftershock 2016. Headlining Epicenter + Welcome to Rockville.
JUDAS PRIEST – Co-headlining Welcome to Rockville and Epicenter. They've played in Concord and Marysville recently, but haven't played in the city of Sacramento in many, many years.
FOO FIGHTERS – Headlining Sonic Temple + Epicenter. Haven't played Sacramento since December 2017. Always draw a huge festival crowd.
GHOST – Playing at Sonic Temple + Chicago Open Air. Recently played the Sacramento Community Theater in November 2018, but they're coming out with new material in 2019, and a tour is sure to follow.
EVANESCENCE - Playing Welcome to Rockville, Epicenter, and Rock Fest. The closest they've ever come to Sacramento is Wheatland in 2007 and Mountain View in 2018.
MARILYN MANSON - Playing Rock Fest and Rock USA. Tour itinerary has suspiciously skipped over Sacramento, but hit every other market including Concord and Reno. Hasn't played Sacramento since Aftershock 2015. Cancelled their performance at Aftershock 2017 and has yet to make up a Sacramento date, even though it was said they would.
THE CULT – Also coming out with a new album.
IN THIS MOMENT – Also coming out with a new album.
KILLSWITCH ENGAGE – Also coming out with a new album.
TOM MORELLO – Also coming out with new music.
BLACK LABEL SOCIETY – Depends on if Zakk's touring with Ozzy at that time of year.
CHEVELLE - Also coming out with a new album.
MASTODON - Also coming out with a new album.
DEVILDRIVER (also coming out with a new album)
Rammstein – Mixing a new album in December, which will be released in early 2019. Starting in 2019, they'll be embarking on a 3-4 year world tour. If Aftershock wanted to outdo themselves, this is the only way to do it. If not Aftershock 2019, maybe Aftershock 2020. Quote from Richard Kruspe: "We'll be on tour probably for the next three or four years. We start with the first European tour before we come to America and then we go to Australia, then probably back to Europe."
Slipknot – Currently working on a new album with tour dates this summefall.
Behemoth/Gojira/Volbeat - Touring with Slipknot this summefall.
Prophets of Rage – The closest thing we'll ever get to a Rage reunion at this point. They played other DWP festivals in 2018, but have never played Sacramento.
Red Hot Chili Peppers – There were rumors that Aftershock tried to book RHCP for Aftershock 2016, but they were well out of their price range. Now that Aftershock is bigger and badder than ever, maybe they'll finally return to Sacramento after all these years.
Van Halen - Rumored to embark on a co-headlining tour later this year with the Foo Fighters.
Fear Factory
Children of Bodom
In Flames
Limp Bizkit
Amon Amarth
Death Angel
Lamb of God
Dream Theater
Body Count
Bad Religion
Greta Van Fleet
Alter Bridge
System of a Down are headlining other DWP festivals, but probably wouldn't play Aftershock 2 years in a row.
Iron Maiden, Kiss, Ozzy Osbourne, Megadeth, Delain, Amorphis, Cradle of Filth, Queensryche, Cypress Hill, Hollywood Undead, Buckcherry, Papa Roach, Of Mice & Men, the Amity Affliction, Sense Fail, All That Remains, Attila, Escape the Fate, Nothing More, Born of Osiris, Chelsea Grin, Taking Back Sunday, The Offspring, Falling in Reverse, Ice Nine Kills, From Ashes to New, New Years Day, Tech N9ne, Hatebreed, Steel Panther, The Struts, August Burns Red, and the Fever 333 are already coming to Sacramento this year. But as we've seen in the past, some bands will come back later in the year for Aftershock.
Please remember this is the blind leading the blind. This list is based only on speculation, and the trends I've noticed in previous years at Aftershock. I was responsible for the 2018 prediction thread and the 2017 prediction thread, using another account.
This lineup will be updated as the year goes on, especially as more lineups are announced for other festivals.
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2014.08.03 23:15 FokJulleNaaiers "Emigrate - Silent So Long (2014)" News

Emigrate - Silent So Long
Album Teaser
Release Date: November 14th, 2014
  1. Eat You Alive (featuring Frank Dellé)
  2. Get Down (featuring Peaches)
  3. Rock City (featuring Lemmy Kilmister)
  4. Hypothetical (featuring Marilyn Manson)
  5. Rainbow
  6. Born On My Own
  7. Giving Up
  8. My Pleasure
  9. Happy Times
  10. Faust
  11. Silent So Long (featuring Jonathan Davis)
"As a guitarist Richard Kruspe of Rammstein has achieved everything what you can achieve as a musician: platinum albums, highly acclaimed concerts around the globe, excited debates, criticism - and in the end the highest feuilleton-ordination. But there is another Richard Kruspe. With his solo project Emigrate he entered first time in 2007 as a singer and main composer into the light and immediately reached best the charts. Almost seven years later now appears the second Emigrate Album: On Silent So Long Kruspe combines not only the best ever songs from his solo career, with Lemmy Kilmister (Motörhead), Jonathan Davies (grain), Marylin Manson, Peaches and other features the album a unique first-class Armada guests who congenially leads the musical director Richard Kruspe in a gloomy painted Metal Jam in a class of its songs. Recorded has Kruspe Silent So Long again with the proven team, the co-producer and guitarist Olson Involtini and Arnaud Giroux on bass. The Los Angeles together with Ben Grosse (Depeche Mode and others) remixed work is the result of an impressive team performance - with a significantly matured as a singer Richard Kruspe on the peak of his creativity at the top." -
"Dark, apocalyptic and broad in scope, and channelled through the particular vision of Rammstein guitar star Richard Kruspe, 'Silent So Long' is a timeless and intriguing album; it ranges from thundering metal through to altogether more experimental, commercial fare, all wrapped up in unashamedly modern and adventurous production values. This second Emigrate album sees Kruspe once again taking to the mic, only this time he's joined by some high-profile guests, the end result being a record big and brash enough to keep the Rammstein kinder thoroughly entertained, whilst simultaneously extending its reach into fresh territory." - Amazon UK
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2012.03.25 05:47 asminov Band member twitter pages?

Thought I would creep around twitter, and look at who or who may not be the real band members. I found Paul, Richard?, Till, Doom?, Flake.
The one I question the most is Richard's page. Assuming that's the real him (It appears to be the most active and up to date page claiming to be RzK), I'm kind of surprised at the aura he gives off (cocky?). First of all, is he married, and is her name Asly? It's kind of disturbing considering she's got a Nazi logo as her profile picture.
Just the curiosity that got to me.
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